The Art of Effective Trolling: Or, How I Trolled Radfem @fakerobotgamer, the 7th Most Hated Redditor Worldwide

Make sure I am not proud of what you want to shame me for” — Master Troll, Franc Hoggle

For the TL;DR Here’s the link to Anna’s defeat on storify



I, the troll

Let’s get this out of the way. Online, I am a troll and a writer. I am proud of both. As a writer I seek to research and construct the presentation of an idea. As a troll I seek to research, wear down and de-construct a target. As a writer I choose subjects that expose hypocrites. As a troll I target adult hypocrites. As a writer I seek to express clear ideas that will preemptively answer the opposition’s rebuttals & questions by frustrating them. As a troll I seek to express clear ideas and questions that will preemptively get under the opposition’s skin by offending them. As a writer I consider political correctness as optional at best. As a troll I consider political correctness obsolete. As a writer I uphold logic and values we, as a functional society should agree on. As a troll I uphold logic and no values because online, neither my target nor I are part of a functional society. It’s not sick, it’s amoral; on the Internet, nobody gets offended.

But today is an exception: as a writer I have chosen to describe my trolling.

As a troll I seek to surreptitiously own the emotions of my targets as they have no conscious control over them. My target’s emotions run free like dogs with a neglectful-narcissistic owner, pooping and peeing on everybody’s property. As the neglectful-narcissistic owner avoids having control over their own “emotional dogs” I might as well put them on a leash and make them maul their owner. Why? Because the neglectful owner’s narcissism relies on others taking care of their emotions. I count on my targets getting offended, on them failing to control their emotions, on them being impulsive. I count on them not looking away from what I write while I massage their eyes and mind with sandpaper gloves. I count on them displaying/parading what I write thus promoting me, as getting offended is always an impulsive, vulgar public affair. Getting offended means my target will publicly ask people for intellectual help and will also publicly ask for me to be censored. They promote me for free because hypocrites never get offended in private. My job as a troll is to caress and massage someone else’s eyes and mind with a 40-grit sandpaper glove simply because they are too narcissistic to look away from what I write. Again, it’s not sick, it’s the internet. Besides, the difference between “thorough” and “obsessive” is how offended the person is.


Welcome to the Troll Club

If anything, there is a silent, observable behavior among trolls which translates into the following unspoken unofficial “rules” of the “Troll Club”

“Rules” of the Troll Club

  • The first rule of the troll club is that you never get offended, your job is to offend people.
  • Second rule is, your job is to offend people, trolls never have the “right to get offended”.
  • Third rule is, if you get trolled, take the hit and shut up. If you get offended, you are not a troll.

Translation, “you take what you dish out, If it’s too hot, get the fuck out of the kitchen, don’t be a hypocrite”. Beside this, there are no written or spoken rules, anything goes on the land where religions go to die. The Internet.


The Sad State of Trolling on Twitter

The lack of rules in the “trollosphere” also has its disadvantages, namely rape threats and death threats issued by low-level trolls has only helped hypocrites like Anita Sarkeesian to be given money for free. Every screenshot of a rape threat was exchanged for donations in her now infamous kickstarter. Quite literally, every troll issuing a rape/death threat was giving Anita money. Same applies to every single SJW and radfem on social media, every rape/death threat they receive only helps them.

I impolitely disagree with those low-level trolls. I think “Twitter deserves a better kind of troll*”.


Feminist: “When I think of an MRA I think about their dick in the gutter, torn off with my teeth”
Dumb Troll: Fuck you!+Rape threat
Result: Feminist parades rape threats then gets $$$ +brownie points
Prestige: None

Feminist: “When I think of an MRA I think about their dick in the gutter, torn off with my teeth
SPTroll: “Do you enjoy their blood+sperm in your gums? Does mutilating a human being give you a sense of power? Justice? Satisfaction? Be proud…”
Result: Usually the hypocrite (AKA feminist/SJW) tries to delete their tweet
*Prestige: The whole exchange is “Storify-ed.”

A better troll should use zero threats, zero swearing, zero sexual innuendo, just sandpaper questions for attrition. By sandpaper questions I mean questions that are logical, truthful, legitimate and almost Socratic but have been stripped from all the limitations of political correctness. A better troll should also always use some “prestige” at the end of the duel with another troll. What is the “prestige”? Well, it is what makes your trolling better because you make your targets publicly accountable for every word they say because you don’t let them erase anything. The “prestige” is represented by online tools such as “” which are separate from Twitter & allow you to document everything your target says before they try to erase it. It requires a little extra multitasking but it is worth it. (I suggest keeping an off-line copy in case goes down in the future.)

Lastly, a better troll should mainly target the kind of people nobody would defend: other trolls

Second Disclaimer: Just to be clear, I do not use racism/hate inducing material/sexual innuendo/threats/swearing as tools for trolling adults only. Yes, I am a flawed troll, I shouldn’t have principles. (I  do swear, but rarely)

(*by taking a cue from Christopher Nolan’s Joker & “The prestige” by the same director. Yes I am also a proud Christopher Nolan groupie)

Troll eats Troll

Be advised, if you are a troll seeking to troll a fellow troll you may be eaten alive. There is always a price to pay and trolling a troll implies you may lose and become the main dish. Get rid of your ego, morals and self-esteem then gag yourself with an apple* while typing just in case . Ego is a heavy anchor not worth dragging when trolling.

