Denise Ryan is an unskilled liar

Denise Ryan is the author of a Vancouver Sun article of September 9, 2013 called “Shock at University of B.C. as investigation begins into frosh rape chant”.

Denise Ryan is also a disgusting liar. She doesn’t even have the decency to practice skillful fraud.

Her thesis is that, during frosh week, a chant repeated by first year Sauder business school students was espousing support of the violent crime of rape.

Denise Ryan, the Vancouver Sun writer, names Lucia Lorenzi as the student apparently championing punishment of this so-called rape advocacy. The Sun features a photo, presumably of Lorenzi, to put a face to the story.

A more humourless, miserable face is hard to imagine:

little miss sunshine

Readers might be tempted to believe the photo and companion article constitute a heavy-handed satire of the cult of totalitarian campus feminist enterprise in North American universities. However, it appears from coverage elsewhere, including the CBC, that the apparent “threat” of rape advocating chants is being treated as a crime. The very real threat of academic consequences is no joke at all to Sauder business school students and other victims of academic tyranny.

But what about the so-called UBC rape chant? The one every paid hack with a keyboard or microphone working in the mainstream media is claiming supports the commission of the violent crime of rape.

According to Denise Ryan:

It began “Y-O-U-N-G at UBC, we like ’em young,” and went on to talk about underage sisters, sex and lack of consent.[/quote]

That’s pretty vague. In a major metropolitan newspaper, in an article about an apparently rape-supporting chant, why are the words of the actual chant only talked around, rather than being explicitly stated?

The CBC also ran a televised segment about the chant, including the complete listing of what the letters in “Y.O.U.N.G.” stood for.

Remember that the mainstream narrative being pushed is that this chant encourages the commission of the violent crime of rape. Buckle your seat-belts.

go to jail

Y = your sister
O = Oh so tight
U = Under age
N = No consent
G = Go to jail.

Wait, what? The G stands for “go to jail?”

How can any so-called journalist claim this is a chant in favour of rape? Taken altogether, the message seems to be that rapists will go to jail and therefore ought not to do it.

You’d better strap on your crash helmet now.

In fact, considering the context of a frosh week initiation chant, and considering that even Vancouver Sun writer Denise Ryan claims similar chants have been repeated at other universities, another interpretation of this chant seems to manifest itself.

Make sure your helmet is on tight, and add some safety goggles, gloves, boots and coveralls.

It appears that the culture of students across Canada and elsewhere have had quite enough of the hyperbolic fear-mongering, hate-cultivating, victim narrative spewing and Orwellian speech/behavior control from entrenched feminist ideologues, and are now openly mocking their rhetoric.

Nobody is supporting or promoting rape at UBC. However, students are wholly sick and tired of politically powerful social justice warriors heaping them with shame and censorship. Students at universities are often young and politically unsophisticated, but they are not stupid, and they are saying in terms of clear mockery that the established practitioners of culture of gender war, political correctness, and intellectual bullying can all go pound sand.

Y- Your lies exposed
O- Our time has come
U- Unfettered fun
N- Not buying into shame
G- Go get a life

Do you get it yet, feminists? The students themselves, the ones you’re trying so hard to control and indoctrinate, have had enough of your lies and are telling you, in terms of satire, to get lost.

The G gives it away, which is likely why Denise Ryan, writing for the Vancouver Sun, omitted it in her article. Selling a narrative of threat, danger, and rapey-rapeddy-rape was more important to her than the truth. Even without that revealing nugget, the Vancouver Sun piece looked like it belonged at the Onion.

The CBC’s Renee Fillipone is as equally guilty, reporting on the same event under the heading “UBC students have been outed for making a chant advocating the rape of under age girls”.

Fillipone was so clown-handed in her selling of this fraud that she forgot to edit out the evidence of her misinformation. The spelled out contents of the chant were posted in the video of her televised CBC segment: The G stands for Go to jail. Every reporter claiming this frosh chant advocates rape is merely pretending to practice journalism. At best it is satire of feminist rhetoric, at worst it is honest acknowledgement that sometimes you can’t have what you want.

Knowing what the G stands for, it is impossible to honestly claim the chant has any possibility of being intended to support the violent crime of rape.

That a drunken, froshy chant can be spun into a threat narrative and that fabricated threat can be used to end academic careers, to blacklist, to silence, to marginalize and to coerce compliance with entrenched and establishment gender ideology through the fear of continued political reprisal by campus ideologues says more about modern journalism than university students.

The lie enabling this isn’t even being sold with any finesse or skill. It’s clumsy and obvious. I find myself insulted more by the lack of artfulness than by the falsehood knowingly perpetrated by so-called journalists. Don’t liars and grifters even take any pride in their work?

But it is “reporters”, like the CBC’s Renee Fillipone, and the Vancouver Sun’s Denise Ryan who are unabashedly manipulating and deceiving you. That lie, repeated across the mainstream media becomes the propaganda of a new world where we all concentrate on following the camp rules.

Shame on you Renee Fillipone. And shame on you Denise Ryan.

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