The mysterious invisibility of men’s good deeds

Sometimes the easiest way to view a problem is to look at it in the simplest, almost childlike manner. I think Hans Christian Andersen knew this and that is reflected in his masterpiece, The Emperor’s New Clothes.

As I sat on my couch and watched the news each night last week I saw endless footage of hundreds, if not thousands, of men working to save the lives of twelve young boys and their teacher. One of these men died trying to save them. I did not see a female in any of the footage in the caves or outside the cave. Perhaps there were a handful. None of them to my knowledge were in any way involved in the actual physical rescue of the boys.

Another story covered the floods in Japan. Again, all footage showed men and only men, rescuing people while risking their own lives.

This event was taking place at the same time as outrage was bubbling away in our media over Senator David Leyonhjelm’s crude words to a female senator in the aftermath of the rape and murder of a young woman. This crime led to an outpouring of vile attacks on men and boys. We were all responsible in one form or another for the aberrant behavior of the crazed killer.

So, the crimes of one mentally unstable man instantly became representative of masculinity and its toxic nature.

But what of the lifesaving men?

What struck me was the sheer invisibility of what these men were doing. Oh, it was covered in great detail. There was endless praise for the “rescuers”, “doctors”, “soldiers” but not once did I hear anyone focus on the commonly shared biology of the rescuers. Suddenly masculinity and maleness was irrelevant to the story.

It’s quite astonishing when you stop and reflect on this. Literally hundreds of men were risking life and limb to save strangers during the passage of one week, but this was not a catalyst for even the slightest praise or gratitude for men as a collective. The evil of one man outweighs the goodness and courage of hundreds.

Like the little boy who pointed at the King and asked why he was naked, the simple question is: Why are the good deeds of men rarely if ever attributed to men?

Some individual males receive wonderful acclamation and gratitude but these men are of a particular kind, the kind that denigrate their own gender. Obama is a good example. He poured scorn and derision on men at every available opportunity. He lectured the nation about deadbeat dads and absent, flawed fathers on a day which was meant to be set aside to reflect on all that is good about dads.

He constantly repeated absurd, bigoted statistics about the high probability of a girl being raped or sexually assaulted at her university or women being paid less for doing the same work. That’s how you ensure you are loved by feminists, both male and female.

So I try to imagine I am a little boy again. I hear the endless scorn about men and the endless misery and hurt they cause. I watch the advertisements which show a daddy beating his wife or child. I am bombarded with the message-men are dangerous, violent oppressors. I attend a school which insists that boys must respect all females simply because they are females. There is no suggestion that men or boys are worthy of the same respect. I hear of men being challenged to swear an oath that they will never harm a woman, as if such an oath might avert their natural desire to unleash hell on females.

The little boy watches the tv screen night after night. He sees men rescuing, protecting and comforting those who are weak, vulnerable or endangered. He feels his dad’s strong arms embrace him and he knows he is in the safest place on earth every time it happens.

What does he make of the world?  People he trusts (teachers, entertainers, politicians) constantly feed him a message which is completely alien to his lived experience.

This for me, is one of the most heartbreaking aspects of the poisonous ideology which has enveloped our culture. Our boys are absorbing the message even if they don’t fully comprehend it.

Cowardice, or some may call it self-preservation, is at the heart of the problem. Too few men are willing to publicly make a stand for masculinity. If enough male politicians pushed back in the way David Leyonhjelm did the hypocrisy and hatred that fuels feminism would be exposed in no time.

If Malcolm Turnbull (our Prime Minister) had said “Well, David was certainly uncouth in his choice of words, but Sarah Hanson Young has a history of saying some very vile, hurtful things to her fellow senators, so I have very little sympathy for her.” Can you imagine the reaction it would bring?

If one honest man had called out Barack Obama as he claimed women had a one in five chance of being sexually assaulted when they attend a university can you begin to dream of the tremors such a simple but powerful action would cause?

“Excuse me, Mr. President. There is no way you or any father would allow their daughters to attend any university if you really believed that statistic. It’s a bald faced lie.”

You could then debunk the lie itself.

I remember that hideous moment when Sharon Osbourne and her female co-hosts on The Talk laughed gleefully as they discussed the story of the day. A woman had hacked off her husband’s penis and mutilated it.

If the male cameramen had any balls, here was their moment. They were presented with an opportunity to make a stand. Switch the cameras off but only after walking up to the women at their desk and saying:

“You disgust me. How dare you mock a man whose life has been destroyed by an evil bitch!”

More tremors.

I despise the men who continued to film that program and by doing so supported these vile witches and all of the poison they spewed to their national audience.

Who could blame them if they had walked off in protest? What possible argument could be raised in defense of what these women did? It was a golden opportunity lost. Those cowards valued their jobs and safe anonymity far more than their dignity. Just roll with the mob.

Imagine if the two male panelists on The Project had responded to Lisa Wilkinson’s request that they talk to their mates and let them know violence against women is not acceptable by saying:

“That’s absurd! How dare you even insinuate the men I call my friends would need to be told that! Why don’t you go and tell your female friends that killing babies is not acceptable!”

Earthquakes. Explosions. Implosions

But no, the cowards know who butters their bread.

Today, every man who stands behind the king nods in furious agreement as their gender is attacked, demonized and blamed for all that is wrong with the world.

They are the sycophantic fools who cannot see the beautiful cloak and it’s multi colored patterns but dare not say there is nothing to see for everyone else claims to be astounded by its beauty. The cloak of course is invisible because it doesn’t exist. It is a fabrication, a lie created by people who know the power of the mob. Don’t fall out of step. Don’t dare to question what the mob insists is right there before your eyes. Don’t look at them in bewilderment and tell them they are all insane. Just nod in agreement and all will be well.  It is comforting to be in step with the mob. One day, after endless nodding with everyone else, you may even come to believe that you can see the beautiful cloak.

The little boy watches the men on TV as they climb through dark tunnels, filled with water to rescue the lost boys. He watches men comfort the boys with blankets, food and gentle reassuring words. He sees men running to a burning car, dragging the driver from the flames or climbing ladders and entering burning buildings to save those trapped inside. But most of the adults around him don’t see the good men saving, reassuring and protecting. They see something entirely different and insist that men are dangerous, violent and predatory. Be careful when you are in their presence. You never know when they will pounce.

Our wailing and gnashing of teeth has achieved wonders. But if only there were a few brave men with the power and platform to shake the foundations of feminism. One “boy” who trusts the evidence of his own eyes and loudly proclaims:

‘Look-the emperor has no clothes.’


References/further reading:

##The first few articles below all preach the same mantra. Of course, not all men are violent but all men must change their behavior. It sums up the sheer idiocy of feminism. America’s favourite male feminist, Michael Kimmell also wrote an article which was published in the Melbourne Herald Sun.

Check out the final two links below and contrast Obama’s words on Father’s Day with his speech on Mother’s Day. This slick operator was a despicable gender bigot.


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