Feminists: the cause of 9/11


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To the Femainstream Femedia:

This just in over, or rather under, the wire:

“Feminists, in fact, did cause 9/11.”


If, in the face of that blasphemy, you react by snarling vulgarities at this screen; or desperately checking to see if this site could feasibly be reported somewhere for “hate speech,” or, without so much as finishing this article, switch to a New File on your WP to begin a withering reply – comparing the author to Jerry Falwell, or MRAs to Norman Bates – a piece you know will be all the femnom that’s fit to print in any big city newspaper – if you react anything like along these lines, I say to you:

That is how Feminists caused 9/11.

Because, instead of asking “That’s a provocative assertion, sir – how, exactly do you come to that?” you in the femmedia automatically go into Pravda mode, making sure that such challenges remain forever out of the popular media on which you hold a stranglehold. Because, for years, long after they were far outnumbered by writers and media males who had cowered and converted under your New Girl Order, truly civilized gentlemen like Howard S. Schwartz and Warren Farrell, and ladies truly deserving of the name intelligentsia like Christina Hoff Sommers, Katherine Parker and Daphne Patai, magnanimously and with remarkable restraint, invited you to “vigorous public debate,” over their critique of you.

You chose to respond rather with more suppression, and where you absolutely couldn’t suppress, to reply with cheap provocations and ad hominem attacks. Where men of genius like A. Justin Sterling and John Grey offered you real empowerment as women, a real understanding of men, and relationships that might actually work, you chose to mock, and insult – and suppress and suppress, and keep on suppressin’, right on down the line. While your own irrationality and propaganda went on blasting, a million times a day, through a hundred thousand organs of media in the Western world.

Many feminists claim to appreciate Carl Jung (certainly over his chauvinist-pig mentor – and, as it happens, one of the handful of true geniuses in history – Sigmund Freud). Do you recall, then, how Jung said, over and over, that that which is not allowed conscious, rational and civilized outlet will, slowly but surely, devolve into the puerile, then the infantile – and finally, the bestial?

And that sooner or later that human-animal monster will break out. In mythic proportions.

Refusing, scorning, mocking, despoiling, jailing, exiling the positive power and magnanimous expressions of Western men and masculinity, you – and the immediate victims, and the rest of America along with you – had to endure, on that nightmare-at-midmorning on 9/11/2001, the brutal force of a fundamentalist, atavistic fanatical power whose idea of God is as masculo-centric as to make Jerry Falwell look like Gloria Steinem –  hurled phallic jets into what – doubtless in its terrorist cells – calls the Tower of the Whore of Babylon.

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