Resolved: Feminism is evil

You can count on me to pretty much consistently call feminism an ‘evil ideology,’

…and feminists as a group as well, come to think of it. A lot of people consider this to be hyperbole on my part, but sadly, this is not the case. I truly do believe feminism is evil to its core, and awakens the evil that lurks within each of us, which then provides fuel for the fire.

At this point, I suppose my religious views come into play, so in the interests of full disclosure I guess I better tell you my views on God and such. Feel free to skip this next bit, if you’re so inclined.

I see almost no contradiction at all between religion and science. This requires an understanding that The Bible was translated and edited, perhaps hundreds of times, by fallible humans with political interests. Science provides excellent descriptions of natural laws and processes, and reveals nature to have a beautiful symmetry in the mathematical world as well; an almost clockwork precision; an underlying order.

I also find the claim that science provides a complete explanation laughable, since morphing from ‘primordial ooze’ to ‘life’ requires every bit as much faith as a belief in God. For that matter, so does the belief in infinite numbers of universes resulting in ours at random. And science doesn’t provide a causation; a ‘before.’

I believe if you don’t take either viewpoint too seriously, they dovetail quite nicely. After all, one would expect God to be pretty good at math, and planning, wouldn’t they? Especially considering that ‘God’ could very well be nothing but the collective consciousness of the universe itself.

Life really is that weird, after all.

Ok, so enough with the religious stuff (and hopefully avoid fixation on the subject), and on to why I call feminists ‘evil.’

Ok maybe not quite yet, because first I have to let you know my definition of ‘evil.’  This is not as straightforward as it first may seem. Some people think ‘evil’ and they think Friday the 13th, or Dahmer, or child rapists. Many people define ‘evil’ as destructive, chaotic, and heartless. Cold, calculating, acid….evil.

I don’t. If these are the definitions, how does one account for the rapist/murderer who loves his mother, may even have a wife and children they love? How does one account for the evil mastermind who collapses in grief at the death of his squeeze? This hardly seems like the type of thing Freddie Kruger would give much of a shit about, don’t you think?

“Denial of the suffering of others, and in some cases while openly delighting in it, is a feminist hallmark.”

And what about the ‘petty’ evils? The false accusations, the spreading of malicious lies, the mundane violence (bar fights, arguments/challenges, etc.), the plotting and popularity of daytime TV? Are these simply ‘Freddy Lite,’ the precursor to the Real Evil(tm), where they haven’t gone over to the Dark Side yet and all that jazz?

Or, as is more likely, is it possible to be a truly evil person, and yet still have a spouse you love, and children you love, and parents you love, and friends you love. Being evil doesn’t mean being devoid of love at all. It can’t, given the degrees of evil easily seen every day.

So evil isn’t hate or aggression, or for that matter indifference, because a person consumed by this would quickly burn every bridge in sight. Evil wouldn’t progress. And evil begets evil, as the saying goes.

Upon much reflection, I’ve landed on a candidate, and it’s served me well so far. Here it is:

Evil: unmitigated self-interest.

It allows for all of the ‘tender’ parts, while still allowing the evil person to torture, kill, maim, defraud, destroy, whatever at whim. After all, that person is nothing to them. Well, except a plaything. And they only matter as long as they mean something to the self-absorbed. And only in the way the evil person cares about, be it friend, victim, or both.

I think you can see where this is going, but I’ll spell it out for those unfamiliar with the facts:

Feminism is gynocentric in the extreme, and will tolerate all manner of injustice to men, indeed will increase those injustices when possible, to serve the selfish ends defined by its upper echelons. The ideology literally REQUIRES it’s adherents to believe their interests are paramount whenever in question; that ‘helping women’ is always the right answer.  It requires a foundation of selfish thinking to begin with.

Denial of the suffering of others, and in some cases while openly delighting in it, is a feminist hallmark. Feminism appeals to the selfish little girl in women, with demands that she should ‘have it all’. And that anytime she doesn’t, it’s men’s fault. And it’s that scapegoating, the ‘othering’ of men that marks feminism as truly evil. As truly, unmitigated self interest on an industrial scale. With nothing good planned for men, that’s for sure.

Traditionalists talk of autonomy as the main characteristic of feminist thinking. Funny, even religious folk don’t recognize evil when it’s staring them right in the face.

And smirking.

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