Acid Attacks: Telling Only Half the Story

Acid attacks or vitriolage, we are made aware of them via the media on a regular basis. The effect of acid on human flesh is horrific to say the least.
The images most of us associate with the term acid attack are that of disfigured and deformed woman with horrendous scars where the acid has come into contact with their flesh. The effects, if the acid in the attack is strong enough or not neutralized quickly, are permanent.
Acid attacks are not new. In point of fact women have a rich history of using acid in their attacks.
Our resident historian, Robert St. Estephe, has documented a substantial list going back to 1865 when Margaret Boyle of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania threw acid in the face of her son-in law as he was not the man she had chose for her daughter.
It was the patriarchy matriarchy that forced Mrs Boyle to commit her crime, right?
And over at E Belfort Bax website we can find it referenced as well. The term used for acid by Bax was “vitriol,” and according to one of his contemporaries, crime reporter Adam Lee Hargrave, acid throwing was perpetrated primarily by women in his day.
Most of the news fed to us about this particularly heinous form of violence covers about 60% of the story today; about 40% of the victims are men. The feminist organizations feed it to the news groups and they in turn don’t bother checking the facts.
Feminists never blatantly lie about gender violence right?
Now since we know feminists don’t like admitting male victims exist It falls upon us to bring to the public’s attention the other approximate 40% of the victims.
The reasons for these attacks are not really all that important for this article. The reasons are never satisfactory unless a person’s life is in immediate danger. They have no safe escape and that is the only tool they have to defend themselves.
Beyond that I don’t care if your honour has been insulted, you were jilted by your spouse / lover, or whatever reasons a person may try and use to justify engaging in this crime.
ITS WRONG, no further discussion needed. Wrong if it happens to a woman and wrong if it happens to a man.
But our ‘moral betters‘ don’t seem to want to be as bold with their stand against these crimes as you and I are. They have force fed society the same old lie of only female victims. Maybe an odd male child, but other than that, the male victims are kept out of society’s view.
Its just the way feminism likes it so they can fill their coffers with donations and government grants for telling just over half the story.
However recently I stumbled across this article and found this quote;

“Forty percent of the acid attack victims in Pakistan are men or boys.”

I tried to track this number down but unfortunately the best I could find other than the quote from Sharon Behn is numbers from the Acid Survivors Foundation.
On their website they have a statistics tab.
The numbers for the year 2013 for acid attacks are 69 incidents of acid being used as a weapon and 85 victims.
Using a global population number of 6 billion the average person has a chance of 0.000001416 % of being a victim of one of the most vicious and heinous crimes know to humankind.
This crime is incredibly rare and for that I am glad. I wouldn’t wish this on the worst of the rad-fems.
On page 2 of their statistics tab we they break down the numbers for us; 28 men 44 women and 13 children were attacked with acid in 2013.
The report does not state whether the children were intended or unintended victims injured from being with the adults.
Assuming the children were unintended victims the total number of adults for 2013 is 72. Which means that 38.888% or about 40% of those acid attack victims were men.
On another acid survivors website from Cambodia they have numbers from 1999 – 2013. There numbers show that 40% of the adult victims were adult males, 44.8% were adult females, 7.3% were male children under the age of 13 and 8% were females under the age of 13.
Despite about 40% of the acid attack victims being male acid survivors foundation true to feminist form states:

“Acid violence is a form of gender based violence that reflects and perpetuates the inequality of women in society.”

And helping that lie spread was boosted by COMBATING ACID VIOLENCE IN BANGLADESH, INDIA, AND CAMBODIA 
This is subtitled as:

Report by the Avon Global Center for Women and Justice at Cornell
Law School, the Committee on International Human Rights of the New
York City Bar Association, the Cornell Law School International Human
Rights Clinic, and the Virtue Foundation

Notice the list of organizations who are helping promote this heinous lie that acid attacks is gender violence? All of them owe a duty of care to us, society to be honest but hey their feminists so that duty of care is tossed in the manure pile. Too bad their reports aren’t there too, where they belong.
Here is what these alleged groups wrote when describing acid attacks;

“Acid violence is gender-based violence that reflects and perpetuates the
inequality of women in society and as such is prohibited by international law

I call BULLSHIT. There is a about a 10% difference between the sexes in acid attacks. That is not gender based violence. Even if we include the children the percentage of men only drops down to just over 35% that is still not gender based violence.
And what about the criminals inflicting incredible human suffering you ask. Well it is not just men who are tossing acid on women:
Woman throws acid on sister-in-law over land dispute
Two women accused of plotting an acid attack that left a local woman disfigured have been found guilty
Just like every other feminist claim of gender-based violence this one too is a half truth. Omitting the male population from the awareness campaigns is the standard operating procedure of feminism.
To reference my compatriot, Robert St. Estephe again, please note: neither historically nor in modern times have acid attacks been something “men to do women.” It’s something people do to each other, in various times and places. If you doubt there’s anything weird or unusual about women using acid as a weapon, in addition to Robert’s other article (referenced above) see Three New York “Acid Queens” of 1901.
I’ve said it earlier in this article and I’ll say it again:
The feminist insistence of acid attack as male-to-female gender violence is BULLSHIT.

Editor’s note: acid victim photo by Zoriah, under Creative Commons license stipulated here.
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