Yesterday I attended the March For Men in Melbourne, Australia and I wanted to write about some thoughts from that day. There has been a lot of media spin both before and after the march and I felt it necessary to set the record straight and explain why from my own individual experience, men and women like me were marching.

It was a great day, we had great weather and hundreds of people came to show their support and march. There were also the violent and disruptive protestors from the universities (hosts for their protest are listed as: National Union Of Students LGBTI, National Union Of Students Women’s Department, Books Not Bombs and Campaign Against Racism and Fascism) and a heavy police presence required to protect my own personal safety and the safety of others attending the march. The March For Men was about showing men that they matter too, that men have particular issues that need to be addressed and are worthy of support and that both men and women can stand together to support men.

I attended the march for many reasons. I wanted to show my support for men and for the individuals that stuck their necks out on my behalf to make this march possible. I marched for my own rights and also for the men I have personally known that have committed suicide or attempted it. I marched to make the point that I should be able to march freely in support of men in a democratic and developed country.

I marched because if nothing is done to address the serious and growing issues facing men and boys, then sooner or later civilisation will collapse under the weight of these problems. This is the Fempocalypse Karen Straughan has discussed. I am talking particularly about the multi-decade impact of not addressing the boy crisis in education and not addressing fatherlessness and the serious long term social and economic consequences that will unfold as a result over the next 20-30 years. Alison Tieman was correct when she said at the 2018 International Conference On Men’s Issues, that these issues affecting men and boys will eventually impact everyone. Men, women, boys, girls, men’s rights activists, feminists, governments, the private sector and the wider public alike, will all be negatively impacted. There will not be a single corner of society unaffected from letting men’s issues remain unaddressed and continuing to let them grow.

The main reason that I marched though, was to declare my values and march for them. My participation was in quite a literal sense about me walking the talk. I have supported the men’s movement through my writing and also through my donations. But when the opportunity came to March For Men, nothing was going to stop me, not even the feminist protestors that we ended up outnumbering 3 to 1. I am a man going his own way and I also support the men’s movement and individuals and groups that support men. I do not hate women and I am not a male supremacist or a Nazi. I am not a racist or a bigot. All the feminists could do was throw these labels at us and strawman to the max. They have no argument and no defence for their appalling behaviour.

This is what I believe in, just to make it clear. I believe that men and women should be held to the same standard of accountability and are worthy of the same level of compassion. I believe that men and women’s lives are of equal value and that both men and women are equally deserving of respect. I believe that the true value of a human life is based on the irreplaceable and unique nature of each individuals mind and body. There will be no one else like you or me on the face of this Earth again. I believe that people are at their best when they can freely be their own individual self and take responsibility for setting the direction of their own lives and make their own choices. I make my decisions and form my opinions based on facts and I do not blindly follow ideology. I consider myself an individual first and I think for myself. I am a man that goes his own way and sets his own direction in life according to his own values. I do not let other people dictate to me who I am, what to think, what to do with my own life or what choices I should make. That is what MGTOW is about, it is about going your own way and not someone else’s way. The fact some people interpret that as hatred of women, shows you how terrified some people in society are with men making their own decisions and thinking for themselves. No one has the right to dictate to another person who they are and what to do with their own life. No one.

I firmly believe that men and women are naturally driven by our biology to be together. We are a pair bonding species and the sexes have co-evolved together. Men and women are really two halves of one biological unit to perpetuate the genome. Our species and our civilisation has the best chance of survival and prosperity, when men and women maximise working together as partners and supporting each other. I believe one key measure of the health and future prosperity of a society, is how well men and women treat each other. The degree of antagonism between men and women will determine the rate at which society declines.

If one sex suffers then both do eventually and so do the children. Cooperation between the sexes is not something that is hardwired to always occur and antagonism between the sexes is not something that is hardwired to always occur either. Society has to actually be structured around and based on functional values that foster cooperation between the sexes and discourages antagonism. There is nothing to be gained in the long run from feminism demonising men and boys, except decades of needless and avoidable suffering for not just men and boys, but women and girls as well. Our civilisation is going to pay a heavy price for marginalising the male half of society. The nuclear family is an essential building block of developed civilisation and it is dependent on maintaining strong, fair and healthy relations between men and women, based on mutual trust and respect.

These are ideas, values and principles that the far-left feminist protestors do not want to accept and vehemently oppose. They claim to be for equality and yet will not let men and women come together to show support for men and the issues they face. It has never been about equality for feminists. They want female supremacy and they want to impose their agenda on everyone else. They are not interested in reason or facts. This is about power and control. At no point during the entire march, did any of these protestors attempt to listen or have a civil discussion with any of us. Instead they decided to be disruptive, violent and blow horns.

