Girl Power

Last week my daughter took her five-year-old son to a prospective primary school meeting with the principal for a tour of the school and some information about what it has to offer.

As she walked down the corridor past some of the classrooms, she heard a young female teacher speaking to the third graders in front of her. She was bemoaning the injustice of the gender pay gap and presenting the difference in pay to the men in the AFL and women whose competition has just been created in the last five years.

The women’s game has cost the AFL tens of millions of dollars as it struggles to find its feet. The female game is kept afloat on the back of the money brought in by TV rights and the huge attendances drawn by the men. Admission is free and the game receives enormous media coverage despite the low standard of football on show. The girls have state of the art facilities and next year will receive a 94% pay increase wholly unjustified by the actual football being played or the money it is generating.

The AFL head honchos explained the reason for this huge unjustified pay increase as an investment in the future.

A similar scenario exists in America and the disparity between the male and female competition. One brings in billions of dollars each year and supplements the existence of the other which runs at a loss every year. I’ll let you work out which team bring in the bucks and which one loses money.

Yet still, one demographic demands more pay and calls the pay gap sexist.

The young teacher asked the young children if they thought the pay difference was fair and of course they all chanted the answer she wanted to hear.


That was all my daughter heard and she told me she thought twice about letting me know as she knew how upset I would be. She was right. To know my beloved grandson will be attending this school, as pleasant as it may be in many respects, is deeply upsetting.

My daughter was wise enough to know that it was not the time or place to begin questioning the lesson she heard as it would place a black mark next to her name before her son had even begun his time there.

As a former teacher I know this is true.

I have always known this propaganda is being force fed to our children across all levels of education in our country and throughout western societies but to have it confirmed in such concrete fashion in a school I know my flesh and blood will attend is painful.

My daughter assured me she will speak out once her son is in the class where this poison is being promoted.

I thought about how I would have responded had I been a fellow staff member and heard that young woman spouting such obvious lies and misrepresentations.

I could have asked the kids whether they thought it was fair that the female principal was being paid much more money than I was? I could have pointed to the fact that female models are paid many millions more than the top male models and posed the question-why do they think that is the case if we are to believe that men are paid more than women in the workplace because they are men?

I think I could expose the utterly illogical and deceitful nature of this myth inside ten minutes if given the chance. But, of course, such an opportunity would never arise.

Only a few days after learning of the feminist preaching in what will most likely be my grandson’s primary school for many practical reasons that make sense despite this revelation, I came across an article which stated Toorak Girls College will no longer use the words “girls or “ladies” in their classrooms out of respect to trans or non binary children.

The College’s Principal trying to explain or defend the approach they are using and denying the article’s premise without really explaining their stance. Listen to her “defense” of the article which said gendered language would no longer be used at Toorak Girls College.

In an attempt to uncover what was behind this decision I went to their website and found what I believe is far more disturbing information about the way these girls are being educated.

It makes it abundantly clear that our girls continue to be lied to and fed the mantra that they are disadvantaged and oppressed because of their gender. This is all the more ironic given the school fees for this well-resourced private College on the Mornington Peninsula. The fee for years 9-12 is thirty thousand dollars per year.

It has always been bemusing to see that the feminist ideology of oppression of females is most prominent in private schools where only the wealthiest elite families can afford to send their daughters. These girls are educated in the most beautiful environments in schools which have an abundance of resources and first-class facilities, yet they still swallow the notion that they are in fact, a marginalized and abused group who must fight to receive the equal treatment society wishes to deny them.

Allow me to provide you with some insight into the sort of feminist poison these girls are being force fed.

The following can be found on their “Girl Power” blog.

As an independent girls school, Toorak College is acutely aware of the gender biases that affect women in all stages of life. Unconscious bias is present from a young age and continues into adulthood with children classifying jobs and activities as specific to boys or girls, girls receiving 11% less pocket money than boys, teenage girls being less likely to take part in organised sport and one in every two mothers experiencing discrimination during pregnancy, on parental leave or when returning to work.

Following the momentum of International Women’s Day, the need to spread awareness of these biases and the inequity they provoke, grows. We have put together a guide that explains the unconscious bias phenomenon along with some practical tips on how we can address these gender stereotypes in our community in order to effect generational change.

