Mason Oltman, MD of Tacoma, WA “Known Genital Mutilator”

Mason Oltman, MD of Pediatrics Northwest PS has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at

Under “About,” we read about Dr. Oltman and his philosophy of care:

“‘I always wanted to go into medicine, but I was never really sure which field I would pursue. During the summer between my junior and senior years of college, I called Pediatrics Northwest and asked if I could work in the office to get some experience. That was it, I was hooked. A major bonus of being a pediatrician is providing care over a continuous period of 20 years or so with one patient. My philosophy of care is to treat each and every patient as if they were my own. After each visit I ask myself if I would be satisfied as a parent with the care that I provided for the child. I am always open to a healthy discussion about a treatment plan and appreciate parental input. We all have the same goal in the end, and that is to raise a healthy, well-rounded child.’

When Dr. Oltman is not in the office, he loves to get outdoors. In summer he enjoys travelling to faraway places, camping high in the Cascades, catching a ballgame at Safeco, playing golf and firing up the barbecue. In winter, it’s back to the mountains for skiing – anywhere from Mt. Bachelor to Crystal to Whistler. As an avid sports fan, Dr. Oltman is a season-ticket holder to the Seahawks and Sounders.”

Here’s the doctor from a blurb about him being voted “Best Pediatrician in South Sound Magazine’s The Best of South Sound 2014:”

After each visit I ask myself if I would be satisfied as a parent with the care that I provided for the child.

The doctor should really ask himself if the patient whom he just circumcised actually wanted this mutilation and if the boy is glad you took that choice away from him.

Doctor, listen to the many men who are not happy with what you do.

Under “Services” and “Circumcision” (spelled “curcumcision” in the url) we see who does the cutting, and on video, there’s the doctor himself talking about how you should swaddle your baby after he uses a tourniquet on his penis, and how you can watch it happen, because he “has nothing to hide.”

Here’s the video on YouTube and some of the resulting comments:

The reason why the person in the video is so happy is because of the money he is making on Male Genital Mutilation. He doesn’t understand the concept taught in medical school of “Do no harm” This is such an atrocity to the basic human rights of males and it disheartens me to see a male here advertising the procedure. He knows damn right well it isn’t medically necessary. Ask his counterparts in the UK what they think….oh wait…they stopped doing it there.

How about don’t take a scalpel to a healthy baby you sick child abuser.

“How to Care for Your Son ”
..lets just stop right there. Because Cosmetic genital body modification is for consenting adults, NOT children.

charlatans. stop foisting genital mutilation on unsuspecting parents solely for profit.

Circumcision is genital mutilation and COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY and a HORRIBLE assault on an infant!

Only in the US, is an entire male sex organ considered a birth defect. The health benefits, where are they? Work in a STD clinic, most men who come in for treatment are circumcised.

Circumcision is ugly looks ugly is against nature against humain anatomy, and a human rights violation.
The foreskin and only in human male are the only part than we amputee without true reason. Circumcision is unnecessary.

I am also pro circumcision, I am expecting a daughter soon and plan to have her circumcised, it’s part of my family’s cultural beliefs and its more hygienic for girls to be circumcised.

Since Dr. Oltman has incomplete information about circumcision, you can learn more from the video and research listings at

Dr. Oltman’s practice information follows:

Baker Center Office
316 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Suite 212
Tacoma, WA 98405
253-383-5777 (tel)
253-383-5320 (fax)

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