Why yes, I am a little angry

This is what I am accustomed to accusations of. Well, not just resentment, also rape-enablement, woman-hatred, malicious intent, having a small penis, etc. But lets deal with resentment for the moment. I am told I resent my inability to rape with impunity. Imagining for the moment the insane and grotesque fantasy that at some point in the past, men could commit the violent crime of rape without consequence – we must also imagine that male character is naturally of such depravity and inhumanity that any but the most abjectly mentally ill man would harbour such inclination. And yet, that accusation is hurled in all it’s enormity with repetitive and flippant ease.
And why is such accusation hurled? Because I have the fucking effrontery to define myself a human being worthy of human rights, and not as a man whose public social identity depends on approval, on utility, and on disposability for the benefit of the preferred sex.
So I suppose I am resentful, but not of a woman’s human rights. I am resentful that my humanity is not accepted. Not my human rights even, no. My humanity. That is denied in the populist social narrative.
“Stop violence against women” (but not against men, despite the fact that men are overwhelming the majority of the victims of violence. )
“Men can stop rape” – as if “man” and “rapist” are synonyms, and as if women are not as capable and as likely to commit that violent crime.
Oh yeah, I know women are smaller and weaker than men, that’s why so much female perpetrated rape targets children and the mentally disabled. The only problem being that the exact same crime when committed by a woman is seen as somehow harmless because our feminist culture has convinced us all that women are non-actors, lacking agency and are just helpless flowers. Even murder, when committed by a woman, is excused.
And in case you imagine I’m having some particular hack at women, wake the fuck up, asshole. They’re just semi-intelligent animals like the rest of us. Food goes in one end, shit comes out the other, and asshole behavior is what all the monkeys on the planet get up to, ovaries or not. If out of some unconsidered cultural programming you think women are magical, special, innately innocent or somehow divine you are denying the basic unavoidable fact that they’re no more or less human than you or me.
This morning, I read that at a Canadian university, specifically the Student Union at Ryerson in Toronto, in response to the formation of an on-campus group addressing men’s issues, has “swiftly adopted a bold new policy rejecting the concept of misandry.”
Men are the majority of suicides? Too fucking bad, any group addressing such concerns is hereby defined by the student union as haters of women. In fact, the only sexual identity allowed to have an advocacy group is the one who denies the rights of men to organize in support of themselves.
Do you hear that male students at Ryerson? You are not allowed to consider yourselves humans worthy of human consideration, and any attempt to think of yourselves human – we (the RSU) condemn as hatred against women.
Last year, the killing of male civilians by American military misadventure was re-defined by the Obama administration. The language to be used in reporting of civilian casualties is now “militants”. So long as the dead are male, that is. The common media phrase “women and children,” long used to tell an anesthetized public whose deaths matter, is no longer enough, apparently. The deaths of men and boys will now be further sanitized by the provided terminology of a feminist president.
Are you male, reading this? Like me, you’re a disposable “human.”
Also last year, I developed a poster expressing the most basic concept of human rights. Its text read as follows:
You don’t fear and hate African Americans do you?
Of course not, because you are a decent human being.
You don’t fear and hate Jews do you?
Of course not, because you are a decent human being.
You don’t fear and hate gays and lesbians?
Of course not, because you are a decent human being.
You don’t fear and hate women do you?
Of course not, because you are a decent human being.
You don’t fear and hate men do you?
Do you?
This is the text of the poster which I wrote – and for the deliberately obtuse and dishonest I’ll explain what that rhetoric means. The hatred or fear of any group based on a character of their identity is not what a decent human being does.
The punch-line and conclusion of the poster read as follows.
“Men’s rights are human rights”.
Hundreds of copies of this poster were defaced with a stencil reading “wrong”.
Consider that carefully.
Men’s rights are human rights:


And this defacement from a local organization identifying as feminist.
So yeah, resentment begins to touch the truth. What I am is profoundly angry that in the past decade after writing hundreds of feature length articles myself, publishing thousands on the largest men’s human rights website in the world, in a movement with tens of thousands of reasoned and impassioned explanations of issues affecting men and boys, my humanity, and that of all other male human beings is flatly denied.
And then the denial of male humanity is itself denied. Ryerson’s student union just gave one example of hundreds. Misandry, the hatred of men and boys, they say – is not real, does not exist.
[unordered_list style=”green-dot”]

  • 4 out of 5 suicides are male;
  • 93% of workplace deaths are male;
  • Men die on average 6 years earlier then women;
  • Men are sentenced 63% [1] more severely than women for the same crimes;
  • The persistence of female favoring affirmative action in a post secondary education system already dominated by 62% female graduation outcomes.

