Where would they be without him?

Interesting icon no? This is my personal contribution to MRA art. Course I didn’t do it all by myself. No, this piece took many years and a whole lot of help. It is somewhat of a work in progress. Feel free to contribute, there’s always room for more. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and it’s true. Take a moment to let this sink in.

After all- it’s a portrait of you!

Previously “the thinker” now called “DAD”

Is your skin burning from the tattoo artists that have been shaping you into the latest master piece? Remember when you were a kid, you used to say, “sticks and stones”? Well if what you see here were just mutterings, I’d agree, but they’re not. This is what your government see’s- when and if they even choose to look at you. It’s only taken the last 50 years of throwing shit to make it stick, and now it does. This is what women have been pedaling in the mainstream to invalidate you and anything good you might represent. It’s been a very effective smear campaign because that’s the way governments wanted it.

Dare I say that it must be true of every man because women say so?

Just ask their lawyers. And the words have been changed into sticks and stones that your government uses to define you and deal with you. From law enforcement, to the courts to your legislators, they got your number “man”. Your personal history is gone, you are no longer an individual, your struggles and achievements do not represent you and what you see is what you are. And the man in the picture that I call “DAD” is exactly what is going through the minds of bureaucrats that will deal with you. Get used to it, this is all your government and country have to offer to you. You are a disease not safe for family consumption, so don’t count on seeing your kids. As a matter of fact if you don’t want to be arrested stay away from kid’s altogether.

You are a piece of shit, fodder for the feminist service industry to repair, but at least you created a job for someone. If you’re lucky you might even get drugs to help you along, psycho-active drugs; of course they might conflict with that drum they will have you beating on.

This is your new freedom, in the greatest democracy in the world, if you’re lucky you can even die for it. Better yet just get maimed, permanently disabled, or psychologically traumatized and your status goes immediately from piece of shit to worthless piece of shit. Of course if you’re a sperm donating father then you’re a deadbeat piece of worthless shit.

And you were maimed by your own government. Of course, you can always rent an address from a friend in another state so they never come knocking on your door. If this was the titanic I would definitely be looking for icebergs, anything to get this tour over with.

If you believe this has been some sort of conspiracy by feminists, you’re probably right. But what if you’re wrong? What if the real culprits are governments, with a vested interest in removing your rights and freedoms by dividing the genders into a palpable war that fuels social discontent and actually promotes violence. Why would it be so hard to understand that policies that serve private industry and interests can be promoted within a disconnected bureaucracy, where the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing? Why would it be so hard to believe that feminism is the wife of government? And that a rape case against Julian Assange is nothing more than your government pimping out its whore wife– feminism.


Why is it so hard to believe that women as a gender having shared relational interdependence with men for thousands of years would magically over the course of 50 or even 100 years become independent and not turn to a relationship of dependence with your government? Why is it so hard to understand that feminism is a tool of the police state in which you live to provide evidence or accusation to justify any charge brought against you.?

Any woman not declaring herself a feminist is immediately admonished by her “sisters” to comply otherwise she won’t make a good witness against you. Why is it so hard to see that as dependant as we are on our relationship with information, controlling that information is the best method to control us all? And that is why all media outlets are owned by a very few corporations. It only takes a few shepherds to watch over the flocks (by night).

How many times does the same fucking arguments have to be engaged to get through? I have been visiting men’s sites for years and have finally been disjointed by the repetition of the same shit in a different suit. I particularly like reading comments from noobies and the guys who agree with the content but somehow figure their world is safe enough.

The hair splitting is entertaining too, cause the truth and accuracy will set you free!!

Something I have noticed in the many years of my life is that the truth is agreed upon and established by repetition. If you say it loud enough and long enough and often enough, it’s true. Picture a snowball rolling down hill; ever notice how it only picks up the honest and accurate snow and leaves the rest behind?

I ran a business for a number of years and always had to deal with guys who were know it all’s; loved to argue with me about what was the right way and what was the wrong way. I had one simple answer for them and it goes like this. Whether it’s right or whether it’s wrong doesn’t matter, all that matters is whether you are willing to take the responsibility to answer for the choice. If I’m going to fire at the enemy, I’m not going to pick through the ammunition for the best one. Anything that will make them duck and run is fucking great as far as I’m concerned…..no argument. Abortion…bang    Fatherlessness….bang    Corruption…bang   Sluts….bang   Game…..bang  anything…bang

If you think the truth matters, scroll up and have a look at that picture again, you missed it. (actually, I think the picture should be circulated far and wide for men to rally against)


Angry Harry and Paul Elam have just posted links to an activist page. I think this is the best thing since the fleshlight for guys who are getting itchy. As a matter of fact, for those who don’t know, there’s talk about censoring the internet and with the number of men’s sites currently it’s not hard to monitor them and take them down.

Imagine if this resource was not there the next time you log on.

I think we have reached a time when if you want this resource you better throw up a blog page. It’s a lot harder to track 5000 pages than it is to track 50. Fuck it throw up two pages and make it 10,000. Just imagine all those bangs!! There might even be enough to screw up the resources to monitor them. I’m thinking of a site banner called “PIMPING FEMINISM” ideological sluts for hire. Bang! Actually I’ve been thinking of a few but can’t decide any suggestions?

“The White Knight Project” tracking the rise of male prostitution

“Prison Porn” if you thought it you did it – fuck’em they must be guilty

“Princess Pedophiles” enlightening youth with a special brand of nurturing

“Wiki-Condoms” where leaks are unacceptable and it can’t be rape if you don’t leak

“Yes means Yes & No Means No” unless yes means no and you have no video

“Patri-arc-hy” & “Matri-arc-y” boats built for sinking

“athering & amilies” a uture with no “F”ing

“Bad Boy Basketball” using the shiv in shivalry

“Too Tired For Rape” a voyeur’s review of romance novels and romance news

“Male Reproductive Rights” tracking the economic decline of manufacturing

“Feminist Golf” playing one hole with 18 putters, a firm mative action

“Cuckolds in Guyland”   hunting virgins and cougars and milfs oh my!

Something lite and fruity for the holidays……….Merry Christmas!!

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