How being back on Twitter has warmed my heart and hurt my head @AnikaRoseAus #GamerGate #womenagainstfeminism

Last week I decided to go back on Twitter (@AnikaRoseAus) largely because I have been a games enthusiast my whole life, starting from a Nintendo as a toddler, so I wanted to get in on the action with gamers supporting #GamerGate. Other reasons included me seeing Twitter as a great platform to connect with others who support the Men’s Rights Movement, to gather content for my blog, and to have my say about how bullshit I believe feminism actually is.

Well, I have gotten what I desired—and them some, and some more—and it just keeps coming!

First, I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all the people who are following me, the people I have met and now communicate with regularly, and especially to the people manning accounts that spread an invaluable amount of documentation about how ignored men’s issues are and call out feminist hypocrisy and lies.

Second, I would like to give a massive thumbs up and amount of respect to those who are keeping true to the #GamerGate mission and values. We are so often seeing in the mainstream media reports of how #GamerGate is a bunch of basement-dwelling, cis, white, misogynist assholes who are just out to threaten and destroy women in the gaming industry and labeling the gamers calling for ethical reform (and I feel sick when I have to report this) … TERRORISTS. However, it is through Twitter that I have seen the people behind #GamerGate condemning unethical journalists, supporting people who are being doxxed or harassed (irrespective of whether they are pro- or anti-#GamerGate), and showing an unlimited amount of logic and evidence-based reasons for why the fight is yet but hardly over.

Time and time again, we see arguments come onto platforms such as Facebook, where people like one side or the other and (generally) a lot of people agree with one another. However, Twitter is a completely open and interactive platform where you throw yourself and an idea into an unfiltered battlefield and it is “everyone for themselves.”

That is, until a community of strangers start standing up for what is right and will jump in to stomp out any backlash or lies you may receive. This leads to you connecting with people and learning so much!—whether it supports your view or not.

#GamerGate is being attacked and misrepresented globally and being presented to be about sexism in the industry and community when it is not. Feminists and anti-feminists alike are coming together to stand up against this. Gamers are breaking down the incorrect generalization of the community being a “cis white he-man woman-haters’ club” with people of all ages, genders, nationalities, political preferences, religious stances, and walks of life standing up and saying NO to the media portrayal.

Twitter hurts my head though, with the amount of attacks women who have rejected feminism are receiving and the complete ignorance and dismissal of evidence that men are being attacked, forgotten, and abused in this world. It hurts my head to see how many young women have fallen victim to the indoctrination of society and the education system and who actually believe they are not equal. Those who have been conditioned to believe false statistics and developed with the view that just by being female they are automatically a victim and a target.

It hurts my head that the gaming community, which is constantly bullied and harassed, are being made out as the biggest threat to women. It really sucks to see these people becoming a target once again for more lies and hysteria about a group who just wants to have fun and be left alone to do what they enjoy. That is not abusing or harming women.

Twitter has bought together the VERY STRONG to target #WomenAgainstFeminism, #GamerGate, and those likewise strong and dedicated people focusing on men’s rights and men who are being abused just as much as women.

It is becoming clearer each day that we face the same backlash and smokescreen: what we fight for is not real, we need to check our privilege, and we hate women … can anyone say “straw man”?

Our battle for respect, truth, and equality cannot be won with the feminist agenda gaining more exposure and support than our truth.

We need to keep strong and keep fighting out of respect for those before us and for those in generations to come who will be hurt by what is happening now.

Twitter has also warmed my heart, as I have seen and met SO MANY people doing just that.

The war is not over, the battle is not won—this is one hell of a boss fight we are facing, and it can get hard. It does bring you down and open you as a target when you are speaking against a toxic movement, but I ask you to keep strong and support one another as you have been.

The world is round and the truth has a way of making its way around. It is becoming a battlefield because they are TERRIFIED that we are bringing them undone. But this is just the beginning and we can make a difference—we already are, but we have much farther to go.

A few things to remember as my closing:

  • Report and boost ALL harassment you see, no matter who it is happening to. Tag #GamerGate Harassment Patrol to boost and bring an end to bullying and harassment.

  • You are a consumer and a gamer, not a GamerGater—do not identify yourself as one.

  • Be open to both sides of the argument and keep educated and informed on both.

  • Anytime someone accuses you of hating women and being a misogynist for supporting an ethical reform tag (#WomenAgainstFeminism) to highlight how the feminist lies are impacting you, allow us to keep records of this. You are under attack by the feminist agenda and we do not stand for this. We will speak out and we will be heard.

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