Feminist calls foul for level playing field

It has recently been reported that MMA figher Fallon Fox is a m2f trangender.  Uh oh!
The reaction to the news is heating up to a media melee. Uh oh!
I found this video very interesting for a number of reasons, but I will stick with the two most important. It was quite a laugh to hear a self proclaimed radical feminist drone on and on, minute after minute, about how inferior women are compared to men. And I loved how she counted on the damseling inferences of a man beating up on a woman to drive home her hostility. She even titled the video with that invective.  Oh how terribly feminist of you. Equality, anyone?
Another reason for my mirth is her clearly stated opinion that Fallon should lose her license to fight presents the clearest public admission from a feminist that I have ever seen that the playing field must be artificially leveled so that women can compete.
Women on the front lines, anyone?
Well, I suppose if we listened to Obama and company these women should be able to whip Fallon’s ass wearing heels.
I personally don’t have much of an opinion on this one, as I don’t have any real interest in watching people of either sex beat the crap out of each other for sport. I will leave it to feminists and the transgender community to slug it out. But if I were a feminist I would hope on Andrea Dworkin’s grave that Fallon Fox is not the one showing up for the brawl. 🙂

Addendum: I have just been informed by Agent Orange that the maker of this video, who goes by iremythpurr on Youtube, is a femithiest supporter and sometime commenter on the former Radical Hub. Who’da thunk, eh?

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