Mercedes Carrera on feminist-dominated media ignoring an inconvenient rape

ROK recently reported on how the home invasion rape of porn actress Cytherea was met with complete silence by feminists and the media, in spite of the fact that they are actively pushing a “rape culture” narrative where men are portrayed as privileged date rapists.

If ever there was a story for feminists to get enraged about, this would be it. According to SJWs, America fosters a “rape culture,” where sexual assault is trivialized and men are encouraged to feel “entitled” to womens’ bodies. You can’t get more entitled than a gang of ghetto thugs invading a woman’s home and raping her at gunpoint.

—From Why Are Feminists Ignoring The Violent Gang Rape Of Porn Star Cytherea?

One of Cytherea’s industry colleagues, Mercedes Carrera, was instrumental in publicizing the incident and starting a fundraiser with the help of the following video, which has received over 100,000 views on Youtube:

I interviewed Ms. Carrera to find out why there has been a lack of response to Cytherea’s story. Below is our conversation, with my questions in bold.

Can you describe your relationship with Cytherea. Is it mostly professional or are you on friendly terms with her as well? How does she feel about your involvement in publicizing what happened to her?

Cytherea is a colleague of mine and we have mutual friends. She is beloved as a veteran of the porn industry. I got involved in fundraising because I heard the story through several mutual friends, did some research, and realized that her fundraiser could use more people to additionally boost it.

When I spent a little more time on it, I was disgusted by how the mainstream media was ignoring this very relevant story (as lately there’s so much talk of “rape culture”, yet a real rape against a celebrity was only reported on our industry websites). I made that brief video of my frustrations then talked to Cytherea, a few of her friends and other people in the industry. All have been supportive on the video and concurred with me. Even several long time industry veterans reached out to me specifically to thank me for saying what many of them have been thinking.

For me, this is and always has been about getting as much support for Cytherea as possible. As a result of the video and fundraising, Cytherea and I are in fairly constant communication and she has said she appreciates the efforts that we have all gone to to help.

You pointed out the feminist hypocrisy of glorifying fake victims (the cases of Emma Sulkowicz and the UVA rape hoax come to mind). Feminists have a platform where they seek equality and opportunity for women, but they were eerily silent when a woman was genuinely harmed and needed help. Why do you think that is?

I believe the feminists that get media attention these days are the same ilk as the wealthy Victorian era suffragettes: wealthy white women whose panties are in a bunch over imagined slights and imagined injustices. They do not, and never have, spoken for women who are on the outside of their exclusive group. Sex workers, women of color, economically disadvantaged white women are not part of their platform. Those women who have to think about how they are going to eat or live are excluded from the conversation. Women who cannot afford $29.95 “This is what a feminist looks like” t-shirts made by female slave labor in Madagascar are excluded from the conversation.

Additionally, because this was a random example of “rape culture” and the attackers were disadvantaged young black men (not wealthy white lacrosse players) it is too complex of a social issue for them to want to delve into. Issues of race, socioeconomics and rape cannot easily be deconstructed into the binary paradigms of “patriarchy” or “misogyny” so they’d rather ignore it altogether. Further, a sex worker is less “valuable” in their imaginary class system hierarchy than a “proper” wealthy feminist college student.

Bottom line: It cannot be politicized to fit their left marxist agenda. At the core, modern sex negative radical feminism is less about gender and more about the societal control of all groups that are not them.

In the manosphere we have a term called “red pill” to describe beliefs that go against the current cultural Marxist narrative that attempts to hide uncomfortable truths of our reality. It seems like you have come to very similar conclusions as myself and other men on Return Of Kings. What would you say are the main influences or experiences that allowed you to see the lies and fabrications that are pushed upon the masses by the media and their feminist allies?

Having had experiences in “blue pill” environments and having the faculty of discernment has led me to most of my current conclusions. Additionally, in my current environment, many of the players are surprisingly “red-pilled”. I believe this is the result of being in a fringe type industry that is often attacked by those who adhere to the current mainstream narrative. I was raised in an environment of working class people who had a lineage of, ironically, being members of the Socialist Labor Party (SLP). While I am most certainly not a member of this group, I grew up hearing stories of sedition and McCarthyism and am thus familiar with how far the reach of government, especially when working class people band together to protest the narrative.

You’ve been involved in Gamergate from the beginning, a consumer revolt against unethical journalists that have pushed the social justice narrative upon gamers. What seems to have happened in that gamergate has stopped being acute activism and now become a prolonged movement that is causing continuous damage to the SJW narrative. Do you see a connection between gamergate’s origins and how the media has been silent on Cytherea’s attack? How deep does the rot go?

