Try listening to actual women, Mark Ruffalo, you ignorant jerk

Mark Ruffalo, an actor, has recently taken it upon himself to inform the millions and millions of women who do not identify as feminists that they are “ignorant jerks”. Leaving aside his comically deficient grasp of history – feminism ended the slave trade? Really? Really, Mark? The dates 1865 and 1960 don’t strike you as just a teensy bit incongruous?

But let’s be generous. Let’s leave aside the fact that women could vote, hold office and own property long, long before feminism ever reared its ugly head and just concentrate on theessence of Ruffalo’s pussy-begging assertions. In essense, Ruffalo is expressing his gratitude towards feminists and suggesting that women who do not share his enthusiastic obeisance are remiss. “Ignorant jerks” to use his phrase.

You’re grateful to feminists, are you, Mark. All right. Let’s by fully grateful then, shall we? According to your IMdB profile you were born in “Kenosha, Wisconsin, to Marie Rose (Hebert), a stylist and hairdresser, and Frank Lawrence Ruffalo, a construction painter.”

Born into a nuclear family with a mother and a father? Lucky you. Married couples continue to be happier, healthier, wealthier and rear more successful, productive and better-off children compared to families headed by single mothers with fathers relegated to the status of ATMs. And you know that, don’t you? You’ve been married to the mother of your three children for 15 years. Not stupid, are you? Just a hypocrite.

What happened to nuclear families? They were destroyed. By feminists. I suppose you can’t thank a feminist just yet, since your family was not decimated and poisoned against health, wealth and happiness, unlike an increasing number of families today. Look around you? All those shattered kids? They’re the products of families not like yours.

Thank a feminist for that.

Better hope your wife continues to find you calling the vast majority of women “ignorant jerks” charming, because if she tires of your left-wing, babbling bullshit, you’re going to have a whole lot more to be grateful to feminists for. You’ll love what feminists have created for you. Trust me.

Custody of your children? Not fucking likely. 80% of children are awarded to women and there is no jurisdiction in the United States that upholds a presumption of equality between parents. Not one. Shared parenting does not exist as a legal presumption anywhere in the US. Shared parenting initiatives continue to be tabled and defeated. Defeated by whom?

By feminists, Mark.

Thank a feminist that they do not consider you an equally valuable contributor to your children’s lives and well-being, they do not believe that your children will benefit from an equal relationship with both their mother and their father, and they do not trust you to care for your children on your own without abusing them or using them as a proxy device to harm, control and injure your wife. Yes, Mark, feminists believe men like you do not truly love your children – you love hurting and controlling women and will use your children to do that, without hesitation or consideration for their welfare.

Thank a feminist, Mark.

You’re married to an actress no one has ever heard of. Bet that chaps her ass a bit, doesn’t it? She hasn’t worked since 2003, but you have. You’ve done rather well. Hope she doesn’t take a shine to the illegal immigrant pool boy and get knocked up with one last progeny before she files those divorce papers! You’ll have even more to thank feminists for! Half of all the money you earned is hers. There is no means test to determine what she contributed, which was clearly not zero, but was it half? Trick question! Doesn’t matter. Half of your future earnings may be hers, too. Ask Robin Williams.

Oh, wait. He’s dead. One of the many men who kill themselves in an ignored epidemic of suicide fueled by grossly unfair family courts.

But she cheated on you? She wrecked your marriage? She broke your vows? Lol! So? Give her half. Oh, and that Latino bambino she’s carrying? If you were still legally married when the baby was born, it’s yours. DNA? Tee hee? You’re so cute. Like that matters.

Thank a feminist, Mark.

You are an American citizen, Mark, so upon your 18th birthday, you were presented with a Selective Service Card and a choice: would you like to vote, apply for state and federal funding programs, and avoid a criminal conviction? Sign the card.

Why you?

Because you’re male. That is the only reason. You are a man, you must agree to die. Your son will face the same choice the day he turns 18. Your daughters will not. Remember those suffragettes you were boo-hoo’ing over when you decided most women are “ignorant jerks”? Those women who fought for the right to vote, but not the obligation to die?

