AVfM Radio: what are feminists so frightened of?

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What are you so frightened of. This is a question directed mostly towards feminists. Your compatriots in the activist arm of your gender ideology, which might include you, are publicly crapping their pants. I know they’re pretending to oppose such monstrosities as child rape and wife battery – but when this takes the form on screaming abuse at young and vulnerable men you’ve never met – the illusion rather refutes itself. Similarly, attacking Warren Farrell if he’s a promoter of violence does suggest to outside observers that you’ve lost the plot. Its obvious to those with an understanding of human behavior that your escalating hatred, violence and hysteria is fear driven, and the fear isn’t of being raped or assaulted, its of loss of the totality of control feminism has long enjoyed. It’s fear of accountability.
It’s likely the fear, misplaced as it is, that as the men’s rights movement achieves a growing success, that we will respond with the retributive violence and hatred that you seen in your own motivation and tendency. Thankfully, we wont, which doesn’t mean terrible violence isn’t coming. But it’s your camp bringing it. It’s your violence, its your hate, and it’s your fear we’ll be talking about tonight on A voice for men Radio.
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