Climbing out of the crazy-tree

By now, almost everyone reading this will have seen video footage of the girl shouting, “you’re fucking scum” at a young, sober-faced man in what appeared an obvious attempt to provoke him into a posture of self defence. She will probably have a nickname soon, like creepy-bitter girl or something similar. And seeing footage of her all-but-spit on that young man, somebody she knew nothing about, while hurling the most vicious accusations she could muster – it is easy to fall into disdain and contempt, and even well deserved loathing for her. How could anyone in a first world country demonstrate such public, unashamed but undiluted and unjustified hatred? What kind of monster is she?
That narrative is easy and obvious.
However, another question has been on my mind. How does an individual climb down out of the crazy tree after a public display like the one we all watched outside the Warren Farrell talk at the U of T?
Obviously, the crowd chanting “no hate speech on campus” lost the thread of their own narrative when they changed their chant to “fuck Warren Farrell,” No hate speech on campus except by them, maybe that’s what they meant. But the attempt to intimidate, to physically threaten, to silence, to suppress counted on an “all or nothing” strategy. The outrageous and overt display of hatred and violence by these campus feminists and “socialist workers” members had an effect running in the opposite direction to what they intended.
In attempting to silence and suppress the humanist message of Dr. Farrell, the violent thugs (feminist protesters) became the main story. Their utter contempt for the basic human rights of anyone who doesn’t slavishly agree has done more damage to the feminist brand name than any dozen articles by opponents of that violent and hateful ideology.
But what about violent-hate-girl? Where does she go from here? In fact, where does anyone go when they find themselves on the wrong side of a human rights movement? What does a person do when they’ve publicly pooped their pants in a manner as spectacular as violent-hate-girl?
The men’s rights movement can’t be silenced or made to go away. This much must be obvious even to the most adamant of this movement’s opponents. We are, in fact claiming an ever greater share of public attention. The arguments and rhetoric of the movement can now be found all over what now passes for mainstream media. Like every other true human rights movement in history, we are winning.
So how, if you are an individual who has invested themselves in is now screamingly obviously a position opposed to basic human rights, and invested in perpetuating the role of women as permanent victims with a political angle using that victimhood as a lever of totalitarian power.
When you’ve outed yourself as violent, hate propelled ideologue, one which looks to an outside observer like a vicious sociopathic predator, how do you go back to being a moral human being?
I don’t know. But I wish her luck.

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