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Most would have heard that there has been a change of government in Australia from incumbent Labor (Socialist Left), Green (Socialist Environmentalists) and allied independents to a Liberal National Coalition (Center Right or Conservative) who have swept to power in a landslide victory.

Regrettably this is unlikely to lead to any significant change in policy or laws relevant to men’s and boys’ issues at least in the short term. 

One interesting outcome is that the balance of power in the Senate (our upper house or house of review) will move from the Greens, to a group of independent and minor party Senators including the new Palmer United Party (formed by Mining Magnate Businessman Clive Palmer after splitting from the Liberal Party), the Motor Vehicle Enthusiasts Party, The Australian Sports Party, The Family First Party (Traditional Family Values), The Democratic Labor Party, and Liberal Democrats.

Some of the new Senators may be receptive to submissions from residents in their respective States on male related issues, so I encourage you to write to them and ask about their stance on issues such as family law, family court, child support, and men’s health reforms.

Whilst the Rudd/ Labor Party campaign machine tried to make gender an election issue, as Gillard had done previously for Labor, it did not gain traction. Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott’s supposed gaffe describing one of his candidates as having sex appeal and the mainstream media repetition and commentary on it provided the candidate concerned, Fiona Scott, advertising visibility and brand recognition money could not buy. She won  easily in her electorate.

In the wake of the election everyone’s favorite rape culture promoting, slut walking, gender-bigot, Clementine Ford, has a huge dose of sour grapes. The election has not however cured her of her feminist cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy. She has launched an online shop selling T-Shirts promoting sexual violence toward the new PM. This is the same Clementine Ford who vehemently denounced reasonable criticism of Julia Gillard’s incompetence in office as offensive sexism targeting Gillard’s gender. Surprise, surprise! Apparently only female Prime Ministers holding the high office of PM are deserving of respect.

On a brighter note the Australian National Men’s Health Gathering will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Centre from 22 to 25 Oct 2013. The event will host many well-known local and international authorities on men’s health and issues including Warren Farrell and Glen Poole.  Greg Andresen and Greg Milan will be presenting on behalf of the 1 in 3 Campaign, which aims to draw attention to male victims of family violence.  I will be in attendance and will report further in due course.



Feature image by DO’Neil.

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