Vanja Krajina: University of Toronto

The University of Toronto last month hosted a speaking engagement by Dr. Warren Farrell, who addressed what he has coined, “The Boy Crisis.” The talk covered growing concerns, at least for those who value the welfare of boys in our society, with subjects like suicide, academic failure and the phenomenon known as “failure to launch.” This is when young men remain living at home past the age of legal adulthood, with no visible path into full autonomy and responsibility.
Campus feminists so vehemently objected to the presence of Dr. Farrell, and to the idea that exploration of those issues would be conducted outside the realm of feminist ideological control, that they staged a protest, which ultimately became violent, and abusive toward the young men who were trying to attend.
A video was made of a clash that ensued between protestors and the police, as well as showing the mistreatment and harassment of the young men attempting to hear Dr. Farrell speak.
One woman protestor in particular was featured in the video aggressively screaming epithets at a young man attempting to enter the lecture.

You should be fucking ashamed of yourself. You’re fucking scum. You are fucking scum. You fucking rape apologist, incest supporting, woman hating fucking scum. You’re fucking scum.

To the young man’s credit, he did not react to the provocation, but simply asked police if there was somewhere he could wait where she would not follow him around and continue the verbal assault.
When the police got him in through the door, the woman continued the tirade on the police officer who got him through.

You should be fucking proud of yourself. These are the fucking men who are going to rape people.

Apparently the woman in the video not only has a license to publicly assail people for exercising their rights to free speech, but she also has a crystal ball into which she can see the actions of future rapists, which of course includes you and me and any other man (or probably woman) who is concerned with the issues facing men and boys.
Her name is Vanja Krajina, and this is apparently not her first interaction with police. She was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit indictable offence during the G20 summit weekend in Toronto in June of 2010.
She was quoted as saying that a Toronto Police Officer told her, “I don’t know why we let people like you immigrate into our country.”
Some of us do not know why people like her are allowed by college administrations to harass their students and abridge their free speech rights, either. But that is precisely what has happened at the University of Toronto, where authorities have proceeded as though the assaults, vandalism and student harassment never occurred.
There is much here that demands better understanding, and it appears as though it will be left up to citizen reporters to find out about it.
This is not the end of reporting on Krajina, on this sad event at the U of T, or on the atmosphere at that school of tolerance for bigotry and violence.
Krajina apparently had a twitter account (which comes up on a Google of her name), which has now been shut down. But there appear to be traces of her in multiple net locations. This should be quite enough for our rainbow coalition of agents to do their work.
And we will continue to do ours to bring all of this to the light of public attention, including her listing on

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