We normally try to limit our number of videos in a day but too much has been going on at the Calgary Expo. If you’re still not up to date on it, you can read the basics here: Women creator group banned by “inclusive” Calgary Comic Expo. Not much has happened since we published that story that we can tell you about, although we can tell you there will be a lot more news about it in the days ahead. Meanwhile, the #Expogate hashtag has been an absolute joy to watch as people come out of the woodwork not just in support of the Badgers, but at the feminist/Social Justice bullies that made this happen.

There’s a growing flurry of YouTube activity as well, and here are some of the better ones we’ve seen, some righteous in their anger at this Stalinist garbage, and others actually coming out of the closet and asking what’s wrong with talking about men’s rights.

And by the way feminists, you done fucked up: you just tricked a corporation operating on public property, at an event subsidized by the government, into discriminating against a group of women because you didn’t like their politics–the fact that they are critics of feminism and supporters of the human rights of men.

Meantime, enjoy the videos:

Official Badger Updates:

Tales from the Infrared: Live interview with the Badgers in Calgary:

Are you now or have you ever been a critic of feminism?

A gloriously awful filk song:

Calgary Expo are bullies:

Discussion betweetn Karen and YouTuber Vee:

Mrminibagel talks about ironies of Calgary Expo incident:

Homer Ruglia weighs in (but he’s not white so we can ignore him, right?)

Mention by the Sarkeesian Effect:

Mundane Matt weighs in:

If we’ve missed any please let us know. We suspect this one is going to reverberate for a while.

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