So, one very questionable survey is held up as proof that girls receive 11% less pocket money than boys. One survey found a one-dollar difference between the genders. Are we seriously giving a moment of our attention to such a spurious, irrelevant piece of fluff and using it to drive the way our children are educated about the world and the way it operates?

The idea that these privileged young women who have a lifestyle beyond the reach of the vast majority of their peers are informed of their victim status based upon a shady, politically motivated survey which indicates girls receive a dollar or two less pocket money than boys is beyond parody.

If any of the girls lucky enough to attend this college lack the intellectual capacity to observe their surroundings and understand their privileged status (despite the propaganda they are immersed in) then it is clear that it is more than the mythical patriarchy holding them back from achieving their dreams.

Do they moan and whine about this bitter travesty as they swim laps in their school pool or jog around their superlative athletic track? Perhaps they cry on each other’s shoulders during their violin lessons or as they walk to their state-of-the-art science laboratories.

These regularly cited articles are nothing more than gender hit pieces published on a regular basis by newspapers and online media all of whom are pushing the same agenda. We see the biannual articles on women doing more housework than men mantra and this too is about as credible as the gender pay gap as they never factor in the work men do outside of the home or the many extra hours they spend in their place of work.

Here is one quote from the linked article written by Suzanne Venker.

To realize that women can’t become breadwinners and at the same time shed their emotional ties to the home and the children is scary. No one told them this would happen, so naturally they blame husbands who, as it is, spend triple the amount of time on child care than they did in 1965 and roughly six hours more per week on household chores. That’s in addition to working far more hours in the marketplace than married mothers do.

Of course, male sacrifice on display in the work done outside of the home which provides the family with the shelter and comforts they thrive on is never written about or highlighted by our education system, government or media. In fact, when men work long hours it is presented as male privilege.

It is all a sham with the same intended outcome as the bile being fed to the girls in our classrooms all over the country.

Are the girls taught about these innate privileges they gain from birth? I think not.

My sisters certainly would never have swapped places with me and my brothers during our school years. We were regularly strapped and hit while not a finger was raised in anger in our sisters all girl college.

If feminist driven teaching is going to selectively cherry pick the most unscientific of surveys which happen to support their agenda and use this rubbish in their teaching then perhaps they should be more balanced and let the girls know all about the countless advantages their being female brings them.

They are more likely to graduate from university, earn a masters degree, finish in the top ten percent of their class, but far less likely to be homeless, commit suicide, become addicted to opioid or die on the job as their male peers may well do.

So much good news with which to uplift and inspire confidence in their future.

Back to the propaganda.

A staggering finding of the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report states that none of us will see gender parity in our lifetimes, nor will many of our children. Projecting current trends into the future, the 2020 report estimates the gender gap to close in 99.5 years.

While those statistics might seem discouraging for some, Toorak College’s deputy head Kate Brown is motivated by the challenge.

Parity is not something that’s going to come soon… but we need to make progress towards that,” Brown says.

How can Kate Brown speak such demonstrable lies to the students in her care? How does she think this lie of oppression and inequity benefits the girls other than to make them the next generation of angry hateful feminists?

You know you are on shaky ground when a few statements on a small poster can destroy your lies.


There are many examples of female CEO’s, female politicians, female business women, female lawyers and judges, female vets, doctors, surgeons, architects and have been for decades. How did they manage to achieve their dreams when society was hell bent on making it nigh impossible?

And why the endless focus on CEO’s and representation in parliament without showing some integrity and teaching the girls about the truth of male sacrifice and courage which makes the death in the workplace gender gap such a tremendous chasm and very real as opposed to the tortuous manipulations which lead to the so-called gender pay gap which has been illegal for decades?

If we dare to mention the glass ceiling what about the deadly, dirty basement almost entirely occupied by men?

Men die in their workplace every day keeping the electricity flowing, our food arriving in the supermarkets, our fish markets filled with fresh produce, our water running, our roads built, our sewerage systems operating, our skyscrapers built, our mines digging up minerals, our farms functioning.

A simple thanks would be welcome.

