When sexism is a non-issue

A freshly LASIK’d Victor Zen returns from a long hiatus to explain what makes activism productive, and why sexism is not an issue without action to corroborate public complaints. Subscribe to Victor Zen for more commentary, activism updates and more.


Video summary

Someone hates you. As an emotionally-secure adult, you don’t care. It follows that adult men and women need not waste energy caring about sexism, which is just one form of hate spewed from wastes of energy. But, activism is necessary to counteract despotic forces where hate manifests and causes physical, calculable harm. Sexism is not the issue, the issue is the domineering will to implement sexism. The role of an activist is two-pronged: The reactive prong mitigates damage to victims of sexist actions and the proactive prong introduces checks and balances that slow bigots into gridlock, where the only escape is negotiation with accountable people. Ideologues cannot thrive in a well-maintained environment of this working.


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