S.A.V.E. report on false allegation survey

False Allegation Survey

Today S.A.V.E. (Stop Abusive and Violent Environments) released the results of a first of its kind survey asking participants whether they or someone they know had been falsely accused of intimate partner or child abuse abuse and under what circumstances. The survey was administered via phone to 10,000 residents across the U.S. Using contact info from voter registration records. The response rate was 23% (or 2,300 individuals).

The results were jaw dropping.

A full 11% of respondents reported that they themselves had been falsely accused of some type of intimate partner or child abuse, and that they had been to some extent or another sanctioned for behavior that they never engaged in.

Over eight of ten (81%) who said that they knew someone falsely accused answered that the falsely accused party was male. Nearly seven in ten (69.9%) of those falsely accusing were female. These results indicate very strongly that false accusations and their aftermath loom very large in the landscape of men’s lives. And while there are falsely accused females out there, the issue is one that can be fairly identified as generally an act of aggression against men .

Here are the results:


1. Have you ever heard of anyone falsely accused of abuse?
Yes – 51.6% No – 48.4%

2. Has anyone you know ever been falsely accused of abuse?
Yes – 15.5% No – 84.5%

3. Was this person falsely accused of child abuse?*
Yes – 74.0% No – 26.0%

4. Was this person falsely accused of domestic violence?*
Yes – 28.9% No – 71.1%

5. Was this person falsely accused of sexual abuse?*
Yes – 48.5% No – 51.5%

6. Was this person falsely accused in the last year?
Yes – 17.7% N0 – 82.3%

7. Was the falsely accused person a male?
Yes – 81.0% No – 19.0%

8. Was the accuser a female?
Yes – 69.9% No – 30.1%

9. Was the accusation made as part of a child custody dispute?
Yes – 25.8% No – 74.2%

10. Have you been falsely accused?
Yes – 11.0% No – 89.0%

* Responses may have been influenced by the ordering of questions 3-5.
Source: http://www.saveservices.org/false-allegations-awareness-month/survey-results/

The results of this survey demonstrate that false accusations are not only real, but also infer that they could be more cmmon than previously suspected.

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