Feminist Clitoral Propaganda and the Politics of Bonking

In this video Bettina Arndt talks about feminism’s influence on sex research. Bettina notes:

This week I have made a video about The Politics of Bonking. It’s all a bit of fun but also raises some serious issues about how feminism is distorting research into the most intimate aspects of our lives.

To explain a little more. We’re living through an era of what Germaine Greer called “veritable clitoromania” where feminists for decades have been promoting the idea that the clitoris is the gold standard of women’s sexual response and the vagina is dead in the water. According to many feminists, women who climax easily during bonking are simply a figment of men’s pornographic imagination. The joys of bonking have been redefined as masculine self-indulgence – men exercising patriarchal power over miserable, clitorally-deprived women.

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