To the National Organization for Women:

My name is Paul Elam and I am a men’s rights activist. I have just finished reading a document from your website titled, Fall 2012 – Newsletter of the NOW Family Law Ad Hoc Advisory Committee – SPECIAL REPORT.

Contained in it were the expected canards one would normally anticipate from a feminist organization, such as your attempts to deny the existence of custodial mothers who emotionally and psychologically abuse their children by alienating their fathers. And your claims that it is abused women, and not fathers, who encounter the real sexual discrimination in family courts.

I also noted, with some amusement, that while you continue to define men’s and fathers advocacy as a backlash against changing gender roles, you also advocate women be given preference in custody decisions, reinforcing the very same roles you pretend to oppose.

None of that is new or surprising. As an organization with an elitist agenda, deception and hypocrisy are necessary staples in your propaganda.

However, your report did contain something different, and more consistent with the times. For the first time that I am aware, you have launched an offensive against the growing amount of men’s advocacy being conducted online; advocacy that is beginning to reshape the public discourse concerning sexual politics, which explains your attack well enough.

You have cited the Southern Poverty Law Center, and parroted them in attacking the men’s movement, using the same hyperbolic and deceptive language.

It probably would have been in the best interest of your followers if you had informed them of the SPLC’s subsequent back peddling, in which your source Arthur Goldwag acknowledged, after being publicly humiliated for his accusations, that he never called the men’s movement a hate movement, and that indeed the MRM had legitimate grievances that needed amelioration.

Of course, that would not serve your purpose, which seems to be that you are gearing up for a battle. And you know it is one you need to fight.

Too bad for you it is not going to do any good.

The fact of the matter is that the only thing that has held up your ideology and your stranglehold on public perception is the fact that people have been too afraid to shine the light of truth on who and what you are. Another fact is that this is changing, and rapidly.

The SPLC cannot save you. Your current reach into government cannot save you. Your diminishing funding cannot save you, nor can your influence on the media and academe.

There is a rapidly growing body of men and women of all colors, religious and non-religious, gay and straight, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian and Independent, who have simply had enough of your hatred and lies. They have had enough of you.

Why? It is because activists are teaching them the truth. These so called fitful bands of “misogynists” are reaching more and more people every day, with the proof that your agenda is not one of equality, but of one toxic, virulent grab for money and power after another. People are finally starting to learn what your ideology has done to the family and to the minds of our children. They are learning that the war you fostered between men and women has resulted only in losers and carnage.

You can claim that VAWA was allowed to die because of misogynistic backlash, but fewer people are buying it because more people know precisely what a sexist, porcine piece of legislation it is. The children being destroyed by it are starting to grow up and talk.

You can scream and chant all you want that feminism is about equality, but, assisted by a half century of your actions, we are showing people the truth. Feminism has devolved into tyranny. Like all tyranny in human history, it will be opposed.

The world is learning of your complicit silence in the face of the advocacy of murder, infanticide, eugenics and naked bigotry, as we have found and documented in the radical underbelly of your movement[1][2][3].  But it is not just the most seedy and sequestered elements in your ilk that we have exposed.

We have also shined a light on your phony wage gap, your corruption of research and science, your falsification of domestic violence and rape statistics and even how these things have crept into our government, and into our institutions of higher education. The knowledge of those things is making its way into the narrative of our culture.

The days of a public remaining ignorant and silent are over. We will no longer allow that to happen, and there is no squeezing that toothpaste back into the tube.

I have to give you credit. 50 years of hateful elitism successfully disguised as an equalitarian movement is quite an accomplishment. It would be all the more impressive, however, had it not so totally depended on the enabling and sacrifice of the very men from which you claim to have been liberated.

And therein lies your problem. An aggressively growing number of men and women are done with the enabling. They are done accepting lies and distortions. And they are beginning to look at our fragmenting, decomposing society and figure out what, no, who the problem is.

All that was ever needed to destroy feminism and promote true equality in this culture was for the truth to break free from the chains placed on it by a fearful and misled society.

It is happening as we speak.

This is going to be a very important year for the men’s rights movement, which means it is going to be a very important year for men and women who want to work together on addressing problems with valid, research based solutions – not as competitors out to demonize and vilify and destroy each other, but as partners in an effort that leads us to mutual valuing and cooperation. They understand fully that the absence of that valuing and cooperation has been paid for dearly by our children, especially our boys.

All this means that it is going to be a very bad year for you. All you offer is fear and conflict and people are finally getting tired of it.

I will close with a bit of advice that I know you are too entrenched to heed. If you want to slow the men’s movement, the only way to do it is to emulate the raisons d’être to which you have so far only paid lip service, while pursuing a base and malignant agenda.

You need to act as though you have a moral compass, and that means dropping the entitlement and the hate.

Anything less will result in your extirpation, because it is not the men’s movement that is your problem. It is the truth told far and wide in a society that is beginning to hunger for it.

That truth is coming for you, and we will breathe relief whether you accept it, or are consumed by it.

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[2] AO Part 2

[3] AO Part 3


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