Murder as a Possible Outcome of Escalating False Rape Prosecutions

By John the Other and Paul Elam

The false rape accusation is the ultimate super weapon in mainstream feminism’s war on men. It’s the biggest, baddest, most destructive and vile lie in the arsenal. The reason it’s the ultimate weapon is not that rape is a particularly special crime.

It’s us.

It’s you and me that make false rape the devastating super-weapon that it is. The universal, ever present feminist ideology we are flooded with through the mainstream media, including television, podcasts, radio, movies, magazines and so on – has convinced us that no matter what, when a woman cries rape, a man’s head must roll. We’ve all been drinking the cool aid, and it has resulted in full time work for The Innocence Project.

All this has been aggravated by the long standing propensity of men to react swiftly and vengefully, often irrationally, when rape is alleged. This feminist-chivalrous social hybrid has produced justice that is delivered with pitchforks and torches. For the accused it amounts to a postmodern lynching, officiated by mobs dressed in black robes and uniforms.

By the way, we are not using words like war, weapon and arsenal for dramatic effect – this is a real war we’re talking about, being fought on behalf of female supremacist mainstream feminist ideologues using the willing muscle of state funded enforcers.

War may actually be an inadequate description as it implies the ability of both sides to fight. In every sense of the word this is more like a massacre.

A man accused of rape is destroyed from the start. He is dragged, defenseless, through the tar-and-feather machine of the media, ritually named and shamed, severed from family and colleagues, barred from employment, publicly maligned and demonized, all before any legal or evidentiary process of inquiry has even begun.

Rape shield laws protect the false accuser, both from public scrutiny and public condemnation for her lies, and the standardized lack of legal consequences stand as an open invitation to accuse any man at any time with impunity.

Even on his exoneration the devastation lingers and corrodes the remains of his shattered life. And when unjustly convicted, he faces prison for 5 to 20 years, where he will likely be raped- routinely – and possibly killed by another prisoner.

So what are the possible outcomes from this increasingly Orwellian onslaught of corrupt, opportunistic prosecutors and entitled, reality-divorced princesses willing to burn down the lives of the men for trivial personal gain and professional advancement?

Obviously, just as we are seeing, prisons being filled and lives being ruined is one result. But what of other possibilities; ill effects fomented as a tragic harvest out of desperation and fear?

A sea of change at some point seems both unavoidable and terrifying.

As matters stand presently, men are still standing passive in the midst of this legitimized mob rule; tolerating the systematic abuse without rancour.

One of the falsely accused students in the Duke Lacrosse case, when asked by the press admitted that he bore no ill will towards the woman who had almost succeeded in putting him in prison for 20 years for a lie and a laugh. The same was true of one of the Hofstra Five. Men in our society are conditioned so completely that no matter how cruelly they are attacked by women, they will take it.

For the most part.  But as the social pendulum swings away from chivalry and more toward male self-preservation, and as the unavoidable collective anger begins to mount and find its way into common discussion, there may come a tipping point that will tilt in a cataclysmically bad direction.

Setting aside the emotion and trauma of a false accusation, prosecution and conviction for fictional rape, and viewed from a purely pragmatic, survival oriented stance, a jail sentence for murder is a preferable outcome for a man than a jail sentence for rape.

In the culture of the penitentiary, murder carries with it a certain amount of prestige.  On the other hand, incarceration for rape comes with an automatic target on the convicts back, putting him in immediate disfavour with other convicts in a highly volatile environment.

In a climate of pervasive and escalating false rape accusations, how will a feminist utopia deal with men who have lost everything based on false accusation and who select a survival oriented outlook?

How will that utopia deal with men accused who decide killing thier accuser provides a better bad outcome than dying in jail as convicted rapist?

These are painfully difficult questions, but in a system of laws perverted by ideology, men shackled but not protected by those laws may decide they have no avenue of justice other than retributive violence.

How long before numbers of men conclude that cold pragmatism is the only option?

In the feminist utopia of celebrity victimhood and game show rape trials, the prize of celebrity victimhood could well become victimhood of a considerably more legitimate brand.

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