Why do I have to be concerned for my personal safety when attending a March For Men? I was not at a Nazi hate rally. I was at a march that simply was showing support for the male half of the human race. That was all the march was for. Why was a heavy police presence required to protect my personal safety? Why does men and women showing compassion for men, attract violence and hatred from feminists who claim to be about equality? What does that say about the state of the society men and boys have to live in?

What I saw from the protestors resembled a cult of brainwashed individuals. Feminism is a hate movement and if people doubt that then they can read this Washington Post article from one feminist professor titled, “Why Can’t We Hate Men”. This is hardly an isolated incident of a feminist academic openly expressing a hatred for men and boys. There are numerous other examples of this. So it is hardly surprising that the people protesting the March For Men came from the universities, where there is such a misandric and bigoted feminist presence at these supposed institutions of “higher learning”. Our universities have indeed become “institutions of higher indoctrination”, as Studio Brule described.

If people doubt that this is a problem, then watch this video. What happened on Saturday at the March For Men, has happened before at other events attempting to discuss men’s issues all over the world. Feminists from the universities have regularly attempted to disrupt any discussion of men’s issues in not just Australia, but also Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, just to name a few places. As Prof. Janice Fiamengo said at the University of Ottawa 4 years ago, “It’s the signature of a totalitarian ideology to attempt to quash dissent”. It is indeed! Much of what feminism claims to be fighting against is projection. They are the fascists. Feminists are the ones that are out to violently disrupt men and women from peacefully discussing and marching for men’s issues. Feminists are the authoritarians.

Feminists tried to shut us down. They tried to use violence, aggression and fear to prevent us from attending and marching for men and they failed. They will continue to keep failing and they will continue to get more and more bigoted, hateful and desperate as time goes on. But in the end it will amount to nothing. People are starting to wake up to them. Reasonable and sensible people are starting to see feminism for what it really is- a female supremacist hate movement. The only thing feminists accomplished at the March For Men, was to make themselves look like hypocrites and bigots.

I wanted to close this article by thanking all of the organisers I did not get to personally thank. I did get a brief moment to thank Sydney Watson and Rob Tiller personally for what they have done over the last few months. It was good to meet them in person. Although there was not enough time for me to tell them who I am and what I do and although I have to keep my identity private for personal and professional reasons, I was happy to at least let them know in person how thankful I was that they have stood their ground and done what they have.

I said this to Rob Tiller and I will say it again, I am a pretty private and quiet guy and I do not go out to marches on a regular basis, but for this march I really wanted to come and show my support. It was the least I could do and I am glad that I did. As I said to you at the march, thank you again for having the courage for standing by your values and for taking a stand and for helping support this event. It was disgraceful what happened to you, but it is their loss. The truth on domestic violence needs to be told and the stance you have taken both before and since, is so badly needed right now, particularly in Australia and is an incredibly brave thing to do given the level of feminist thought policing when it comes to domestic violence. It is not something I will forget and I was happy to donate some money to you under my actual name a few months back.

As for Sydney Watson, I knew I was right about you when I first cited your work in one of my articles and you have not disappointed. It takes an exceptional individual to do what you did and organise this march in the feminist capital of Australia and take all the shit you did from the mainstream media and from our local feminist university mob. You had my respect before you organised this march and now you have my admiration. Your values reflect my own. You are a courageous woman and set an excellent example for people to follow. I will definitely be supporting you further on Patreon.

It is important that men see that there are women who care about men and it also important that those women see that men value that quality in women. This is particularly important when many men and boys, including myself, go to work, go to school, turn on the TV and on a daily basis get barraged with hateful messages simply for being a man or a boy, or worse experience discrimination and marginalisation because of our sex being male.

It is entirely possible for men and women to rise about feminism and the gynocentric aspects of our culture. I do really believe it is within our grasp as a society to treat men and women with equal compassion and respect and also to hold men and women to the same standard of responsibility and accountability. It will be men and women working together in solidarity, that will generate the social change required to make that possible. Whilst I know the path forward will be a long one, as long as we stand up for our values and support each other in doing so, I am confident that given time we can rise above gynocentrism and feminism as a society.

On a practical note, the seeds of the feminist cancer on society are the universities. Reforming the universities and removing hateful feminist ideology from these institutions as Hungary has recently done, is going to be critically important to the future survival of Western civilisation. Our future journalists, teachers, policy makers, law makers, academics, lawyers, mental health professionals, HR professionals, politicians and business leaders come from these institutions.

The spread of feminist ideology through our institutions, governments and major corporations has been facilitated by the feminist control of the universities and their indoctrination of students that go off to work in those areas. If we are going to stop feminism from doing further damage to society, then the universities have to be taken back. That must be a top priority. I have seen the problem myself when I was still a university student years ago and I saw it on Saturday. It has a solution, but pressure will have to be applied for the universities to change. Feminism has to be ripped out of university.

For those that would like to see what happened at the March For Men I have linked the video here. The talks start at the 41minute and 46 second mark.

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