Rape farming: The next generation

A member of the brassica family that includes mustard, cabbage, and cauliflower, the plant called “rape” or “rapeseed” is a high-oil, high-protein crop that is one of the foundations of modern agriculture.

Of course, both the terms “rape” and “rapeseed” can cause emotional distress to certain segments of the population, so at some point the plants were renamed “Canola” (from “Canadian oil”), in order to appease the distressed.

Suddenly, all the feminist bullshit in Toronto, Canada, has a basis in ironic fact.

As the terms “rape” and “rapeseed oil” began to decline on food product labels during the 1990’s, by an odd coincidence, feminists began to face a real problem – the other sort of rape, meaning an unwanted sexual assault, was declining also. The sexual revolution, the ready availability of birth control, the widespread availability of porn and the hypergamy of women meant that fewer and fewer men raised to be rapists by their abusive single mums had enough dry time to service the rape needs of the gynocentric ideologues who had worked so hard to damage men and boys.

Bigots of all stripes had used rape narratives as a staple of their propaganda diets. Want to undermine a black man, or a Romani (gypsy) man, or a Jewish man, or really, any man? Accuse him of rape, and toss a noose over the limb of a tree – problem solved. Even when the stories were recanted, either it was too late, or the police did nothing to the false rape accuser.

Unfortunately, the flaw in the rape narrative is that unless you have an actual rape, sooner or later your narrative will lose its power and your bigotry needs will go frigid and starve.

Imagine what would happen if 70% of the food in your city or town vanished. There would be panic, riots, extreme violence, crushing fear and death would soon be commonplace. The wasting of food would be a crime, dubious food would be consumed nevertheless, and the total collapse of social order would drive draconian measures to save society.

Now consider…the decline in the forcible rape rate from 1979 to 2009 was over 82%.

As the rates of actual jump-out-of-the-bushes forcible rape dropped to near extinction, the bigots against men who relied on rapists faced a huge problem – how to grow and promote rape without seeming to grow and promote rape.

Some feminists, formerly sex-positive, linked the decline of rape to the rise of pornography, and thus began to battle sexual liberation and pornography in earnest, betraying the sexual freedoms won by their younger, hotter sisters. They even claimed, comically, that pornography somehow leads to rape and they used credible death row experts like serial killer Ted Bundy to argue their point. The strange bedfellows of Christianists jumping onto to their bedwagons must have unnerved these early feminist rape farmers, and they mostly bailed.

Badly burned, the early rape farmers changed their working model of rape whorticulture to resemble illegal drugs such as pot – like marijuana farmers, they had to produce a valuable cash crop AND hide their efforts AND claim they hated their crop and wanted to end it. Unlike marijuana farmers, their product was vile and they often fancied killing, brutalizing and maiming their primary customers.

Just as some farmers use genetic engineering to produce new crops, the rape farmers used memetic engineering to breed new types of faux rape. Some of them were pretty silly and failed to sprout, such as:

Birth rape.

Verbal rape

Pity sex rape.

Sexual regret rape.

Others, just as ludicrous, gained marginal traction:

Drunken hook-up rape.

Date rape.

Now, farming rape has been at best a mixed bag for feminists. The stunning 82% decline in the rape crop has occurred despite all the false accusations, definitional expansions, and delusional rhetoric to the contrary. Those evil men just aren’t raping enough to satisfy the needs of feminists, and as early as 1994, scientific studies were beginning to note this.

Thus the Next Generation of Rape Farmers was born.

While they still retained some of their focus on discovering new and previously unsuspected forms of rape, the Next Generation Rape Farmers reasoned that, since the actual forcible rape of women was approaching extinction anyway, there was no real harm in stripping away the protections and precautions that women had used for generations to protect themselves from a hostile world.

Modest clothing? Screw that – modesty is nothing more than victim-blaming! Bring on the slut walk!

Police protection? Despite their dedication to put their lives on the line for your safety, they’ll never believe you, so learn to hate and disrespect the police to their faces. Maybe they will try to protect you, anyway.

In their desperation to save their failing rape crop, the feminist rape farmers are tossing their own sisters into the grinder. Left in the dust, of course, are those male and female victims of actual rape.

Hey, wait a minute: while victimhood is normally a transitory state subject to normal human healing, what if we can turn real rape victims into perpetual perennials so we can exploit the worst day of their lives FOREVER?

I have sisters, nieces, female cousins and DAUGHTERS. Every time a feminist rape farmer rips away the reasonable steps any woman might take to protect or heal herself, my rage and resolve to destroy feminist rape farmers is renewed.

One of the most recent experiences with rape farming is occurring even as I write these words – and it is on a 21+ month-old post on AVfM, “The unspoken side of rape”

The rape farmers are out in force – one, some febrile cat named Meow, wrote “Women who go to Slutwalks half naked are showing that no matter what someone is wearing they are not asking for rape, it shouldnt even matter what someone was wearing when they were raped, they never gave consent and that is the god damn problem”.

This is the perfect gaslit storm of feminism: “Women, you live in a violent rape culture that hates women AND you should do nothing to protect yourself from it.”

What level of idiocy does one have to have to think that that being defenseless is a great defense?

Well now, Meow, we’ve got your number. You are a rape farmer. You use rape and rape victims to feed your narratives that oppress both men and women. You have failed, and will continue to fail, as long as you seek to damage others in this way.

Your crop is dead. Plow it under and go fuck your field with something else.

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