In the shadows of Dachau

[dropcap]I [/dropcap]will begin with an admission. In the past week, through my participation in the discovery and documenting of the overt, violent hatred of a collection of Swedish devotees of Valerie Solinas, I have been repeatedly shocked.

After years of dealing with advocates of the violent hate movement calling itself feminism, I previously believed I had seen it all; that I was beyond such surprise.

The glittering evil of these women remains difficult for me to understand. Intellectually, I know how far human cruelty can reach. I have read the first-person accounts of former prisoners of Dachau and Buchenwald. In fact, as a young man, I was an apprentice to a Polish sculptor who in his teens had been a prisoner in a camp 40 kilometres from the Polish township of Oswiecim. In his late sixties he still bore the serial number tattoo on one forearm.

Intellectual knowledge of recent world history did not prepare me to see directly, women half my own age giddy and eroticizing their own naked malice. I was similarly shocked weeks earlier on discovery of Pam O’Shaughnessy’s radical feminist eugenics club, still you-go-girling each other on their pseudo private blog over on radical-hub.

Simon and Schuster will probably continue to publish the eugenics advocate’s crime-fighting novels. As long as the general public don’t know Perri O’Shaughnessy is an advocate of the same thing once pursued by Dr. Joseph Mengele – they’ll still buy her books.

However, O’Shaughnessy’s eugenics enthusiasm, and the murder-advocation of Swedes Josefin Von-Zeipel Segerberg and Matilda Bordin are increasingly common. Another murder enthusiast recently published a manifesto[1] calling for the extermination of all males. Rebecca Carter was just kidding, of course. However “just kidding” is a good test of an idea’s palatability when your own ethical compass is broken, or missing.

For other mass-murder enthusiasts, don’t forget to give yourself plausible deniability for when the public catches a whiff of what you are test marketing.

The apparent rising acceptability of public endorsement of male-targeting murder or mass murder significantly changes the tone of men’s rights activism. The database, aside from listing traditional criminal categories for Rapists, Killers, Pedophiles and others, includes Corrupt Public Officials as well as Bigots; that last being a highly subjective descriptor agreed on by myself, Paul Elam and several senior project contributors.

What is a Bigot? Setting aside the obvious appeal-to-dictionary, in the context of this site and, it’s a promoter of class-hatred or violence targeted against a biological demographic.

It’s the opinion of Paul and myself that bigots fitting our definition are a significant contributing factor escalating brutality, violence and inequity in Western society. This is why we include individuals in this category in the registry.

It’s common within men’s right’s writing to characterize the escalating climate of male disenfranchisement and marginalization as a gender war. Establishing an evidentiary justification for this language is beyond the scope of this article, but is repeatedly provided in previous writing on this site.

During the development of the Register-her project, one candidate-offender was added to the registry whose actions, if they had been topic of a stand alone article, might have been appropriately described as “crimes against humanity” or “war criminal.” Those are not categories of offense included in the design of that site’s database.

The individual was listed on Register-her as a killer. Pauline Nyiramasuhuko[2] is the former Rwandan women’s minister, found guilty by an international court of the crime of genocide. According to BBC reporting[3], she helped organize and participated in the killing over over 800,000 people over a period of 100 days.

The presiding judge at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, read the court’s decision on her conviction, saying “The chamber convicts Pauline Nyiramasuhuko of conspiracy to commit genocide, crimes against humanity, extermination, rape, persecution and violence to life and outrages upon personal dignity.”

Judge William Sekule said scores of ethnic Tutsis were killed after taking refuge in a local government office.
“Hoping to find safety and security, they instead found themselves subject to abductions, rapes and murder. The evidence […] paints a clear picture of unfathomable depravity and sadism.”

Reporting originally published by New York Times[4][5] in 2002 stated: “Before becoming Rwanda’s chief official for women’s affairs, Pauline was a social worker, roaming the countryside, offering lectures on female empowerment and instruction on child care and AIDS prevention. Her days as minister were similarly devoted to improving the lives of women and children.”

At a stadium, where hundreds were killed, Pauline goaded her Hutu marauders, commanding:

“Before you kill the women, you need to rape them.”

At the time of my addition of Nyiramasuhuko to the database, the extremity of her crimes seemed to be far outside the normal continuum of violence, murder and rape. She appeared to be a lone outlier, but still to be included in the category of Killer. It did not enter my consideration that she represented a type of offence existing with such prevalence that a new category was useful.

The recent discussions on AVfM of feminists organizing with self-declared goals of infanticide, murder, male extermination and male targeting eugenics forces the consideration of new language, not only in the categories of offence on Register-her, but also in ongoing discussions within human rights advocacy on this site and others.

The word Bigot is clearly inadequate.

If murder of hundreds of thousands of people merits the convening of international criminal courts to address the offence we call genocide, what do we call the planners and advocates of this crime?


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