Homelessness is another area of male domination, while public funded efforts to ameliorate homelessness focus on women to the unstated but clear exclusion of men.
The United Nation’s cynical, sadistic, vicious and profiteering project to circumcise (sexually mutilate) millions of men in Africa – using the flatly false justification that this will prevent the spread of HIV.
Oh? I don’t need a condom? Well shit, if only I’d known, sex would have been so much better.
Oh wait, that’s right, I just remembered, circumcision does not prevent the transmission of HIV. But it makes money for the people providing the medical devices and infrastructure. Just like the harvest of foreskins from infant boys makes money for the infant-mutilation profiteers putting harvested stem cells into a better wrinkle cream for jaded old women.
Sexual mutilation of infants? Who cares, as long as milfs get a better wrinkle cream? They’re not real human babies, they’re only boys. Their “humanity” doesn’t matter.
When I wrote in clear, impassioned opposition to violence, my arguments were characterized as endorsement of violence, and I was characterized, by feminists, as a violent sociopath.
In November of 2012, Warren Farrell, truly the Mr Rogers of the men’s rights movement, was characterized as a proponent of child rape and incest in efforts to silence and shame anyone seeking to hear his words. His intentions were clear in the title of his talk:

Addressing the Boy Crisis

How shameful, depraved, cynical and sadistic to claim incest apologia in Farrell’s rhetoric.
And how shameful to characterize violence as free speech – as the apologists for those Toronto feminists continue to do.
How shameful to characterize censorship as free speech – and thus, a protected, noble act. How depraved to characterize a basic declaration of the humanity of men as hate speech.
Mens rights are human rights
When I was set upon by roughly 20 self identifying feminists with box cutters I kept my calm. Prior to the afternoon of that mobbing, two of them had threatened me – telling me I would be physically overpowered if I insisted on posting my claim that men’s rights are human rights.
Deep down in the bones of every feminist is an understanding; that men are endlessly patient, benevolent, and forbearing. How else could such prolonged, pervasive and escalating hatred persist?
Consider the possibility of the loss of tolerance. The loss of forbearance with endless vilification, accusation and dehumanization.

Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them.

Imagine a real war on women. Imagine a response by men as a social class appropriate and reciprocal to the last 3 generations of hatred against men and boys.
Imagine the rage and pain given action in response. The student administrators at universities where “free speech walls” are torn down because somebody might post an unkind word. Potential thought crime policed by mob violence, and answered by the unified violent potential of men acting on their own behalf.
What is overwhelmingly clear is that mainstream, big box feminism, as practiced by the UN, as taught in gender studies is predicated on the idea that the ends justify the means. Censorship and violence are acceptable for a “greater good”, and only the brutal potential of violence deserves respect or consideration.
And as a human being persistently and repeatedly denied my own human identity by such ideologues, I, along with so many other Men’s Human Rights Activists are so very, very angry.
My rage is bottomless.
I can imagine the next feminist producing a box-cutter to enforce their desire for my silence being grabbed by the throat and opened from chin to groin with their own Stanley knife.
I can see the women’s studies department occupied; the student union doors nailed closed and the building burned to the ground.
I can envision every politician who bought his votes by extorting the income of a men to give to women; who used the state’s violence against children’s fathers and then discarded those men dragged from their padded offices and executed on the lawns of the federal buildings paid for by working men and women’s taxes.
Does any of this sound familiar? It should. This is what the public narrative pretends the Men’s Human Rights Movement really wants; the rage given over to hatred; the hatred given over to violence and destruction. 
That’s the wish, the dream, the desire. But not of me; not of men or Men’s Human Rights Activists. It’s the dream of big feminism. That dystopian future, where the fantasized, concocted threat of men and masculinity becomes horrifically realized, is the desire of the feminist. It is the justification for living every lie that forms their house of cards ideology.
It would justify everything feminism has created and called for.
Witness Vajna Krajina, taunting a young man whose name she did not even know. “You fucking rape apologist. You are fucking scum. You are FUCKING SCUM.” Her posture is a dare, an intense provocation. Hit me. Hit me. Strike me hard so that I may set the power of the State upon you.  Be the violent monster feminism claims all men are, so that you can be shackled and caged.
That young man refused.
I refuse.
My own morality prevents me from going where you imagine I want to be; where indeed you would gladly go if you could. For it is not a moral compass the steers you from that course, but only the stubborn barrier of law.
To those readers of a feminist disposition:
I totally reject you. I reject your narrative. I fucking refuse your invitation to respond to your hate with hate. I fucking reject your insistence to meet your censorship with censorship. I flatly and totally refuse to buy your invitation to violence. Fuck you.
Am I angry? Oh yes indeed. Will I allow you to make me hate those you pretend to care for? Nope, and fuck you for your efforts. Oh yes, your care for women is pretense, but you want them more to be real victims and suffer real damage — to justify your narrative.
And don’t mistake me. I will put my considerable energy and skill to tearing down your corrupt, hateful and violent ideology, and every one of its establishments and institutions. I will not stop. We will not stop.
You are on your way out. Your escalating violence and rhetoric signals your desperate recognition of this. The names of your major ideologues will be vilified.
And I, along with other Men’s Human Rights Activists of both sexes will see the end of your sadistic creed. We will do it armed with the compassion you cannot recognize, the justice you fear and the truths you loathe.
We will not be the monsters you demand; that you need. We will not be the monsters you demonstrate yourselves to be.
But I’ll repeat for your benefit what I wrote more than 2 years ago.
I will not to stoop to the use of lies or violence. You are practiced at those tactics, and frankly, I don’t need them.
But I am here to fuck your shit up.
And I am not alone.
One more thing:
Several paragraphs and statements within this article are, if taken out of the context of this article, clear calls for violence, including murder. A number of opponents of the MHRM have demonstrated a willingness and skill at repackaging selected quotes and framing a completely inverted meaning. Opposition to violence becomes a call for violence. You know who you are. Your work will be easy here. Go ahead. You betray yourself and your own desire for human damage every single fucking time.
[1] http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/11/men-women-prison-sentence-length-gender-gap_n_1874742.html

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