As a better troll I decided to start looking for an ideal target.

I was therefore, looking for another troll that everybody knew about, someone so hated, so despised that the idea of defending such universally-hated troll would only tarnish and smear their defender. What kind of nonsense would Jezebel/Salon-like sites not defend or even dare touch with a 10-foot pole? Could a racist, widely hated, genocide-enthusiast, Westboro Baptist Church-like, zealot TERF-radfem even exist? I really doubted someone like that would even be possible in real life. Until…

(*the apple is enough, no latex attire needed)


Meet Anna, AKA @fakerobotgamer

The 7th most hated Redditor Worldwide

Let’s say you were raised in a heavily religious background, let’s say you are upset with men, scratch that, let’s say you openly state “I hate males” & you are also lesbian. Lets say that you also espouse racism and genocide. Let’s say you actively encourage people to embrace such views and you even have subreddits dedicated to such ideologies.  Let’s say that you have a well documented hateful & traceable online track record. Let’s say you apply for a job, and, when they find out about your hateful online track record they avoid hiring you (a conflict-prone person, a liability) but you try to get them fired because they are “bullying you” & you even have the gall play the victim by storify-ing themLet’s say that the reddit poll of the “10 most hated people on Reddit” is featured on a “little” high circulation site called the “daily dot”. Let’s say the idea is confirmed by the massive audience at the daily dot. Yes, it is unanimously decided you are the 7th most hated redditor worldwide.

Impressively hateful, isn’t it?

With this impressive online CV, @fakerobotgamer got the job. She immediately became my chosen target.


Luring & Defeating target Anna in 3 stages

Stage 1

The Baiting of target Anna

If you want to catch bears you bait them with “bear-crack” AKA a mixture of marshmallows, sugar, dog treats & maple syrup they cannot resist.

But if you want to catch a hypocrite radfem troll what kind of bait do you use? Yes. You use “hypocrite-crack” AKA a mixture of inflated ego, personal insult and challenge they cannot resist because they will want to parade it to their audience.

To start my research, I went to her online profiles looking for evidence she was indeed a radfem and not an impersonator. The evidence checked out, I found plenty of hate and also that she has several cats and a dog. In nature, if you want to get the most vicious reaction from a female animal you threaten their cubs to distract her. In Anna’s case her pets were used to create a collage where her cats had text balloons saying they did not want to be treated like human babies and that they would rather die of parvo than keepliving with her. (Reminder, a low-level troll would have threatened her or her cats. I, the better troll, chose to make her cats “say” the raw most likely truth instead; she uses them as maternal objects because she is broken and cannot be a functional mother. The “parvo” bit was just the rotten cherry on top.) It appears the text balloons struck a nerve (quite wounding indeed as I would later find out). Just like in nature, the female animal living in @fakerobotgamer’s hypothalamus did not disappoint; she viciously responded on Twitter with a barrage of ragging tweets. I, on the other hand, initially responded by just “favving” her raging tweets,  just to give her some extra frustration.

(Side note: as with most poisonous things in nature, I expected the container of her poison to be brightly colored–A.K.A her head. But most of her selfies had been removed, hard to tell what bright color her hair is now)

Stage 2

The sandpaper questioning of target Anna

Before she responded to the bait I had been planning what raw nerves to caress & massage with 40-grit sandpaper gloves. These were the radfem traits I wanted to discuss with her, unencumbered by any politeness or political correctness

“Has a history of molestation/ sexual abuse”

Sample sandpaper question:
“Were you molested/sexually abused & was it a family member?”

The question is based on Socratic questioning & does not qualify as a threat at all, quite the opposite, it could be asked in a court of law if needed. It is especially grating and abrasive because according to PC dogma, we are not supposed to ask it in everyday life. Again, a better troll should use zero threats, zero swearing, zero sexual innuendo and be direct and raw. Anyways you get the idea, here is the rest of the traits shared by SJW’s and radfems. (I won’t go into sample questions for each because well, you also get the idea)

Common Traits of SJW’s

  • Has a history of molestation/ sexual abuse
  • Sexual abuse led into radicalism
  • Embraced feminism as a religion to cope with trauma
  • Has untreated PTSD+Erotomania+Delusions of persecution
  • Raised by single mother
  • Has daddy issues
  • Struggles with science math and STEM in general
  • Claims of oppression to compensate for inferiority complex
  • Holds a humanities degree but little or no formal scientific training
  • Has a tendency for public speaking more than actual work
  • Constantly censors language by using the word “offensive”
  • Expects nobody to get “offended” when making vicious comments when angry
  • Has an “US VS THEM” mentality
  • Has a history of conflictive relationships at work
  • Constantly displays screen-shots of “attacks” on social media
  • Claims is constantly at risk but has filed ZERO police reports

Stage 3

Exposing Anna’s  defeat on storify

We are at stage 3 now. The trolling of @fakerobotanna was successful and you have to read it to believe it. Anna seeks to hide her misadventure on storify as much as possible. Fortunately we were at over 1000 views at the time of this writing.

Here is where I ask you dear reader to share the storify link on Twitter, Facebook, G+, TO EXPOSE THIS RACIST, HATEFUL RADFEM

Here is the link

Thank you for reading.

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