News week in review: Sept 4-Sept 10, 2013

[box]Another interesting week in the news!

Item: El Paso TX. attorney uses controversial ad to warn men about the dangers of child support and family law.

The ad reads:

“Ladies, how would you like to make thousands of dollars by staying at home?  Just follow these simple steps.

1) Get pregnant and have a baby.

2) Once the baby is born, get rid of the father.

3) Get child support money by using a state-appointed, free attorney to sue the father. 4) Spend the money on trips without the child.

5) Spend the money on drinking, expensive restaurants, and clubs.

Guess what?  Its all legal in Texas”

The ad then admonishes men facing a child support order to lawyer up because the odds are stacked against them.  Very crafty don’t you think?

Item: The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) announces upcoming event featuring Miles Groth at the University of Toronto

Get ready for more fireworks people!  Senior members of AVFM staff will be attending and we are sure to get more entertaining video.  Good luck! And beware the read headed fire spitting beast.

Item: Lawyer argues that fertility treatments are part of the marital lifestyle, and as such, should be paid for after the divorce by the husband.

That’s right!  If your wife decides she isn’t happy any more and wants a divorce she should be able to collect ten’s of thousands from him in order to get pregnant with another guy.  Sound strange and unfair?  Not to New York Times Op-Ed contributor Sarah Elizabeth Richards.

Item: Man pleads guilty to tricking pregnant girlfriend into taking abortion pill

A truly tragic and sad story of a man who tricks his pregnant girlfriend into taking an abortion pill ends with him taking a plea that may land him in jail for 13 years instead of the life sentence that federal law prescribes.  However, one cannot avoid the brutal double standard which is best explained buy the most popular comment on the CNN article:

John McKay •1 a day ago


“The root problem here is the inequality in legal system. If a mother wants to abort unilaterally, she can, which is fine. I’m not going to argue that if the father wants to abort unilaterally, that he should be able to. After all, it’s the woman’s body. However, if the father wants to abort during the legal abortion limit and the mother wants to keep it, and this is documented, he should be off the hook for legal responsibility, specifically child support.”

Item: UN survey reveals nearly a quarter of men in Asia-Pacific admit to committing rape

Hmmm… in four….that sounds rather familiar doesn’t it?

But those conducting the “survey” had a rather round about way of determining whether or not those men they asked were actually rapists.  Here is their methodology:

“The respondents were not asked directly whether they had committed rape, but instead were asked questions such as “Have you ever forced a woman who was not your wife or girlfriend at the time to have sex?” or “Have you ever had sex with a woman who was too drugged or drunk to indicate whether she wanted it?”‘

In other words, the men were not asked if they had raped someone but rather asked if they had ever had sex with someone who was drinking or with someone who needed verbal persuasion in the likes of the old song “Baby its cold outside” (yes according to feminists this is rape) in order to have sex with them.  Go figure.

Item: Marxist feminist new PM of Senegal

Special thanks to Lucian Valsan for educating us on the ascendancy of Aminata Touré from operative in the Communist Workers’ League of Senegal to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) where she was chief of the gender, human rights and culture branch right on up to Prime Minister of her country.

Congratulations Comrade Touré!  Now start hacking off those pesky foreskins!


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