WHO mischaracterizes suicide??

There I am, driving home after a small job, many things rattling around in the silent noise maker, and I hear “Suicide called ‘large public health problem’ by WHO” (World Health Organization) on CBC Radio (and later found the article online).

There are a LOT of things wrong with the article. And while I can speculate that the WHO is just taking numbers and saying “whatever” to the rest, I can also assume (given its track record) that the CBC has added its own flavor—or disregarded some pertinent info.

I’m going to start with old age and work my way down. The WHO claims the highest rates are among the post-retirement group:

Globally, suicide rates are highest in people aged 70 and over, but in some countries, the highest rates are found among the young.

I don’t know if that’s a total number against the other rates or if it’s just a ratio among its own demographic; I’m assuming it’s the latter. For those who have learned Inuit culture during their informative school years (uh … middle school? 25 years ago?), you will understand that lack of productivity and increased dependency are serious factors. When you’ve spent the majority of your life proving your worth, becoming dependent is a crippling blow to dignity. In the end, in the grand scheme of things, this age group is relatively meaningless to try to save; heartless though that may sound, there are bigger issues at stake than Grandpa saving you a few dollars on the old folks’ home care. This argument is already being waged in all “wealthy” countries, under the premise of “quality of life” and the moral rights to euthanasia; of which, we would sooner torture our elders for their last few years than allow them to pass on.

The WHO claims that men approaching retirement are particularly vulnerable. Again, without context, it’s a meaningless statement. But those among the MHRM can easily and highly accurately fill in the missing details.

The second highest group of suicides is among young adults; but again, no context. The lack of context is most disastrous in the WHO’s claim to “lift the taboo” about talk of the subject.

The WHO’s director general Margaret Chan said the report was a “call for action to address a large public health problem which has been shrouded in taboo for far too long.”

Hey, WHO, I’m going to be honest with you, “the truth about suicides doesn’t fit the fucking narrative, so SHUT … THE … FUCK … UP!”—that narrative being that women are at most risk. And in the whole article, there was only a passing nod to the men of suicide …

The report found that in general, more men die by suicide than women. In richer countries, three times as many men kill themselves as women, and men aged 50 and over are particularly vulnerable.

That was all of it.

Suicide is NOT the problem. The problem is much deeper, much more sadistic, and it is legion.

Starting at puberty, boys are increasingly told that they have to prove themselves. In and of itself, it’s relatively harmless to prod a boy’s ambition; boys already have the urge to compete, thanks to nature popping the hydrant cap and flooding their bodies with testosterone. However, the level at which society demands they “man up” is detrimental to their still-undeveloped minds (they still have 10 more years of brain growth), and we happily shoehorn them into an unforgiving gender role, which the mass media has proven to openly hate during a time we claim to be fighting for equality. And despite what you may think about boys’ ambitions, girls dictate boys’ social standing (and thereby judge the level of bullying the boys will receive or dole out). Do you not see the diametrically opposed messages boys are receiving? Many of our boys don’t even have someone who can teach them what it is to BE men because they are being raised in broken and/or abusive homes with no father figure anywhere to aspire to, no one who can teach them how to handle that swimming pool of testosterone they’ve just absorbed. All these boys know is what they’ve been told: “Men are corrupt, respect women!” The tighter their undesirable gender appears to them, the more hopeless the rest of their life appears to be; and when you’re a teenager, getting to age 20 is forever, never mind the 50 years they still have in the tank. If a boy discovers he has zero value before he can put his intellect to work for him and acquire social value, he is at high risk. But nobody wants to expose this because it will take away from the higher number of girls’ attempted suicides (of which, one can assume the girls are just trying to get attention, which I would hazard to say there is more going on psychologically than simple depression; or the girls in question are simply incompetent; neither fits the feminist narrative, so don’t try to solve the problem).

