Raising free sons and their sisters

Recognizing a problem is only the first step; second is finding a solution. Across nations and demographics, men and boys are suffering and finding the support they need sadly lacking. That is the problem the Men’s Human Rights Movement (MHRM) is working to resolve, and there are solutions already within our grasp. More fundamentally important, however, is changing the core fabric of behavior that has given rise to the problems faced by men. That will start with men embracing their human rights and casting off the shackles of expectations that for generations have driven them to self-destruction.

It is a frightening prospect, embracing a new and different future, and one that for many will have to begin in childhood. It is a parent’s duty to prepare their children for adulthood, and now we have to begin raising our sons to believe in themselves as something more than a utility. It is a challenge every right-minded parent must face: how to raise your son free of the restraints of traditional gynocentric masculinity, proud of himself as a male and ready to live as an equal to all his peers. In other words, to raise him to naturally be the man every (male) MHRA strives to be.

At present, these traits, when adopted, serve as defense against society’s misandry, ways for men to remain strong and confident under the pressure heaped upon them, but one day they will be the new normal when a healthier worldview of masculinity is at last entered into the mainstream. Until then, boys raised to be free and happy will serve as the vanguard, changing the boundaries of what is expected of men and of what men will tolerate being done to them.

Becoming capable of and able to raise free sons will be one of the core outcomes of the MHRM, but that alone will not achieve the equality so dearly hoped for. If nothing else changes, new generations of free men will have no recourse except to become Men Going Their Own Way. They will respect themselves, but if women and society do not, then they will find no comfort in joining that society. Stepping away will be the only sane option. Society, though, is the product of its members’ beliefs, and raising sons to respect themselves is only half the battle. The greater challenge will be raising their sisters to support them. MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) as social comment and protest is a vital part of the MRHM, and for many men it will be their lifelong path, but the final goal must be to get men to a place where they feel safe and empowered to have functional relationships and to build lasting families.

Doing so will require a new breed of woman. Our free sons need partners, and it is up to the parents of today to start raising them, women who love and respect men as human beings and take real responsibility for their actions and desires. A large part of parenting is instinct, and making conscious decisions about it is never easy, but in this case it is an even greater challenge. Much of the modern male-female dynamic is dictated by ancient, deeply ingrained beliefs and habits. These were often necessary for survival in bygone ages but are now obsolete. For many people this will mean raising their sons and daughters to act in ways they themselves do not.

In some ways the raising of a new generation of daughters will be more important to our sons than the raising of the sons themselves. Pending the creation of an artificial womb, women will continue to be the gatekeepers of reproduction by virtue of biology, so men will continue to conform, to varying degrees, to women’s expectations in order to mate. It is those expectations that must be changed, or ideally removed altogether so men are free to live as they see fit and still find love and affection from, and not just for, the women around them.

There is a term popular among MGTOWs: NAWALT, meaning Not All Women Are Like That. Originally a strawman defense used by anti-MHRAs, the word NAWALT is now used by itself to refer to the hypothetical “good woman.” In reality it is true that not all women are like that, but such status needs to leave the company of unicorns and leprechaun gold. It needs to become common, even normal, so new generations of self-actualized men will have partners to stand beside them. Just as if men had en masse resisted feminism, women have more than enough clout to staunchly stall the MHRM, but MGTOWs are making the statement that that won’t be enough; men will drop out entirely rather than put up with any more of society’s hatred. Eventually something will have to give.

The ball, then, is in women’s court, but they don’t need to be activists and they don’t need to change themselves. Hell, the current generation (women and men alike) might be incapable of truly realizing equality, but in the future, in the next generation or the one after, girls can be raised to expect as much of themselves as of men and to truly be not like that. Men are ready to cast off their burdens, but they need to know there will still be love waiting for them when they do. If equality is to last, they need to know that if such burdens ever need to be carried again they won’t be doing so alone this time. That’s not the case now, but if the MHRM has any legacy, it will be the education of a generation where it is.

So raise your sons well. Mothers and fathers, raise your sons to be free and strong, and raise your daughters to love them for it.

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