#FreeCoyoteShivers Update!

Francis “Coyote” Shivers is free! For now. Judge Kathryn Solarzano made the correct ruling in a May 1 hearing, during which Prosecutor Elizabeth “Loony Liz” Gertz attempted to “violate” Francis Shivers’ probation by trying to rescind his First Amendment rights. Loony Liz didn’t like his use of social media to publicize the embarrassing (to her and to her favorite Star Crazy star, Pauley Perrette) facts of this never ending three ring circus – er – court case.

She tried to claim that his publication of her malfeasance was somehow a threat to Perrette—you know, the “real victim here.” She also tried to keep out of the official record Mr. Shivers’ official complaint to the California State Bar of her prosecutorial misconduct–a public complaint which cites her knowingly, intentionally, and willingly allowing Ms. Perrette to commit perjury while under oath, resulting in his wrongful conviction. Judge Solarzano didn’t bite. Indeed it appears that Solarzano came to court armed with a dusty old document known as the United States Constitution, no doubt to the chagrin of Loony Liz, Prosecutor For The Stars. Solarzano ruled, again correctly, that Francis Shivers is not in violation of his probation on his (falsely obtained) conviction for violating Pauley Perrette’s (falsely obtained) restraining order. We don’t yet have the transcripts so I may be paraphrasing Judge Solarzano’s words:

Mr Shivers is not a stalker, Mr. Shivers has never been charged or convicted of stalking. He was convicted of violating a restraining order, which is very different.


Mr. shivers has a right to say he was falsely accused.  He has a right to say he was wrongly convicted.  He has a right to publish proof of this.

In addition Solarzano refused to “take away the liberty of a man based upon speech which Perrette claims is annoying.’’

Furthermore, Judge Solarzano refused to accept yet another declaration from Perrette in lieu of testimony. If Pauley Perrette wants to insist that she feels “threatened” by Francis Shivers’ Tweets and Facebook posts, she’ll have to show up in person and testify under oath. We predict she won’t be doing that. With all of the facts, backed by official documents and transcripts that have been released, Pauley Perrette will never place herself in a position where she would be subject to cross examination and where her lies will be exposed yet again.

However the final hearing on Mr. Shivers’ alleged probation violation will be in early June and Our Dear Pauley will have the opportunity to testify is she so chooses. If she wants to, she can claim under oath that she feels threatened by her ex-husband’s revelations of the truth and of her abhorrent, delusional, and lying behavior.

As this case progresses, we will be there to report the facts on an issue that has affected so many across this country: the misuse and criminal exploitation of the restraining order process. I’ll close now with a couple of messages I snagged off of Shivers’ social media accounts:



The Saga of NCIS star Pauley Perrette and her jealousy-fueled narcissistic abuse of the restraining order process is a long one. Multiple stories on her and her crooked cronies like John Nazarian, Daniel Luis Rivas, Elizabeth Gertz, a special unit of the LAPD, and more have been published on AVfM. Here are some of the other stories we have documented and published about the infamous Restraining Order Terrorist, Pauley Perrette.

Editorial note: image of Star Crazy Perrette used under Creative Commons license from Wikimedia Commons. –DE

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