An offer of help to feminists

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC),  among others, is now watching all the hoopla they created with published attacks on the MRM quickly fade into a silent void; a place where stories suffocate from a lack of traction.

It’s not much for all their effort, but I do think it could serve to be constructive for feminists. With the utter incompetence they displayed in their ideological attack on AVfM and the men’s movement in general, it became clear that these people don’t know what they are doing. The total incompetence is so pronounced that it approaches bizarre, especially considering their apparent intentions. They started a game of ideological football and fumbled every time they got their hands on the ball.

But I am not here to add more ridicule to what they have already piled on themselves. I am here to help. That decision was made shortly after I had a conversation with John the Other in which we both expressed frustrations with the shoddy planning and execution of the feminist attack on men’s human rights that was spearheaded by the SPLC. We wanted better. Actually, we need better.

We benefit by having our ideas scrutinized and challenged by serious, intellectually honest parties, particularly feminists (I know, but we hope eternal). Presenting those arguments to the public is a big plus for our side. And since the time is coming that most everyone, not just MRA’s, are going to demand credibility and competence from feminists, they seriously need to start making sense. They have a long way to go.

In fact, it came up in my conversation with John that we could make their case, the one for universal female victimhood, far, far better than they can, and we don’t even believe a word of the shit.

So, if we are ever going to get them up to speed on this newfangled idea of making sense (which is oodles and boodles of help when making an attack), we are going to have to help them get there.

I thought I might offer some of that help in the form of a handy reference guide, so that is what I decided to call it.

The Handy Reference Guide for Feminists, on White Horses or Not: How to Beat Those Meanie MRA’s in the Court of Public Opinion and Other Places Where People Talk About Things

I know, it is a really long title. Actually it is so long I could not fit it at the top of this article, so I had to call it something else. This is a hard job.

Anyway, a guide you were promised, a guide you get. As an example I am in part using the SPLC ‘s recent public self-sodomizing which they failed to disguise as an attack on the MRM. These suggestions can be saved and referenced by all feminists, horsey or not, should they want to launch an attack in the future that doesn’t end up dripping from their faces.

1) Recognize that the truth is about to get in your way a lot more.

I know you guys are not keen on some aspects of reality, but this is one to which you should pay attention. For some time now all you have had to contend with is a small band of bloggers buzzing around your ears. You could just make occasional jokes about us and that was all you needed to do. You regaled us with witticisms about our sexual frustrations and general status as losers. Nobody cared, you had the floor all to yourselves.

Notice anything different, lately?

The weather has changed. VAWA is being openly challenged. Bullshit is being called on misandry in most free forums. The message that men have an untold side to this story is being delivered and, most importantly, listened to. Fewer people are bowing down to your demagoguery, and your attempts to shut them up are only resulting in more people calling your bullshit.

You are approaching the time when fraudulent statistics and base emotional pleas are not going to cut it with a public that wants to know why you need so much money and what you are doing with it. If you want to hang on to that money, you better start figuring out a way to justify yourself rationally. That will require you to do what you haven’t done so far: Work.

2) Study the MRM.

It’s like when you were in college, but this time you have to read. Learn enough to know you don’t make an asshat statement like “The Innocence Project” is part of the men’s movement, or that many MRA’s want a return to “traditional values.” If you appear ignorant – and prove it’s more than appearance – before you even get to your first criticisms of the MRM, then don’t be surprised when people laugh in your face, or when the response from the people you are attacking is to publicly salt your self-inflicted cuts.

3) Pick better targets.

Your target selection sucks. Register-her is a loser for you. A few of you tried to play the “what-if-the-girls-are-afraid” card for a bunch of convicted felons and bigots. I mean, even today, how fucking dumb Is that?

Seriously, your better target would have been our stand (keeping in mind we are not monolithic) on jury nullification. Many of us support the use of jury nullification wherever the access to equal protection of the law and due process has been denied. We specify rape trials and have called for acquittals.

There is your target! Instead of spinning register-her, where your preferred demographic happen to have criminal records, you should have gone for the “totally unassailable” victims associated with rape trials.  Doooods, seriously, how could you not see this? Rape’s your ticket. Men go ape-shit over rape and do all kinds of crazy things to kill or destroy the rapist or even men who might be rapists. It kind of blows your “men as oppressors” model, but the times will demand that of you.

Now, you’ll still have to deal with the fact that some people will actually read our writings on nullification and see your objections are another spin job. But that is more complicated and nuanced than the register-her thing. Fewer people will take the time to ferret out the truth, and you will have a better illusion of credibility and competence. Just keep reminding yourself that the truth doesn’t get to everyone.

Don’t forget, you will still have the support of socially conservative traditionalists. You must know that without their muscle you are fucked anyway – and that they are showing signs they might not be such quick bodyguards in the future. Better line up some big tits to shake at them when you want their attention.

They are still much more prone to go ballistic on your behalf over perhaps legitimate rape victims than those proven to have lied about being raped.  Again, really, it’s kinda silly that I have to tell you this, isn’t it?

That just leaves one problem. The chivalrous demand for us all to get hysterical over rape is fading away. You have created a generation of young men that just don’t give a shit. Their growing apathy is the biggest problem you now face, and it won’t change till you start treating them better. But that can’t be addressed in this manual.

4) Quit trying to tie the MRM to psychotic mass murderers.

I know this is hard for you to see, but painting groups of men that want to spend more time with their children, or not be jailed for being poor, or want to be afforded due process or enjoy equal treatment under the law, don’t ultimately make very good targets for that kind of insinuation, especially since you don’t have a shred of evidence.

The fact that a couple of crazed killers said they didn’t like feminists only proves that being crazy doesn’t necessarily make you stupid.

You should get some sort of affirmation for realizing that the “can’t get laid” retort has played out for you, and bonus points that you knew you needed a different caricature to paint of MRA’s, but making us out to be Ted Bundy’s made you look histrionic and foolish in front of the world.

5) Calling us anti-feminist is not a shocking revelation.  

There are lots of anti-feminists in the world. Many of them are not MRA’s. We are successfully showing the world that being anti-feminist is not being anti-woman. So when I see some mainstream hack make a statement like ‘They say they are for men’s rights but really they are anti-feminist,’ I cringe for you.

You would do well to realize that most women don’t identify as feminist, and your assumption that everyone will always get offended at the idea of anti-feminism is only a product of your insulated and detached thinking. Yo, wakey, wakey. You’re looking desperate.

I hope the feminists out there find this guide informative and useful.  There is no need to thank me. Teaching you how to make a cogent, credible point, or at least the appearance of one, helps you, and it also helps the MRM. It’s a win-win for us both!

We have long been criticized here for not being willing to work with feminists. It is one of the few criticisms that has real merit. I feel bad about it personally and I really want to fix the problem, to make the MRM better and to make myself better as a person. So this is the first of more efforts in the future to build a bridge with you and help you with your mission.

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