Girls feelings are far more important than the truth

Imagine if you will, a primary school situated somewhere in a leafy suburb of Melbourne.

It is a girl’s school. Each day the girls are taught many lessons, but one of them is driven home on a daily basis. The lesson is that one plus one equals three. Just in case the instructions from the teacher are not planting this fundamental truth deeply enough into their young minds, the walls of the school corridors are covered with posters reminding the girls that 1+1= 3. When the girls leave school at the end of the day there is a very large billboard just across the road from the school gates which features letters two metres high alerting the girls to the fact that 1+1=3.

Late in the final term of the year the girls are given a test to see what they have learned in the subject of numeracy.

The test results reveal that nine out of ten girls in the school believe that 1+1=3. The staff is stunned. They cannot believe that these young women accept this mathematical equation as true.

Armed with their results they approach the government and demand that more money, support and positive discrimination is required in all schools so that this alarming belief is no longer held by the girls in our education system.

In what possible world could such an absurd, insane set of circumstances occur?

Well, right here in Australia.

You see, I was alerted to the fact that nine out of ten girls feel they are not treated equally with boys.

The article claims:

A landmark study of 600 girls aged 16-19 reveals young women believe sexism is rife in Australia, with one third claiming it would be easier to get their dream job if they were male.

One of the girls, Olivia, aged 16 offered this comment:

The numbers are really shocking, that so many girls feel this way.

The article goes on to report:

More than half of the teenage girls say they are seldom or never valued for their brains over their looks.

One in three girls did more housework than their brothers.

Just one in six girls feel they are given the same opportunities to get ahead in life as the boys.

Our friend Olivia said she and her friends Talk about pay gaps a lot.

How shocking. A group of girls raised in a country which tells them every day that they are oppressed, paid less for the same work, and have a one in three chance of being raped or beaten by a man actually believe it. Of course, they are also told males are privileged and we live in a patriarchal society.

Hold on to your hat:

GIRLS identified higher levels of equality in Nicaragua and Ecuador than in Australia.

What an outrage. Young, privileged women leave their place of education believing the country which provides them with every possible entitlement, is in fact more oppressive than dictatorial regimes. It is criminal behaviour. It is poisoning our society. Today we are seeing the fruits of this indoctrination in the utter self-absorption of so many young women and their open contempt for males.

These lessons begin in primary school. The boys sit, quietly ashamed as the class is told boys must learn to respect girls and women. When they go home at night advertisements by a bank tell them they are privileged because their parents pay them more pocket money because they are a boy. They are informed that when they grow up their boss will pay them more than females doing the same job just because they have a penis.

They will be portrayed as girl bashers and bullies whose natural instinct is to harm those they believe to be weak and vulnerable.

By the time young women leave our feminised universities they have been brainwashed with these lies and distortions for the best part of their lives.

Note too, that being characterised as a victim brings a sense of delicious comfort to the oppressed because any failure in their personal or working life can simply be attributed to the inequality and sexism in our society.

And here it is, one more time:

with one third claiming it would be easier to get their dream job if they were male.

The first 10 female officers to graduate from the Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training Program pose for a group photo in front of a T-38 training aircraft.

Of course, not getting their dream job could not possibly have anything to do with their lack of appropriate skills, drive, passion, dedication or personality.

But the most disturbing aspect of this disgustingly twisted survey is the fact that women in positions of power and influence have grabbed it and are holding it up as proof of the ongoing gender inequality in our country.

Plan International deputy chief Susanne Legena said it was:

Greatly concerning that girls in 2016 are saying they don’t feel valued for their intellect and opinions.

Our Watch Chief Executive Mary Barry said:

Violence against women begins with gender inequality.

Watch as Senator David Leyonhjelm calmly dismantles this ludicrous claim.

As long as girls and woman are seen as less than equal than men and boys, violence against women will continue.

As this survey shows, we have a long way to go to achieve gender equality in Australia.

Sickeningly Machiavellian isn’t it? Perhaps Orwellian would be a better description of this disgraceful ruse.

Note that not one girl or women could cite one example of actual discrimination of females or entitlement and privilege granted to males.

It was all about how the girls feel. How can a girl prove to anyone that her intellect is not valued by others? How many young men feel their opinions count for nought? We will never know because no-one will ever ask them.

We do know that boys in our secondary schools and universities are not allowed to offer any opinions unless they conform to the strict feminist narrative. Yet this article and report focuses on females who as we speak make up the large majority of students attending universities, with the gender gap growing every year.

And these deceitful, manipulative, powerful women pretend to be shocked by the fact that young women feel they are disadvantaged, though fully aware that this message has been forced down their collective throats for years.

How often do we hear: We have a long way to go….” Which is code for:

We must continue to push the lie and illusion that women are disadvantaged and oppressed so we can continue to get truckloads of cash and entitlements from the next batch of cowardly, gullible male politicians who dance to the feminist tune.

Every time I think the world is slowly coming out of the nightmare stupor of four decades of male denigration and hatred I come across articles like this and I realise how far we have to go and how deeply corrupt and deceitful out media and governments are.

Girls routinely outperform boys in school

“Yet again, the girls have well and truly outperformed the boys, it is about a 70/30 split in terms of girls who have topped courses as opposed to boys,” said NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli.

What a perverse form of oppression. The oppressed out-perform their oppressors in education. The oppressed outlive their oppressors. The oppressed receive more funding for their health despite the fact their oppressors die years earlier. The oppressed are far safer and more comfortable in their place of employment.

Article: 97 Workplace Deaths in 2018

Note again the sudden absence of gender specific language when we are reporting on a problem which overwhelmingly affects men?  Is it not sickening? Can you imagine such a neutral report if 95 of those killed were women?

The oppressors outnumber the oppressed on our streets on cold winter nights.

As Alice once remarked:

“Curiouser and curiouser!” (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).”


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