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OK, folks. After a gangbuster day of activism we prepare for the return of A Voice for Men Radio in forty minutes. Tonight, Dr. T is in the house, and she is going to offering up suggestions on “Crazy Proofing” your life.

As most of you know, crazy, abusive women are not confined to matrimony. Men encounter them in the workplace, at school or anywhere else. And many of you know just how miserable they can make your life. You also know they can utterly ruin it.

Just ask Vladek Filler.

So tonight, AVfM readers and listeners can contribute their stories in a discussion of how men end up in these predicaments and what they can do to prevent them.

Detractors will call it a woman bashing session, but it won’t be.

This is precisely the kind of dialog that men must start having as a matter of survival. With the state apparatus ready to indulge the most spiteful and vindictive agenda that a personality disordered woman can dream up, self-defense is a necessary strategy.

Don’t fail to listen to this important show, and by all means call in and share your story, get suggestions or offer your own ideas on how to crazy proof your life.

You may stop one Vladek Filler story from happening.

CALL 1 (310) 388-9709


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12 thoughts on “Countdown to Showtime at AVfM Radio”

  1. Is there some place where you can hear these shows after they’ve been broadcast? Are they archived anywhere?

  2. Right you lot, I need your support. Let me explain.

    I am envious… hang on a sec… no I am jealous, yes jealous of those that come in here and get red thumbed down to the point where their post is hidden.

    How come I never get that huh ? I mean c’mon guys !

    I am one of the team to be sure and like all of us MRA’s I express myself differently to all other MRA’s that have their unique style of voice.

    I want a post to be hidden – noooo not this one, but this one right here:

    All you have to do is click that link – go to where I have posted a lovely little illustration with a poem (sung to “How much is that doggy in the window” ) and red tick it.

    How hard is that ya bastards hmmmmm ?

    You know I love you mates thick as black- stump thunder and I’m sorry if I come across a wee bit miffed, but there’s a sweetener in it for you.

    Here’s the deal, you get my post there hidden and I immediately serve you a great big fat bonus illustration just for you.

    My motivation:
    I want to take back the words “Red Thumbs” just like our pop-eyed gits want to “take back the night” and take back the word “slut” and take “whore” and our rights and so on…

    Yeah you got what I mean…

    Woot Woot ! (train whistle bloody well blows)

  3. Peter Charnley

    Great show. I had a little difficulty accessing it because of computer problems I am having at present.

    May I make one suggestion Paul. This may be totally out-of-line and not in the least bit practical from your perspective as the person whose blood, sweat and tears is behind AVfM radio (whilst I am just sitting here as a listener with a cup of tea and my feet up) – but 130+ minutes is quite a long haul for both you and your audience.

    Might, say, 1 hour be an option – using two shows to cover the same ground you are presently using for one. Or the same ground each show, ploughed a little less deeply.

    But I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes or what entails exactly – so this may be totally out of the question.

    Just thought I would contribute my two pennies worth. I love your show as it is anyway and admire everything that you are doing here. Whatever the format you use, you are satisfying the most important criteria – getting the message out.

    Kindest Regards.

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