Dr. T on taking the plunge – Shrink4Men Radio

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Considering saying, “I do?” Before you get ready to walk down the aisle, maybe you should take a minute to consider saying, “I don’t.” Connubial bliss can be . . . blissful. But it can also be a surefire way for a man to lose everything he holds dear — his children, his home, his assets, his friends, his family, his career, his retirement and his sanity.

Tune in to Shrink4Men Radion on the AVoiceforMen BlogTalkRadio channel on Monday, September 26, 2011 at 9pm EST when Dr Tara J. Palmatier of Shrink4Men.com will discuss what every man should know before he gets married, including divorce and custody statistics and a growing movement called Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW). If you have questions or would like to share what you wish you’d known before heading down the aisle with Dr T, telephone lines will be open (+1 310 388 9709.)



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