“What the feminist driven student unions are doing is classic abuse 101: Isolation.

Isolating a target or a group of targets makes the target(s) more vulnerable and easier to control and abuse. It obstructs the target(s) from sharing their experiences or identifying similar experiences, supporting one another, reality testing, educating themselves and fostering a sense of community.

Heaven forbid the slaves learn how to read or (gasp) convene and talk! They might start smoking the ganja weed and get all rapey with the white women folk! Or find out what a shit deal they’re getting.

I’ve considered Shrink4Men, NCFM, AVFM and my practice as an underground railroad of sorts for quite some time now. At this point, it would be more honest if certain feminist “scholars” traded in their caps/tams and gowns for white hooded robes. Frankly, I’m waiting for them to set a wooden penis aflame outside of CAFE.” ~ Comment from Dr. Tara Palmatier on A Voice for Men

This comment came up in a recent discussion I had with the Good Doctor. I was filling her in on many of the recent events around here because her work schedule has taken her out of the loop a little. I would also like to share a couple of those things with you here.

First, I will be out next week. I am traveling to the west coast to begin the filmed interviews for the documentary being made about AVFM and the MHRM. I will also be meeting with Warren Farrell while I am there — discussing the recent momentum in the MRHM and what is to come in the days ahead.

One thing for sure is that a lot more activism is on the horizon. Some of it I cannot go into at this time, but I do have one very important thing that I can share with you now, particularly with Canadian MHRAs.

On Saturday, September 28 at 11:00 AM local time, the day after the lecture by Dr. Miles Groth at the University of Toronto there will be a Rally for Men and Boys in Crisis at Queen’s Park in Toronto, hosted by A Voice for Men and several other organizations invested in understanding the issues faced by men and boys.

Attila Vinczer, a well-known and respected MHRA is doing the lion’s share of the leg work and preparation for this event.

A Facebook page has recently been created for it. As of this writing 31 people have pledged to attend with 18 maybes, but the promotion has just begun. A conservative estimate at this point is that there will be over 100 people for the rally, which of course means I am going to work as hard as I can to see that over 200 show up.


Make that 300.

It is unfortunate that I will not personally be able to make this event, but there will be several Canadian MHRAs associated with AVFM who will be present. Of course, I urge American MRHAs who can attend the rally to do so in support of our Canadian fellows. We have word that media interest in this event is already popping up, and there may be a surprise or two in store for everyone.

As a reminder of the importance of what is happening in Toronto and across Canada, I refer you back to the comment by Dr. Palmatier.

Right now the voices of men and women in Canada who are concerned about the issues faced by men and boys are spreading. Efforts are underway to form more men’s issues groups at Canadian Universities; groups that are free of the ideological puppeteering of academic feminists.

For those feminists, this is quite literally like teaching slaves to read. It is spreading the idea in a marginalized, demonized group of people that they deserve better than what they are getting. It is breaking the spell of 50 years of propagandized hate and malicious disinformation designed to keep men in a state of shame, ready to absorb whatever blame and mischaracterization is assigned to them.

It is the beginning of the end for the intellectual stranglehold that feminists have enjoyed on the culture at large.

Dr. T’s comment is not hyperbole or dramatics. The analogy of an underground railroad is spot on. And what did many freed slaves do when they made it out of bondage? That’s right. They dedicated time to freeing more slaves. And to exposing slavery for the morally bankrupt evil that it was.

They eventually wiped slavery, and any justification for it, completely off the map.

If you plan on attending the Groth lecture and the rally, please visit the Facebook event page and register your intent. If you can’t make it, please stop by anyway and offer your words of support to Mr. Vinczer in one of the comments.

Will feminists try to crash the party? I seriously doubt it. We have seen them roundly tamed at more recent events, and those were actually on the college campus; their ideological safe haven. Even where their ideas are most widely accepted that have taken to wearing masks and resorting to clownish tricks. Personally I don’t blame them. If I were spreading their message I would want to hide my face, too.

The bigots at Rabble.ca may post some more bilge-water, but they won’t make a difference, either.

In another, less monopolized environment, I don’t much expect they will have anything to say. My guess is that they will stick to attempts on campus to pull fire alarms, chant lies like they were ordering Cheese Covered Wacky Fries™ at a drive through and scream personal insults at people going in to attend the lecture. Thus far these kinds of actions have proven to be their complete repertoire of tricks aimed at stifling the free expression of ideas.

You can expect regular updates and a few more surprises to come your way between now and the Party in Toronto.

Whatever they want to do, I have another quote, just for them. I don’t know where it comes from. I saw it recently as signature line in an email or a forum post, I don’t remember which. But I remember the quote well.

“When the truth is your enemy, you’re going to lose. It’s just a matter of when.”

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