Feminism for beginners

“Feminism is about equality and is good for everybody.”

This statement couldn’t be further from the truth!

I am a staunch anti-feminist because feminism has had a very negative impact on my life – namely blatant gender discrimination and bullying in the workplace, and more than 3 years in family court trying to finalize a divorce that is yet to be finalized. And to think, it was only 5 or so years ago that I was dismissing feminism as a harmless movement for university girls desperately in need of attention.

I was wrong – completely wrong – in many ways. While I do believe that many young people have been brainwashed into believing the dictionary definition of the word “feminism,” it was the aforementioned workplace discrimination, divorce and completely unwarranted financial devastation that led me to take a closer look at this thing called feminism – a movement firmly rooted in hate and greed, while claiming to be about gender equality.

And now that I have reached the conclusion that feminism has not only ruined my life, but the lives of countless others – men, women and children alike. I wanted to write this article to explain to others exactly how feminism has become so stealthily entrenched in our society and how it works to undermine men, their families and society so that people in search of answers can begin to learn about this toxic social scourge.

Feminism in a Nutshell

Thanks to organizations like the National Organization for Women (N.O.W.), feminism is exceptionally well-funded primarily through donations that have rolled in for decades. It is the deep pockets of feminism that allow it to wield untold power and influence over the following:

  • The government
  • The media
  • The education system

Over time, feminism has used its power and influence to slowly change these entities into ‘tools’ used only for the spreading of the feminist message, namely female supremacy rooted in the hatred of men, or misandry, and ultimately aimed at the transfer of wealth from men to women.

How Feminism Influences Governments

In short, it’s simple – politicians win elections based on votes.

Feminism pits politicians against one another by making demands for gender-biased laws in return for those desperately needed votes. Politicians, eager for the votes of the undecided voters, many of whom are young single women with feminist leanings, concede to feminist demands and pass laws that blatantly discriminate against men. Examples of this discrimination are as follows:

Employment Laws

Affirmative Action is specifically designed to give preference to job applicants based on their gender, race and sexual orientation to the extent where qualified white heterosexual men “need not apply.”

As many of the winning applicants are effectively incompetent, they are often quickly moved into management positions where they seemingly don’t need an in-depth understanding of their profession but, instead, rely on their subordinates for knowledge and guidance to make decisions. Over time, female subordinates are promoted while male subordinates are simply ignored or bullied into leaving, the result being organizations completely void of truly qualified people clearly explaining why we live in dysfunctional societies.

I have met many people who claim this cycle of female domination is commonplace especially in academia and government and I believe them because I have witnessed it for years now. Dr. Janice Fiamengo, a Professor of English at the University of Ottawa in Canada is also a staunch anti-feminist for this very reason.

Now imagine a qualified man interviewing for a job in an organization dominated by incompetent female managers who only secured their jobs in the first place because of their gender. A man’s chances of getting that job are slim to none especially given that the last thing any incompetent manager wants is competent subordinates who could expose managerial incompetence, so competent subordinates are often perceived as threats despite that threat being real or merely perceived.

And obviously, the last thing a misandrist wants is to have to spend 40 hours a week working with a man!

And to think that these incompetent people are quickly promoted into management positions where their incompetence can be hidden and their power wielded only to have feminists continually complain about a so-called pay gap. It’s laughable at best, criminal at worst.

Family law

Divorce in North America has become a billion dollar “industry” that incentivizes women to divorce their husbands whereby women:

  • Are more likely to be believed when making false abuse claims against a husband and, therefore; more likely to receive sympathy from a court and custody of children, and
  • Are more likely to receive lucrative alimony payments for lengthy periods of time more often than not leaving divorced men financially ruined.

Paternity laws are completely broken whereby men are often forced to support children they can prove (through DNA testing) aren’t theirs, or support children that are theirs without any parental visitation rights whatsoever.

While single mothers who experience difficulty providing for their children are given government assistance, men in the same circumstances are punished, often harshly, whereby their driver’s license can be confiscated leaving them unable to work, and eventually landing them in jail where they are completely unable to provide financial assistance for their loved ones.

Criminal law

False rape and sexual assault allegations are commonplace today and in many jurisdictions there is little, if any, penalty for a false accuser found to be lying. Those accused, on the other hand, are often left financially destroyed and their reputations in tatters.

While extensive scientific studies prove that roughly half of all domestic violence is perpetrated by women, thanks to something called the “Duluth Model” (which not only wasn’t proven to begin with, but has since been completely disproven), men are automatically presumed to be the perpetrators and women the victims, not to mention there is almost no help whatsoever for male victims of domestic abuse.

Many domestic violence allegations are also false and occur in the lead up to women filing for divorce in an attempt not only to garner sympathy from the family law courts, but also to almost ensure a man’s custody to his children is completely denied.

Note the difference in the diagram between the feminist claim that men hate “women” and the reality of discrimination against men resulting in men hating “feminists”. Nonetheless, feminists continue to insist that all men are misogynists which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

How Feminism Influences the Media

The goal of the feminist infiltration of the media is simple: to spread feminist lies and propaganda for convincing societies that only men are potential perpetrators of evil and all women are potential innocent helpless victims.

Similar to Joseph Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda under the National Socialist Party led by Adolf Hitler in the 1930s and 1940s in Germany, feminists fully understand the power of the media and the effectiveness of the expression “If you tell somebody something over and over enough times, eventually they’ll believe it.”