After high school is just as dangerous: young men are still hot and bothered over girls, and girls still dictate the social value of these young men. Those who are lucky enough to avoid college learn just how tight their imposed gender role actually is as they enter the general workforce and finally get to compete with men. By this time, it’s too late to try to teach them how to actually BE men, they’ve had roughly 20 years of women informing them that they have to be “good men” without ever having been taught what that even means (other than “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”). And now they’ve managed to knock up some cupcake because nobody was around to warn him. So now you have a young man with no work ethic, who has pansy-girl hands, can’t read a tape measure, and it’s a coin flip whether he can read at all, and he’s already got two dependents relying on his meager income, and gawd forbid she decides to leave him because as it sits, he stands at three times as likely to commit (not attempt) suicide as she does because after divorce, that number triples. This is a no-win situation, the fast lane to suicide. I mean, when men throw themselves off balconies to certain death in order to end a shopping spree, you think there might, just maybe, there might be something more going on. Most wives like shopping, my wife likes shopping, most men don’t contemplate headstands from lethal heights; at least, I haven’t.

Pesticide poisoning, hanging and firearms are among the most common methods of suicide globally, the report said, and evidence from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, the United States and Europe shows that restricting access to these means can help to stop people from committing suicide.

You mean, limiting access to continuing one’s job and/or hobby.

But those young blokes are just impoverished, mentally and financially right? There is no point in claiming to talk about “suicide” in “wealthy” countries if you’re not going to even acknowledge the lead-up to suicide, much of which is thanks to feminism. Because while men have been working hard back-breaking labor for millennia, it’s only been in the last 50 years they’ve been openly and actively and without remorse vilified for being good and loving men.

So college boys should be fine, yes? Many of these boys have already been labelled “creeps” by high school girls; it’s the junior form of being labelled rapist/pedophile, and you need not have done anything to get the label, short of ignoring a girl’s attention or attempting to gain a girl’s attention without first fitting her subjective flavor-of-the-day ideal of “cool.” Now they’re in an environment that’s brazenly trumpeting “1-in-5 rape culture”! Rape is one thing a man does NOT want to be accused of. It does not matter if he got the chance to face his accuser, does not matter if he got to see her in trial, does not matter if proven without a shadow of a doubt that he was innocent—this young man’s life is over before it even got a chance to begin. College “rape culture” isn’t just harming “potential” rapists, it’s crippling the elite intellectual males of our species; you know, the geniuses who developed civilization as we know it. When young men begin refusing willfully wanton opportunities to get laid, there’s a serious problem. Let me rephrase that: girls typically don’t have to TRY to find penis and desperately encourage said penis to explore their nether depths because penis usually finds them and excitedly says, “OK”; young men have begun skulking around campus, avoiding the majority girls, and just trying to survive college so they can MAYBE begin their life.

Of course, there was nothing said about the 30- to 50-year-olds, context or otherwise. One can only assume that this group of men mostly fall into other categories that depression would increase the odds thereof, such as work site accidents, motor vehicle accidents, hunting/fishing accidents. Are they accidents? Or accidents? Or could they be accidents? What a quandary. I’m 37 and work on my own; the tools I use have a variety of methods to do me serious harm and theoretically cause me to bleed out before aide … finds me; and then there’s the drive home when I’m dead tired, long and winding, with a big-ass river right there; in fact, I know of at least two locations in which I wouldn’t be found for weeks or months. How many men have just … vanished?

WHO wants countries to “reduce access to the means to suicide.” And use other stop-gap means to band-aid the problem. When a man commits suicide, it’s usually the first sign that he’s got problems he can no longer handle and that no one is willing to acknowledge.

I just did a job the other day. The woman was attempting to complete house renovations (via daddy-kins). Her husband had recently died, middle-aged with a teenaged son. He was a garbage collector and had injured himself at work. The doctor he’d been going to see was in another city, and he couldn’t sit long enough for the trip, so he had to fly instead of drive. His last visit, they cleared him to go back to work and cut off his compensation. Rather than be a burden on his family as “less than a man,” he went back to his hotel room and hanged himself.

CBC, you did a story a while back about Vancouver’s free beer to hopeless alcoholics program. You asked them what they thought about the free beer program. You DIDN’T ask them why they had become alcoholics. What you neglect to report makes me cry in anger.

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