A brief history of equality

January 12, 2022
Dear son;
On your 20th birthday, my best wishes as you take your first steps into adulthood. I hope the Manhood Defined program the government put you through wasn’t too onerous, although I understand it hurts for quite a while after they implant the chip.
Do they still teach history in school? I’ve never had the chance to really talk to you about the way society has changed since I was young, but I want you to know things weren’t always like this.
Also, I know men 16 and over aren’t allowed to speak to women without being asked, thanks to the  Communication Fairness Amendment to VAWA, but if you get the chance, please talk to your sister about what I’m going to tell you. They sometimes make exceptions for family (or at least they used to).
You’re probably aware of the No Man Unemployed Act which was passed in 2015. It actually sounded like a good idea – so many men weren’t working that even the government was worried about who was going to pay child support. The Supervisory and Board Employment Equality For Women clause that came with it also helped make sure people supported the Act.
Of course, with all the amendments since then, it’s basically become a forced labor system for men, but in reality most men were forced to work  for a long time before that. Yes, I know it’s great that the state guarantees work for men, but think about it – women are allowed to not work if they feel like it, so why aren’t you? Not to mention, they can go wherever they want, why can’t you?
It’s a dangerous world out there, what with all the women now required to carry handguns 24/7 so they don’t get raped – that was Obama’s Firearms and Self Defense Equity amendment to the Constitution – and perhaps the kind of freedom I’m talking about doesn’t actually appeal to you much, even if you could own a gun. I can understand that.
I remember a couple of years ago, a group of MRA’s (women of course, since men can’t do this kind of thing – the Equal Access to Government Act) tried to get the government to say how many men were being killed every year, but the government refused on the grounds that it would jeopardize the safety of women, plus there were apparently national security concerns too. They fought right to the Supreme Court, but the ban was upheld. I think one of the lawyers said the government doesn’t actually keep track anyway.
One thing you need to know: they wouldn’t let me see you while you were growing up because your mom asked. She did a lot of shitty things that were actually illegal then to make sure you would lose your dad, even though she knew I was a good father and that you and I had a lot of love and affection for each other.
You may not like hearing that, but I’m trying to point out that even before the Motherhood and Parenting Mandate for the 21st Century was passed, moms could do almost whatever they wanted: kidnapping, stealing, perjury, even murder in some cases, and of course the false accusations that stuck like glue even though I was exonerated. Now, of course, moms just basically own their kids outright, so none of that matters.
So then came the Income Equality legislation that pretty much killed off whatever was left of men’s motivation to work, through a little dodge called the 3I,  the Income Inequality Index. It’s funny, as soon as the government created that particular statistic, the pay gap between men and women suddenly started to grow again, and it ended up with women paying almost nothing in taxes while men paid through the nose and then some.
And in 2015, so many men who were actually working quit their jobs and so many ended up in prison (because of the new Debt Relief Equalization Program) that people got very worried; thus the rationale for the education and work camps that men now have to deal with.
In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the Voter Balance Calculation the government does every year is a lot to blame too. That’s where they started rigging the system to make sure equal numbers of women get elected, mostly by a secret  computer program that ensures votes for women politicians count for more than votes for male candidates. Last time I checked, there were only two men left in the legislature: both extremely wealthy men who own pretty much all the media in this country. But even there they don’t get to speak until all the women have spoken, just like the old Occupy movement, which you probably don’t remember.
One thing I’m glad of is that you decided to play it straight and not try to drop out and go your own way. Most of the young men who do end up dead or in prison, and most of the men my age who tried to fight the system are dead too. A few of us who survived have put together a nifty little hideout here, but we’re pretty much dependent on the friendly women who run the nearby town – if even one of them gets pissed off, the black helicopters and the drones will be all over us, and that will mean game over. We heard they used gas when they wiped out the camp a few miles south of here, although you won’t see that on the MSM.
Personally I’m doing OK – there’s a friendly doctor who comes to see us once a month or so, and she brings medicines, plus we have a huge garden for our veggies, and a few  goats and chickens – I get 2 eggs and a quart of milk every week.  We also sometimes do work in trade for the TownsWomen, things like cleaning the sewers and repairing potholes and other stuff like that. They give us maniforms to wear so we blend in and look just like the other workers in town. Of course we have to shave too, since they stopped letting us grow mustaches and beards – that’s the Open Citizens ID Initiative, as I’m sure you know.
Anyway, hope this helps you understand how the world used to be.
Love always, your Dad.
P.S.  Did you get approved for Fatherhood? They say manufactured sperm have a lot of problems so they’re still looking for good donors, and you might even get lucky if she’s a traditionalist – rules and bureaucratic red tape never stopped a woman.

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