Those were the same women walking the streets of London handing out white feathers to men who had the audacity to survive their first deployment to the wretched, blood, piss, vomit and death-soaked trenches of World War I. Those feathers indicated the men were cowards. It was an effort to shame them back into the bloodbath, while the ladies stayed at home demanding rights without responsibilities. Those women marched around in petticoats that would never step over the corpses of friends, would never be pressed against mouths gasping for breath in air swirling with deadly gas, would never be torn to stem the life flowing out of the veins of brothers, friends, and strangers. Those petticoats were kept warm and safe at home while men died, horrifically and in astonishing numbers.

Gratitude? What’s that? Those women weren’t grateful. They handed out white feathers. To the cowards. Who lived. They wanted them dead.

Thank a feminist, Mark.

Is your little boy a boisterous, active, physically engaged little guy, like so many boys are (and some girls)? Hope you’re not planning on a public education for him. He’ll be drugged out of his skull for his failure to emulate his sisters perfectly.

Thank a feminist, Mark.

Is your latest production hiring interns? Are they women? Don’t piss them off, Mark. An accusation of impropriety or sexual misconduct can end your career. Due process? Lol! That’s funny. Evidence? Proof? Plausibility? Stahp – you’re killing me here! Too hilarious!#ListenAndBelieve, Mark. Tip toe through the tulips and well past the little shrews who have their sights set on you. The very basic tenets of justice and the presumption of innocence do not apply to you when the charge is sexual assault, no matter how ludicrous.

Thank a feminist, Mark.

You’re a big guy, Mark, but I hope you know that your wife is allowed to punch, slap, hit, kick, bite, scratch or otherwise assault you and if you fucking dare to lift a hand to defend yourself, you will be arrested and charged, thanks to the Violence Against Women Act. I hope she doesn’t read Jezebel regularly, because those ladies write columns about how much fun they have abusing their male partners. She might get ideas. Doesn’t matter though, because this is on you, not her. Don’t hit women, Mark, even women who hit you, because it’s #HeForShe, remember? Not #WeForAll. Don’t be silly. Violence against women and girls is bad. Violence against men and boys is funny!

Thank a feminist, Mark.

I sure hope you don’t end up homeless, Mark. Watch out for teenage girls who enjoy beating homeless men to death. And yeah, most homeless are men. Lots of those men are escaping abusive domestic situations, but there are no spaces to serve their needs, because only women get funding to get away from domestic violence.

Thank a feminist, Mark.

This is the world you live in, Mark, and refusing to see the reality means it’s the world your son will inherit. Are you good with that? As long as your daughters are fine, your son can go fuck himself? Are you sure?

Let me tell you a little about men’s rights and what we do: we are a community of men and women who talk about gender and equality in a way that includes everyone. We talk about women and girls and men and boys and we consider them all equally valuable, worthy and deserving of help, support, acknowledgement and appreciation. No one is above criticism, no one is beneath notice. Everyone matters. Including men. Including boys.


Because men and boys are human beings. What other reason do you need?

If you think any conversation about gender that does not blame men and cast women as eternal, perpetual victims is axiomatically misogynist, you can thank a feminist. If you think women making decisions about their lives and how they want to live are “ignorant jerks”, thank a feminist. If you think the only way to understand the world is to cram it through the human-grinder of fascism, thank a feminist. If you think women are helpless, triggered, emotionally crippled quasi-toddlers in need of your white-knighting, thank a feminist. If you think women should be free to cast off all their traditional roles, but men should man up and embrace their traditional obligations without question or hesitation, thank a feminist.

If you’re going to be grateful to a feminist, be grateful to them for everything.

If you want to know why men are angry and why women are lining up beside them, rejecting the feminist label in numbers that increase every time the question is asked, start looking at what feminists do.

Then think about whether they deserve your thanks.

In the meanwhile, the next time it strikes you as a good idea to get up and proclaim the overwhelming of majority of women stupid, don’t.

Don’t be an ignorant jerk, Mark Ruffalo.


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