I don’t know about you, but I gave up on cable television a couple of years ago primarily because of the never-ending drone of misandry whereby men (and boys) are constantly vilified by making them appear stupid, dangerous or both. The underlying purpose of this blatant vilification is:

  • Feminists work to portray women as not only smarter, but also as helpless victims at the hands of evil men (and only men) in order to gain special treatment and privileges which is a contradiction in itself because if all women are smarter than all men, how can women possibly be victims?
  • Feminists also want to portray women as smarter and more capable to help further the systematic exclusion of men from secondary schools, colleges and universities, and, ultimately, good jobs eventually making men unable to provide for families.

Feminists hope to systematically emasculate men into becoming subservient to women so:

  • Women can hold power over men who are too weak to stand up for themselves because many men subjected to the media’s constant anti-male message have, over time, developed low self-esteem and have bought into the nonsense that women are somehow stronger than men and weaker than men all at the same time, and
  • To destroy the nuclear family by trying to defy nature whereby women have been trained to reject men that are not subservient, but on a sexual level, women despise weak men. The contradiction between their belief system and their natural sexual desires result in dysfunctional interaction with men and, ultimately, broken families and fatherless children.

This power over the media and constant droning of subtle misandry has resulted in a society whereby all forms of masculinity are discouraged, thus ultimately driving a wedge between men and women, the goal of feminism being the destruction of the nuclear family to “free” women from an imagined life of servitude to men.

Moreover, it has resulted in the following:

  • Never in recent times has there been so many single men of marrying age who have no interest in marriage
  • Being a divorced, single man living alone is not only socially acceptable, but commonplace
  • Being a single mother is also socially acceptable and commonplace
  • Children with no father in their lives are commonplace and are more apt to experience difficulty interacting with other children, difficulty in school, and often end up leading unproductive, non-fulfilling lives as single men.

The feminist media agenda is especially damaging for boys because they learn from a very early age that they are inferior and effectively worthless. This, combined with a an educational system that pounds the same message into their heads, results in many boys experiencing behavioral problems, doing poorly in school, ending up as wards of the state and going on to become part of the criminal justice system. This is what feminism does to boys and men!

How Feminism Influences the Education System

Feminists understand full well the influence adults have on children. This is why the modern-day education system is specifically geared towards female achievement and male under achievement. By doing so, girls are much more likely to go on to college or university, and the good paying jobs mentioned earlier. Disadvantaged boys, however, are more likely to not receive they education they need to lead a productive, fulfilling life.

For those emasculated boys that do finish secondary school, college and university can be a social minefield of gender discrimination ranging from torment and bullying to full-blown false rape allegations.

To quote an anonymous author, “Now make an uneducated guess what pro-equality, pro-diversity, emphasis on feelings, trigger warnings, rape hysteria, compulsory feminist classes, anti-lad culture, invasion of male spaces, presumption of male guilt, political correctness, aversion to heated debates, and the transformation within one generation have in common? Women!”

Simply put, the reality of today is that colleges and universities have become places of indoctrination whereby young students learn what to think and not how to think, furthering the goals of feminism by trumpeting lies, demonizing masculinity, and ultimately minimizing the number of men who receive a decent education that will lead to a prosperous life.

In reality, colleges and universities have gone from places where free speech and critical thought were encouraged to politically correct hell holes where free speech and critical thinking are not only discouraged, but simply not tolerated to the extent where “outspoken” students simply searching for truth are being expelled leaving their career aspirations completely in the lurch.

In short, the attitude of young feminists today is simple: anyone who challenges their baseless claims of constantly being victims of male aggression, while simultaneously being superior to males, is deemed a threat that must be neutralized.

Not only is the result of this destructive behavior devastating for those young men who don’t finish college or university, but more importantly, many of the young people who do graduate are the product of leftist brainwashing completely incapable of tolerance or critical thinking, and of no real value to society as their ability to make a meaningful contribution to the world has been seriously handicapped.

As a result, many young men are steering clear of post-secondary education paving the way for even more young radical feminists and simply making the problem worse.

So where will we be as a society when there is a serious shortage of skilled young men to help run our world? Especially when the very people who pushed them away from a post-secondary are only really good at one thing – promoting political correctness!


Hopefully, you can see how the three main spheres of feminist influence – on governments, the media and the education system – work in tandem to stealthily further the goals of feminism while simultaneously destroying men and families.

The result of elevating women at the cost of men results in economic gain for women and economic loss for men. Simply put, it’s the transfer of wealth from men to women. As women get more money, they gain more power and, in turn, more money will be donated to feminist causes thus giving feminists even more power and accelerating the wealth transfer. Sadly, all of this stealthy state-sanctioned robbery of men is done, for the most part, without the public’s knowledge disguised as “the fight for gender equality.”

Much the same way Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor, feminism steals from men and gives to women. One of the reasons Robin Hood was so popular was because the rich were always portrayed as villains and the poor as helpless victims, which is exactly what feminism does – except men are the villains and women the helpless victims.

This is how feminism, disguised as a fight for gender equality, is so appealing to so many people. But unlike Robin Hood, feminism is a scam whose perpetrators should be tried as criminals for the unjust treatment of men, and the systematic destruction of families and society as a whole.

Simply put, feminism is a scam – a wealth transfer – wealth that men have earned is stolen and given to women.

So my question to you is simple: Is feminism really about the fight for gender equality or is it about the fight for female supremacy masquerading as the fight for gender equality?

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