Dr. Janice Fiamengo talks to AVFM

There is a great deal to come in the days ahead from the AVFM coverage of the presentation by Dr. Janice Fiamengo at the University of Toronto. You will see everything from the complete lecture, to masked protesters (illegal in Canada) to a man who used his time to ask a question at in the Q & A that instead launched into a diatribe about how MHRAs are racist, to the pièce de résistance, a group of feminist dissenters that were hiding, cowering from cameras and resorting to junior high school tricks like setting off smoke alarms in order to disrupt events.
It is quite a difference from last November’s mercenary bravado of the UTSU when they just knew they were above criticism.
Seems like the truth is not only a sanitizer. It is also pretty good at training puppies not to wet the rug in the first place.
But enough joviality for the moment. Right now please enjoy this brief interview of Dr. Fiamengo conducted by our very own Dan Perrins, with camera work by Christian Chiasson. Both of these fine MHRAs made the trip and did a lot of good. Deepest thanks go out to both of them, and you will be seeing a great deal more of what they did in the near future.

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