Interview with JTO and Dannnyboy

Our very own JTO and Dannyboy were interviewed by news reporter Avery Haines at the recent event at the University of Toronto. They did a great job fielding questions.

What you will also pick up on during the interview is that Haines quoted CAFE member Iain Dwyer as saying that AVFM had put up posters on campus targeting protesters and making claims that “they would get theirs.” I knew that there was something seriously amiss about that statement and contacted Dwyer myself for a quote. He had the following to say:

I did not say that AVFM had put posters up on campus. I said that you put posts up, referring to your website. I think the reporter was campus focused, and that’s where the misunderstanding came from.

As for the ‘they’ll get theirs’ comment, I said nothing of the sort. The woman who was interviewed with me (you can see her speaking in some of the video taken before the talk started) did say things to that effect. I couldn’t tell you her exact words, but she did bring up the posting of some of the protesters twitter accounts and repeated the claims they had made about harrassment and threats.

Although it is possible the reporter was trying to create controversy, I think her questions came more from a lack of understanding. We knew Avery Haines from an interview she did with Dr. Farrell in November and she was very interested in what he had to say about the boys crisis.

I am inclined to agree with Dwyer. I note that in her questioning of JTO and Danny she appears to ask mostly balanced questions and allows them ample time to answer in detail. Still, I think that news media in general has become too lax in attention to detail and accuracy.

That being said, please join me in thanking Dan and JTO for a job well done.

I also note that it appears this interview did not make it to local news. No bother, it is still available here, at the real media. PE

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