I was not involved from the onset [of gamergate] but joined several months in when I saw the inequity of the reporting done by the mainstream media. What I see is a consumer revolt centered around the unjust media and corporate collusion happening in the microcosm of gaming. What I also saw were people who, instead of taking personal responsibility for their collusion, decided to paint all of their detractors as abusers and harassers.

The most out of place of these is Anita Sarkeesian, who made herself relevant by hijacking the media narrative and narcissistically turning this well needed consumer revolt into a conversation about her. Part of the reason I spoke out is these anti-sex radicals such as Sarkeesian make quite a lot of profit pretending to speak for women like myself. To me this is completely unacceptable and something I will not stand for. Additionally, having a minority female sex worker protest the media narrative that GamerGate is a misogynistic hate group has been hopefully useful in disbanding that myth.

I believe the silence on Cytherea proves again that the media is currently under the stranglehold of people who would like to monopolize the narrative for their own purposes. If rape culture is so prolific, then why not report on the rape? In fact, many of the sex-negative radicals have gone so far to victim shame and in some way disgustingly imply that because porn stars are responsible for “rape culture”, Cytherea in some way deserved the attack. This proves the point that the current anti-sex radical feminist groups are not about justice for women or about ending “rape culture” but rather are about weakening others so that they can control society with their ideology.

The truth is, that the only “rape culture” they want to focus on is that which they imagine exists on college campuses, which makes me wonder if their current targets are actually wealthy and middle class young men. If that is the case (and I believe it is) then it is consistent with a left marxist narrative to actually decimate the last remaining caste of people who might oppose their ideology.

An ideal world would ignore privileged women favored by the media such as Anita Sarkeesian and focus on genuine hardships that both women and men face. In terms of solutions, what steps do we need to take to get there? Is gamergate the ideal model for how the narrative can be beat? Or maybe you can give me direct advice since I publish sites that reach a lot of men, and increasingly as of late, women.

I wish I was as adept at identifying solutions as I am identifying problems. It seems, and correct me if I’m wrong, that the best solution would be a strong independent media. Fortunately, in spite of the current power play to monopolize the narrative, technology has allowed independent voices such as yourself to speak freely and reach larger markets than would have been possible several decades ago. I believe as independent sites pick up stories that mainstream media neglects, it will lead to you all gaining credibility as the voice of the people. Further, even though there is a current push to monopolize discourse, I believe more people than ever are questioning the drivel they are being fed by the mainstream.

Unrelated to Cytherea: Return Of Kings has a lot of male readers who are tired, frustrated, and even angry about how modern culture is pushing them aside and punishing their masculine instinct to portray them as a privileged gender that needs to pay back for the sins of men of the past. It doesn’t help that modern young women are less interested in relationships with a good man than chasing 50 Shades-style excitement with bad boys. The advice I’ve been giving them so far is to simulate bad boy behavior by learning game or outright moving to countries that have women who primarily seek relationships. Do you have any advice for these men? What do you think they should they do?

Again, I see the problem clearly but not the solutions necessarily. I believe self awareness is key as well as not tolerating any bullshit behavior. As soon as people play games with each other their relationships are doomed. I do think there are many women out there who are just as tired of the modern culture (as is evidenced by the large female proportion of GamerGaters).

Although, at this point I would advise any young man on a college campus particularly to be especially careful when engaging sexually with a new woman and if possible have consent recorded in the form of text messages or other social media in case he is ever unfairly accused of rape. If I had a son college age, I would be particularly concerned about the rape culture hysteria and the potential possibility of false accusations (as we saw in the U.Va. case). As it stands, this behavior will be more damaging to young women than men, as more and more men decide to either marry foreign women or decline relationships altogether. I hope very much that the pendulum will swing the other way and young people will buck these trends that will have long term negative impact on their relationships.

For those who want to help Cytherea, how can they do so?

To help support Cytherea, please go to the You Caring fundraiser.

Additionally, we are collecting 30 second videos for Cytherea for those who would like to participate. #30SecondsForCytherea is the hashtag and people can email their links to me at These snippets will be compiled into a video in support of Cytherea.

Thank you again for your willingness to cover this story!

Special thanks to Ms. Carrera for sharing her thoughts on the matter. Follow her on Twitter at .

This item originally published on ROK. –Eds

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