Who is Emma Claire and why is she so hateful?

Allow me to start by once again acknowledging the small minority of “MRAs” and their bedfellows, the vast majority of feminists, who steadfastly believe that people should be allowed to spread hate, bigotry and violent ambitions under the cover of anonymity, as long as they are female and/or feminist.
We have heard you, and we are unimpressed with your willingness to enable social decay. Perhaps though, as the lot of you continue to paint virulent feminists as a red herring, or imaginary villains concocted by MRAs as a scapegoats and boogeymen, you will take note of how easy it is to track these people down and document their actions, as well as their patently hateful rhetoric.
Now, for the rest of you, we begin to deliver on our promise to begin outing the identities of the individuals involved with the violent protest against the freedom of speech of Dr. Warren Farrell, and the freedom of University of Toronto students who wanted to attend Dr. Farrell’s sponsored lecture on the difficult issues faced by boys.
While we continue efforts to identify one particularly virulent participant in that protest, the investigation has uncovered information on some others.
We begin tonight with one Emma Claire (pictured above  and apparently at 48 seconds into the video), a U of T student who was present at the protest, involved in its planning and participated in the destruction of posters announcing the event that were placed on campus. She also  incited others to do the same using twitter.
I present the evidence against her courtesy of Agent Mauve, whose short description is in the bio section at the base of this article.
We start with her obvious knowledge of the event in advance and clear intent to illegally interfere with its promotion by organizers.

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Remember folks, feminism helps men, too.
At this point, we do not know the identity of Damey, Alec, or the person referred to as “I,” but we have added their names to Agent Mauve’s list of leads on people known to have participated in attempts to censor Dr. Farrell.
But before we go further, let us give you a little perspective on the ideas harbored and proclaimed with some degree of public pride by Claire. We begin with something that could easily be construed as the clownish antics of a college student. It is the simple proclamation that all men should be killed and a salute to Satan.
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Of course, as I said, this is just youthful foolishness, surely she does not believe in Satan.
But as her expression becomes less obviously comical and she gets into actual issues, we find that for Ms, Claire, many a true word has been said in jest.
The first is perhaps Ms. Claire’s revelation of what qualification a student organization must have in order for her to consider membership. Consider this post from her twitter account.
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On either taking or otherwise obtaining this photograph which features material that libels Dr. Farrell as a man perpetuating a culture in which the sexual assault of women by men is normalized and tolerated, which is patently, categorically untrue, Claire finds herself the qualifying conduct. She finds her deal breaker in the vicious and dishonest character assassination of an individual who has dedicated a lifetime to helping children in trouble.
And we make note for future reference that she finds that type of home at the organization known as U of T Students Against Sexism, who apparently produced the product Claire found so attractive.
And while it may seem superfluous to even posit the question now, we have to wonder what, precisely, would lead someone be attracted to that particular set of qualifications.
Some might argue again, that this is just a matter of ignorance and youth; that she is actually convinced Dr. Farrell is Satan incarnate, that he hates women, that he wants them to be raped with impunity by any man who so desires.
And she might believe all that, but the cause is not youth or ignorance. I will let her explain to you why.
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She doesn’t just hate men; doesn’t just want them dead or silenced or marginalized or ignored. She at least entertains the idea of permanently marking her skin with that hatred, like a convict signaling gang affiliation.
Are we starting to get the picture here of what kind of human being Claire is? I think so, and I think Claire is the one telling us, over and over again.
Let’s take a look at what is driving this woman. And remember, she is just part of a culture that embraces and gives refuge to this kind of thinking. She is not on the fringe of anything. She is an involved, activism oriented student, given free rein by her peers and the administration of the University of Toronto to engage openly in speech that would get her expelled, even arrested, were it directed at anyone but men; to participate in the destruction of private property on university grounds, and on those same grounds to attempt to illegally silence the voice of an activist for human rights.
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Emma Claire is not going to stop. And no one at the University of Toronto is going to stop her. We can figure that one out by the fact that they chartered clubs to enable that kind of conduct.
For that reason, we bring her to public attention here at AVfM.
Additionally, over the next two days, she will be listed on register-her.com as a known bigot, and her image and name will find a place on our display of featured offenders.
If this makes anyone at the University of Toronto uncomfortable, we hope they will show the wisdom of preventing the need for this kind of action by launching an investigation into that protest and properly disciplining any students or faculty who violated U of T policies and/or Canadian law.
In the meantime, we will show you a reminder of how Emma Claire feels about her actions, after she has had time to reflect on them.
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Actually, a proper legacy cannot be rendered to the world simply by being seen and unnamed on a video that does not reflect near enough of one’s ideas and actions. More is needed.
So this will be the beginning of Emma Claire’s real legacy; where she can revel in the full and permanent notice of her deeds, and the lesson she is providing to the world about the nature of feminism, and the etiology of hatred. And so that anyone who ever does an internet search on her name again will be aware of it.
Legacy sealed.
Another offender in this outrage in Toronto will be featured here within three days, also courtesy of Agent Mauve, whose work in this is ongoing.

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