Can you be trendy and marginalized at the same time? Men and their issues can.

Harried desk jockey meme: Stop oppressing me with your trendinessCertain terms have been very trendy of late and the one that has pissed off a great many people is the infamous “rape culture”. There is no point in rehashing what that meme is supposed to mean, because I want to have a life and don’t have a millennium to waste on debunking feminists’ ideology, their manipulation of social psychology, and the engineering on Moral Panic going back at least 40 years. “Rape-crisis feminism” has been a toxic cocktail of misinformation, mythology and social bullying since the 1970’s. Even RAINN has had enough, and is now very publicly distancing itself away from the rape culture meme. They are even telling that to The White House.

I’m always nosy about what is going on behind the scenes. I’m too old, too jaded and way too realistic to accept anything on-line at face value. What is interesting is looking at other things that are trendy, and even using Google Trends. You type in a word or phrase and Google lets you know what has been getting used, how much and when. It can even show you where the trend is happening. It’s not 100% accurate but it is a reliable snapshot.

I did a simple experiment – I typed in “rape culture” and compared it with the word “misandry”. And the results say:

Google trends analysis of the terms "rape culture" and "misandry"
Google trends analysis of the terms “rape culture” and “misandry”

Just in case you were not able to believe your eyes – yes “misandry” is the red line and statistically it’s used more than “rape culture”. For the last 8 whole years the word “misandry” has been trendier than “rape culture”.

This leads to one very large question: If misandry is being talked about so much on the net, and it’s trendier than rape culture, why is it so little mentioned in mainstream media?

Someone tells a rape joke and it’s front page news, but someone passes a law that specifically disadvantages men and you fight to find any mention, except in the feedback asking why the subject is getting ignored. Question rape culture and contrast it with real world male issues and all you get thrown back at you is derision and “What About Teh Menz?”

I have a theory, and it’s called advertising revenues. The honey trap is “rape culture,” which appeals to the one group who have been found to buy on-line and page graze from subject to subject, page to page, shopping venue to shopping venue. In so many ways we saw that last year with the Feminist FaceBook rape campaign – control the media and you control their revenues streams too.

Misandry gets used by people who don’t behave that way so they get advertised at less and are less useful to so many people’s bank balances.

Male Disposability is even being articulated by the subroutines that search the net, measure content and show the trends – cool hard rational computing gets the reality, but the wetware of journalist infected with the “rape culture” meme leaves half the population ignored and reality skewed.

But then again they have to justify reality to their editors and the editors measure content by revenue and income. It seems that until men stop being trendy and drive the media marketplace mad for male money, disposability will reign.

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