We, as teachers, very much see ourselves as inspiring the women who are the next generation of leaders so that they can step up and inspire their daughters.’’ Guided by the maxim, ‘You can’t be what you can’t see’, the Mount Eliza school sees significant value in providing students with career inspiration and role modelling by connecting with alumni and industry partners.

One such partner is the Academy for Enterprising Girls, a federally-funded initiative dedicated to solving real-world problems, and developing enterprising skills and a growth mindset. Annie O’Rourke founded the organisation in response to the gender pay gap and issues surrounding female representation in start-ups, business and STEM-based jobs.

What the research shows is that from as young as 10 or 11, girls get an idea of whether they’re good at something or not,” O’Rourke explains. “We needed to develop and run a program for young girls to encourage them that they actually could run a business, and that STEM wasn’t something to be scared of.”

Watch each of the videos on their website which proudly display the incredible resources available to the girls lucky enough to attend this elite and prestigious college.

Surely if the girls are still scared of STEM subjects after multiple years of exposure to the best STEM education available from the most qualified teachers, then blame for this state of affairs must be pointed at those who have been teaching and nurturing these young women rather than some nebulous notion like the oppressive patriarchy?

But why should blame be placed on anyone or any institution when young women exercise their right to choose?

I thought freedom and individual rights were linked to the concept of choice. Surely it is the person who has choices about what direction their life will take who holds the power and independence we all seek?

And once again we see the gender pay gap written and spoken about as if it is a fact of life rather than a deceitfully manipulated lie created to instill in young women the belief that our society hates them and deliberately chooses to punish them for being female.

This is an act of pure evil. It is a poisonous lie designed to ensure more generations of girls will enter the workforce with a chip on their shoulders and sense of entitlement which simply causes further division and rage within our society.

Through the academy, girls aged 10 to 18 can learn about entrepreneurship, design thinking, and starting their own business with the aim to create economic freedom for women.

Again, they write as if it is a fact that women are not already economically free and independent. Another devious lie presented as if it were fact.

Women have enormous economic power within western society. This is an indisputable fact. Women can achieve this in a number of ways not available to men.

It is a statistical fact that women control 85% of all household spending even when they are not working outside of the home. In other words, they control and spend the money earned by their husband or partner.

Women can also have economic freedom by choosing to remain child free and single. Women who choose to do this earn more than men who are single and childless.

Look at the athletic facilities on the school grounds which most co-ed or boys high and secondary schools could only observe with envy- yet I am sure the fact that less girls continue to participate in sports once they leave college is also blamed on the subliminal messages we send our girls about their place in sport and exercise.

It’s as if the girls are being prevented from pursuing their sporting dreams by a cabal of evil men and boys who place roadblocks in their way at every turn. In fact, I have written about this issue -the very opposite is true!

Male sporting enterprises like the powerful AFL have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the setting up of the women’s league (AFLW). They have poured millions in funding into the development of facilities in suburban football competitions for girls and I have written at length about the tens of millions of dollars raised by male sporting organizations to fund breast cancer facilities and medical research even though it is now the least deadly of all cancers and men have a lower life expectancy.

This generosity is never reciprocated.

The last federal budget was another example of the gynocentric obsession of our society. Let me quote Bettina Arndt.

The case is now overwhelming that men facing relationship breakdown should be a key target of Australia’s suicide prevention policies.

There’s no way our health bureaucrats are going to let that happen. The March 2022 budget allocated $2.1 billion to services for women and girls and just $1 million to “improve long term health outcomes” for men and boys. Isn’t that extraordinary? Somehow females are seen as deserving of 2000 times more investment in their health than men, despite their more robust health resulting in four extra years of life expectancy.  

This is almost incomprehensible. Yet sadly, true.

Yet Kristy Kendall, the principal of Toorak Girls College would have her girls believe they are the demographic most undervalued, most ignored, with the most obstacles placed before them in their attempts to live a happy, healthy life with access to all the support and encouragement they believe is available to men and boys.

Women and girls are literally receiving billions more than men and boys from the very governments they claim to be unrepresentative of their needs due to the lack of women in parliament. With enemies like this who needs friends?

