Men’s consolation prize from a ‘nice’ feminist

It has been a bit since I have fisked a feminist article but I have found an unlikely candidate: an article by a casual feminist upbraiding rabid feminists for being cruel and dismissive to their potential male allies. Could this be a sign that feminists are finally self-reflecting on the fallout from their atrocious behavior?  The article appeared in The New Matilda and is entitled “The Feminist Far Left Is Making More Enemies Than Allies” by Claire Connelly, normally a writer on economics.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Ladies, we need to talk.

In addition to dismissing men right away – typical for feminism – does Claire make the obvious blunder of equating women with feminists? No, it is worse – she conflated ladies with feminists. There is no such animal. Still, working under the assumption that this signals a snarky tone (as I have been known to use) I will let this one pass. Sort of.

It has taken every ounce of my strength to resist writing this article.

And the mandatory virtue signaling begins. Claire is such a good girl she didn’t want to be seduced into writing but eventually her pen just had to have its way with her.

Let me caveat what I am about to say with this: I am a feminist but not a feminist writer. I write about economics and policy. I try to avoid women’s issues at all costs for fear of being pigeon-holed. I don’t want to be a Woman In Anything. I’d rather have my work assessed on its own merits.

Like Tolkien’s ents taking 3 days to say “hello”, normally feminist virtue signal filler goes on for a lot longer than this. Kudos to Claire for holding her self-aggrandizement down to a mere 5 sentences. She must be from a hasty Aussie folk.

Ladies, what is going on? The minute we finally start to make some progress with the very allies we need to support us, we turn around and make enemies of them by telling them to check their privilege.

Don’t yell at the slaves, either – you don’t want them to see your hatred for what it is. There might even be a rebellion.

Claire then devotes many lines detailing the wretched way feminists attack men in general and their own male feminists in particular. You can read all the scathing details in the original article – no need to recount it all here. Then we get to this:

Is it frustrating that men are only just beginning to understand what women have been telling them for years? Yes. Should we be holding it against them for trying to learn? Absolutely not.

Yep, those stupid old men who have been kowtowing to women since the dawn of civilization, building homes and shoe stores and washing machines and…. mayhaps we should tear all that down so Claire can live in a delightful and feminist-constructed mud hut? Is it frustrating that feminists like Claire will never be smart enough to make the effort to realize the incredible gifts men have blessed her with forever?

Like it has never occurred to [openly man-hating feminist Clementine] Ford that increased gendered participation in women’s issues reduces the likelihood of gendered violence.

Be nice to the schoolboys so they won’t beat us so much? This is what Claire thinks is the solution to generational violence? This is how she encourages men to become feminists – by accusing them of unilateral violence? Every man who has ever felt the slap of a woman – and that is all of us – can see this for what it is.

Now begins virtue signalling, round 2. Acres of text about her own upbringing and hardscrabble family life. Yawn. Skipped.

Arguably the social and structural problems in workplaces we have seen consistently covered over the last 18 months effect men just as much as women.

Correction: they “affect” men just as much as women. Confusing the verbs “effect” (“to bring about”) and “affect” (“to change or have an impact on”, usually in a negative sense) is a common error. Do they not have male editors at The New Matiltda?

What’s worse is I fear that this kind of aggressive rhetoric alienates people who have only just begun to engage in issues like feminism and diversity. Headlines like ‘The BBC’s pundit’s children video is NOT funny it’s patriarchy in a nutshell’ may as well read ‘Why not subscribe to Breitbart, there’s a good chap’?

Don’t worry about Breitbart. Worry about those who stumble onto A Voice for Men.

Headlines like that do not represent feminism, at least not my kind of feminism, but first timers won’t be able to make that distinction because they’re basically being told to go f*** themselves before they’ve even made it through the first par[agraph].

Headlines like that are the emotional core of feminism – its very essence hinges on demonizing men. Trying to give feminism a dewy makeover is no longer possible – everyone sees the monster in lipstick except the monster herself.

The only way we can fix workplaces like this is if people work together to identify and address structural and long-term behavioural problems that are affecting everything from turnover, to profit, to morale.

A great way to improve both morale and profits would be to allow plain speech free from PC bullshit, and to terminate every employee with a “gender studies” class on their school transcript.

Contrary to what the alt-right, MRA’s and other special interest groups may tell you, women and diverse cultures are not to blame for increasing male-middle-class unemployment.

I can’t remember anyone saying this except for you, Claire, and you offered no proof of this claim that we say such things, but in fairness I have experienced having to train a lesser-qualified woman for a job promotion I was passed over for. Let that sink in for a moment. “Please train Jade for the higher-paying job she can’t do but you can.” Wonderful for morale, that was.

I hate to burst your bubble but no progress was ever achieved as a result of morality.

You are on such a roll, Claire, that I would hate to mention the moral progress of things like ending slavery but really, I must, I must.

Has it never occurred to anyone that part of the reason why diversity has become such a hot topic issue is that women and migrants and children of migrants cost less than white men to employ?

That has been illegal in the US since 1963. I cannot imagine the law being that different in Australia. I am sure my Aussie friends will enlighten us in the comments.

If we really want equality of opportunity and access to the markets and the economy then the Feminist Left needs to take a good hard look at itself and stop making enemies of potential allies (and don’t even get me started about feminist in-fighting).

Good luck with that – self-reflection and assuming blame is not a skill of any feminist anywhere. That is always seen as the role of your second-class male allies.

Feminism seems prepared to give the long-term game away for the sake of a snarky tweet, never mind the hundreds of men who have been alienated in the process.

Hundreds of alienated men? Millions, if not billions of men and women and smizmars have been alienated by feminist bullies.

If we want more men to join the Breitbart brigade, the Feminist Left need only keep doing what it is doing. 

This is why I identify as a feminist booster – it is like looking up at the feminist on the ledge and yelling “Jump!”

So, here is my promise: If you are interested in fixing this god damned system, if you are curious about feminism, or civil rights, or, you know, the economy, come and ask me about it. I promise I won’t tell you to check your privilege.

All aboard, allies. Have a cookie.

Sorry, but no thanks, Claire. Despite your frosting of it, your cookie still reeks.

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