Restraining Order Terrorism – The Continuing Saga

[quote]The fight for justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been and never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families, our friends, and especially our children. In the end, I believe, as in my case, the price we pay is well worth holding on to our dignity. ~ Frank Serpico[/quote]


The emerging shift leans towards others besides Perrette.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you have been following the various posts on A Voice for Men and the other sites, you are well versed in the case of Coyote Shivers and Pauley Perrette.  The comments, phone calls, emails, and a plethora of social media getting their two cents in have gone viral.  For all who have emailed and called, please try to understand that we will address each of your concerns as time permits.

As any responsible and professional reporter or journalist would do, the information has to be vetted and logically reviewed to insure a somewhat accurate picture of the events can be determined.  Public and court records continue to be reviewed and a host of individuals have been and will continue to be interviewed in depth.  A common sense, scientific, forensic and logical approach has been applied to insure clear objectivity.

What has been learned thus far is disturbing.

We have revealed in greater depth is the dirty, scandalous, and dangerous subculture and underworld of “Hollywood.”  A couple of words that have been thrown around are “collusion” and “corruption” and whether or not that is the case will ultimately be determined in due time.  It is truly disturbing in that a number of individuals have raised concerns for their safety and for the safety of the many who have been writing, reporting, and publicly commenting on this case.

What is also becoming increasingly clear is that the antics of Ms. Perrette have taken somewhat of back seat to the bigger problem and issue; to those private and governmental decision makers that have catered, encouraged, or facilitated this debacle.

Let’s face it; every clue, red flag and warning sign has been on display by Perrette, and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Tara Palmatier PsyD hit the nail right on the head with her assessment in her article.  Perrette is a dupe, a stooge, and just one of the circus clowns in this, for lack of a better term, circus.  Contrary to the brilliant, fictional forensic scientist Perrette plays on television, brilliance is not the term I would use. Nor would I use the term “forensic.”  In fact, forensics will be one of the primary factors that will lead to the downfall of this case, and most likely a host of others.

If in the event Mr. Shivers, upon sentencing this week, is remanded into custody, he can have some solace that he may have some company in the form of a cellmate.

This organization as well as many others have been writing, researching, compiling information, and have performed activism at a variety of levels for years espousing how incredibly horrid the restraining order system is in this country, and how it is getting much worse.  The restraining order system is perhaps the most widely abused and manipulated court process this nation has ever seen.

According to Mr. R.K. Hendrick, Esq., an attorney and author who has served as a prosecutor, defense attorney, judge pro tem, and family law attorney has this to say; “Restraining orders bring out the absolute best and the absolute worst of what our legal system has to offer.  They are a microcosm of the dynamics that permeate our society.  Unfortunately they are one of the most misused and abused tools in our modern-day legal system.”

Former U.S. Marine Captain, Naval Academy graduate and Gulf War veteran Ron Lasorsa links the divorce and restraining order system to a “cottage industry.”

The reason is that with each new legislative year and with each new reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, the definitions of what constitutes intimate partner violence have expanded to the point where logic and common sense are virtually non-existent.  Opponents of the act; labeled as “woman haters” and of waging a war on women simply wanted to end the gender biased and entrenched discrimination along with the restoration of constitutional rights and due process guarantees.  Many women’s organizations were opposed to the act.

The primary reason for such abuse is the complete lack of accountability and the fact that virtually no one is ever prosecuted for perjury or any other crime that is committed in the procurement of one of these orders.  They are rubber stamped by judges, and despite the noble assertions by the judiciary that they are acting in the best interests of the alleged victim, they are actually acting in their own best interests; their own careers.  A 1995 New Jersey law journal article covering a judge’s conference reinforced and confirmed that perception.

Further complicating this process; which is unique to the Los Angeles area, is the entertainment industry and the attorneys, PR companies, groupies and hangers-on, and governmental institutions that enable, assist, facilitate, and in some cases are complicit — ethically and quite possibly criminally — in the aggressive procurement of these orders.

The case of Shivers vs Perrette is both unique and quite common.  The exception of course is the intense celebrity media attention being given; and the exception is the fact that a host of dedicated professionals have and continue to microscopically examine every facet.

That is making some sweat; making some nervous.  Some have not experienced this kind of close scrutiny; no one has been looking over their shoulder.

It will be interesting to see who will be the first to “crack,” who will be the first to become a “snitch.”  I have seen it time and again with many much more hardened individuals.

Imagine, living a fairly affluent life style, rubbing elbows with the “A-Listers,” nice offices, parties, a level of financial security, politicking for that lucrative position. Now suddenly the gig is up, the career seems doomed, the future is derailed and facing public and family scorn and ridicule. The loss of assets and the prospect of a stint in an 8 by 10 cell can make anybody nervous; you know; kind of like what Mr. Shivers has experienced.

This leads me to the current and latest developments.

Upon further review and close inspection, some of the court documents already in the public case file have unequivocally revealed serious and egregious ethical misconduct that is sufficient for the filing of a complaint that involves at least one and possibly more individuals who are members of the state bar.

A Voice for Men, the contributors, researchers, and others will remain diligent and persistent in the pursuit of the truth and to insure justice is served, wherever it is required.

This story is a work in progress, literally. Stay tuned to this site for additional revealing information and the release of additional facts and documents.

Everything and everyone who has spoken out and advocated on the catastrophic abuse and misuse of the restraining order system, will come out in this case; with a little goofy-nutty “Hollywood” thrown in simply for entertainment purposes.

To all of those actual and true victims of intimate partner violence, women, men, and children; all I can say is that I am truly sorry.  I am sorry that you could not get the services you needed because of the waste and fraud.  I am sorry that you could not get your day in court caused by the backlog of cases from false accusers.  I am sorry for your suffering while cases like Francis Shivers and his dangerous cell phone camera and big mouth on social media is aggressively pursued to the ends of the galaxy.  As a decent, logical, and compassionate human being, I am sorry and I am trying to do a small part to correct that.

On a personal level, I am saddened, disappointed and embarrassed by the career profession that I served for three decades and the private and governmental legal professions; the judicial institutions of which I was intrinsically a part. I am embarrassed by the void of ethics, integrity, and honesty that has been on display in this case.

I am also confident and inspired by the fact that not all in those institutions have trampled on their oath to serve the public, and we shall see who steps up to the plate to help restore the public trust.

Stay tuned and stock up on popcorn.

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