Men and boys are also continually denigrated and demonized in our schools and in our media. No girl or woman has ever had to endure such a concerted attack on the very nature of their gender. Terms like toxic masculinity do not become a commonly used part of the lexicon without a concerted campaign to have the idea seep into our consciousness.

Imagine if we freely spoke of toxic femininity? imagine how the likes of Kate Brown and other women who teach in girls’ colleges would use this as proof of the way our society denigrates females. But it’s boys and men who are presented as innately violent, abusive and liable to rape and kill at a moment’s notice. It’s boys who are told to stand and apologise for the sins of those who share their immutable characteristics but never bathe in the limelight of the countless good actions carried out by men.

That’s more than acceptable.

Collective guilt is in fact an appropriate response to any wrong doing committed by a member of the male gender but God forgive any man who stereotypes women and girls!

Imagine Hollywood creating film after film devoted to the problem with men? The latest, titled Men has just been released across America.

Let a few critics fill you in on its premise.

  • Because if Men has a point at all, it’s that women are the stronger, more resourceful sex.
  • And perhaps without intending to, Garland has hit on an all too timely truth: that men seek to control women as a response to their own self-loathing. Even if you walk out of Men not knowing what to think, the movie brings you to a place where feeling overtakes thought. The shiver that comes over you may be one of recognition or melancholy or a muddle of both, as you stand at the edge of where a movie ends, blurring into real life.
  • The final message seems to be: “Isn’t it gross that we do this to ourselves?” Male oppression is born of primal instinct and childish desire, codified in religion, protected by government, but ultimately embodied in us, the men who pass it on.

Yes, I’ve said it all before.

Imagine an endless run of movies telling us how vile women are. Yet this ongoing hatred of men does not cause a ripple in our sick culture. It receives standing ovations.

Kristy Kendall might try to describe her notion that women and girls are the demographic who needs to fight for equality and a fair go as an accurate reflection of reality when it is men and boys killing themselves at extraordinary rates every year, men who make up the vast majority of those living rough on our streets, men who make up 95% of workplace deaths (well over 100 each year), boys who continue to fail in our education system and are dropping out of our tertiary institutions at an alarming rate, men who face the loss of their children simply because they spent their lives working to provide for their family and men who face far more severe prison terms for committing the same crime as a woman.

I came across this comment from a woman tonight in response to an article which spoke about the different way we raise our boys and girls. She makes some compelling points. I would like her words to be read out to the girls at Toorak Girls College.

Her English is not perfect but I think her message is clear, truthful and powerful.

As girls we are given much support and care by parents, teachers and peers. As girls we are treated better and so enjoy support from society.

Since we as girls are given by differential treatment much mental social/emotional support verbal interaction and care this creates the opposite outcome for girls when compared with boys.

We receive love and honor simply for being girls.

This creates all of the good things. We have lower average stress for ease of learning. We enjoy much freedom of expression from much protection by society.

We enjoy much positive trust/communication from parents, teachers and support for perceived weaknesses.

We are reaping a bonanza in the information age. Now with girls and women taking over many areas of society we enjoy more lavishing of love honor from society while boys and men are now failing more and are given more ridicule and abuse by society.

Mind you this is now coming from girls and women using our still protected freedoms of expression.

Perhaps I can finish with a couple of images. One is a chart which is called For Every Hundred Girls/Women and the second is a photo taken from the Toorak College Website.

The chart speaks for itself. It shows the enormous disparities in who is succeeding and who is failing or suffering the most in our current society. Perhaps the girls at Toorak College could run their eyes over this table and be asked to explain how it is possible given the guff they have been taught about female oppression. It may be based on American figures but they mirror the statistics in all western countries.

And the final image?



Why would any principal encourage their students to take such an aggressive, arrogant pose? Imagine if a male principal had his boys stand behind him with the same posture, their expressions saying, “I’m powerful- so what are you going to do about it?”

It is more of the same poison I spoke about in the first lines of this article. It is an act of aggression not empowerment. They are looking for a fight. Deliberately creating an us against them environment. “We might be in the most privileged one percent of the population but we are still oppressed and we’re not going to take it anymore!” as they stand in their multi- million-dollar auditorium.

Not one of them, the adult included, seems to have the slightest sense of the irony of this moment.

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