SPLC Tied to Mass Murderer?

On February 11, a middle-aged white man named Craig Stephen Hicks shot and killed three Muslims, one of them male. Police sources claim this was not part of an anti-Muslim conspiracy, but instead the result of a long-standing parking dispute between Hicks and the victims. But the victims’ family disagrees.

According to news sources the father of the two women believes the murders to be a hate crime. And we should always believe the victims, shouldn’t we? After all, being Muslim was not their fault. Nor was it their fault that Hicks is white, male, and a devout atheist. His expressed hatred of Christians, identification with atheism, support for the SPLC, and firm pro-abortion/anti-life stance suggest that he may also be a feminist and misandrist. His pro-abortion stance indicates a total lack of respect for life in general. But when combined with the feminist hatred of oppressive Muslim men, it becomes clear that his motives were hate-driven. Further supporting this is the fact that one of his victims was male. His support of the SPLC makes this an important factor in the shooting since the SPLC has taken a stance against men’s rights and would consider male Muslims to be hateful oppressors of women. Thus it is quite likely that Hicks was motivated by the feminist, anti-life, misandrist views of the SPLC and its supporters.

Last month, the University of North Carolina cancelled a scheduled broadcast of a Muslim prayer service after the son of a prominent Christian evangelist objected to the broadcast. This helped raise the religious tension in the area and probably provided Hicks with the impetus to commit murder. Most certainly he did not want to be seen as hating Muslims less than Christians. What self-respecting atheist would?

“This level of hatred is not uncommon in the liberal community, especially among atheists and abortionists,” stated a source who wished to remain anonymous because he feared reprisal. “It is likely that he only thought he was carrying out the wishes of the SPLC, given their expressed support of feminism and hatred of the men’s rights movement. If not the SPLC, then Atheism+ since they are aggressively feminist and also hate religion, especially those religions seen to oppress women.” Leading Atheists, like PZ Meyers or Rebecca Watson could easily have provided Hicks’ inspiration.

The fact that the liberal news media has not turned this into a high profile media circus by making claims that all liberals must be anti-Muslim only supports this view since that is exactly how they treat those with even the most remote ties to views they oppose. For instance, Salon mentions Hicks’ left wing politics, then does its best to paint him as an angry right-winger, even going so far as to interview Mark Potok of the SPLC in a thinly veiled attempt to divert attention away from the fact that Hicks may have been acting in accordance with that organization’s left wing politics. Salon’s article is particularly disgusting as it is nothing more than racist, anti-white male propaganda that continues to promote the ideals that led Hicks to commit mass murder, not to mention that it might piss off the angry white males Salon believes commit such murders. Salon merely wants to promote murder. It doesn’t care who commits it (as long as its an angry white man) or why, and apparently cares even less about the victims.

Yes, Craig Stephen Hicks is a left wingnut. His pro-abortion/anti-life (and therefore feminist) stance demonstrates the low regard for life of the political left that enabled him to commit murder. His atheistic stance was all the justification necessary for him to target members of the hated Muslim community, especially males, who are seen as oppressing their wives. It is time for feminists to own up to their hatred and admit that their racist and sexist anti-white male rhetoric inspires and causes violence and that feminism is little more than a hate movement.

Of course as long as the targets are men, that isn’t likely to happen.

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