Dick’s Corner – Gender Studies Bias

Editor’s note: As we continue our efforts to shine the light of truth on the darkness of cultural misandry, the need for current, credible information is always a constant.  To offer his personal contribution to that end, Dick Elfenbein, an advocate for Male Studies and long time journalism and communications expert has volunteered to offer his considerable expertise in bringing needed …

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The Impetuous Battle of Good vs. Good

This manifests within our own lives as a desire to simplistically define both our perceived enemies and ourselves within two constricting ethical boxes that necessarily must be eternally set against one another. One is labeled ‘Good,’ and the other ‘Evil.’ The effect is to contrive a setup that would be deserving of any story worth being told.

Does This Dress Make My Ass Look Fat?

What does it say, one might ask, about a human being when they not only insist on being told what they want to hear, regardless of its truthfulness, but will also, in fact, deal out retribution when given the wrong answers to impossible questions?

I have three words for it.

Complete moral bankruptcy.