Postcards for Papa!


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Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 16 this year. Let’s remind President Obama that dads matter.


By participating in something I call… Postcards for Papa.

The idea is to hand-write (legibly!) a message citing the importance your father, living or deceased. You might also say how being kept from your father harmed you. Or how your grandfather or other men served as surrogate fathers. Or how being a father yourself is a key part of your life.

The postcards should be directed to the President, but sent to the address below. The accumulated cards will then be given to the President by Paul or his designate, media coverage being arranged.

Media can also be fed samples during the run-up to June, compiled cards serving as colorful reminders of why men’s roles matter…while encouraging others to send their thoughts, too.

Everyone can participate: mothers, sons, daughters; adults and kids; military personnel; etc.

You can also send more than one card.

Other groups can/should be contacted, too, urged to join in. The can cite their group’s affiliation, too: he more a group sends cards, the better known it becomes.

The plan is to fill bags and bags with cards from around the world, delivering them to America’s president a la the famous scene from the movie, Miracle on 34th Street (when kids’ letters to Santa were brought to the court house by postmen).

The messages should be simple. The more succinct and sound-bite-worthy, the more likely reporters and others will pick them as heartfelt musings.

I conducted this campaign a few times in the pre-Internet past:

Some cards were pre-addressed by groups. Others were plain, from the Post Office. Still others had father-related themes…like these:

So please: join in! Being an activist has never been easier. And the impact is potentially huge.

Send your cards to:

Postcards for Papa

Purple Heart House

2297 Holly Drive

Hollywood, CA 90068

The owner, Christopher Robin, will keep us apprised of the tally as time goes by. If you don’t know about him, read this:

Finally, for inspiration, take a look at some cards sent in the past:


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