The next red pill: part II

I recently wrote an article about some of the exciting new developments in male contraception technology from an MRA perspective – specifically about the various Non Hormonal Male Birth Control Pills (NHMBCPs) being developed (1). One of them contains Gardarusa – a herbal extract that goes on sale in Indonesia this year. (2) In response several challenges were presented touting problems for the clinical development and men’s uptake of the new NHMBCP. Interesting food for thought, for which I’m thankful, and yet as an MRA I remain very optimistic. Why? Well, let’s get to that.

First though, by way of preamble I want to remind readers of something I said in the first article –

Scour the internet, as I did recently, looking for feminist commentary on the topic of the imminent non-hormonal male birth control pill (NHMBCP) and chances are that you’ll find a huge and telling silence. I say huge because I can think of no other aspect of sexuality and reproduction that feminists aren’t talking about. Female birth control, conception, childbirth, abortion, adoption – they’re all covered extensively from a feminist point of view with articles, academic papers, and blogs easily accessible.  All of this, yet when it comes to the topic of the non-hormonal male birth control pill – wall to wall silence.

Something is up. Something very big I figure.

The answer as to why such a silence exists seems fairly obvious to me as it’s contained within the very name of the product itself:

Male non hormonal birth control pill.”


That said, now to the issues that got raised by responders to the first article.

The concern has been raised that men using a NHMBCP would still suffer from paternity fraud. Women could get impregnated by some other guy and try to pin it on an innocent cuckold.

I have another view. A guy only need capture himself on one of our now ubiquitous smart-phone’s video cameras ingesting the male pill or get someone to witness them taking it (remember the Israeli version of the NHMBCP – Non Hormonal Male Birth Control Pill apparently only needs be taken once a month/3 months) and any confused/lying woman claiming he has paternity hasn’t a leg to stand on.  She can bleat all she likes that the guy got her pregnant, but he isn’t going to be on the hook for 18 years of child support, because not only will he be able to point to evidence he took the pill, he can also insist on DNA testing to back up his story if need be as well.

More than that though, by making a false accusation of paternity and getting caught out, the woman gets herself into a whole lot of social trouble again resultant from recent male invented technological advances – despite any judge’s white knight/feminist pussy pass leniency. For what she does is not a good look to the actual man she fucked, nor to any fertile potential fathers looking on and getting character analysis about her via social media. Remember, all of this would be taking place in a world with a massive sperm shortage for women due to NHMBCP uptake. Therefore, short of successfully hiding her identity, she essentially then puts herself out of the game of reproduction thereafter. The manosphere sees to it she becomes a socially vetted fertility pariah in other words. Guys might even invent their own language for such instances –

Guy A – “Hey Kyle, what do you reckon to Cindy? She any good?”

Guy B – “Nah, She’s a dead egg man. Got caught double dipping. Shame. She’s a looker, but she’s a hooker.”      Laughs………………………….

Besides which, if this NHMBCP catches on as much as I imagine it’s eventually going to in the misandric West then where is she going to find a fertile guy in any case? The number of fertile guys is going to be as rare as hen’s teeth. All those millions of biologically ticking women amidst an absolute, male controlled, sperm drought. That’s massive male power.  BTW, Google it and I’m sure you’ll find as I did that –

Already in many countries sperm banks can’t get enough sperm to meet demand.  That’s only going to increase as the NHMBCP gets taken up.

I see also there’s been mention of stem cells being used to produce sperm so women won’t even need men to breed – feminist’s wet dream. (3)

Not going to happen. Women need men far too much for that. Even if the technology were readily available for humans, which it isn’t, can you imagine for a moment the vast majority of women deciding – “Oh I know! Let’s all get pregnant by stem cells…without men…Hell yeah! You go Girlz! It’ll be OK, we don’t need men. We can build our own roads, dig our own coal, farm our own animals and plants, fix our own plumbing/roofs/cars/boats etc. We can deal with pests, provide security, go to sea in trawlers, run our own power stations, telecommunications  centers and hubs and run all the transportation, plus we have all these female geniuses to invent more stuff too…ppppfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft!” Fizzle and fade to washed out ochres and grays…sudden blinding realization…

“Gosh women need men enormously for more than sperm”.

Camille Paglia once said –

 “If civilization had been left in female hands we would still be living in grass huts.”

It seems that men being valued for their utility is a double edged sword with a positive side to it a well. But that’s another article.

Besides that there are enormous ethical obstacles to overcome, and literally decades of science to do before it would reach the human level. Many Catholics and Right-to-lifers, as well as other groups and religious denominations, will go bananas with the ideas of female only reproduction and the effective mass culling of males; with conception being treated as less than sacrosanct and the culling leading to curtailing of the birth of the next Ghandi/Christ/Leonardo Di Vinci/Einstein…I can see riots in the streets of certain places over that idea.

The fact remains though – Gardarusa NHMBCP goes on sale THIS YEAR in Indonesia. In essence it’s here already. Oh, and by the way, news is that making sperm from stem cells to bypass men’s role in conception can only happen by taking stem cells from MALE fetuses. UuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrDumphhhhhhh! Sound of feminist’s head hitting computer desk reading this.

So back to the NHMBCP – I see it like this – men like having options which bring with them personal convenience, or in other words, choices that work for us – power.

Here’s a question then – since MP3 format came into existence how many guys do you now see walking around carrying clunky, fragile, portable CD players (Discmans) or small portable cassette players (Walkmans)? I know, I know – I loaded the question somewhat. But, fact is, apart from seeing the rare analog diehard, or retro-head…you don’t, period. Right? Men embraced the new music technology quickly and now 99.9% of men have phones that have headphone jacks and can play MP3s. You hardly even see standalone MP3 players anymore. I figure the same will happen with the NHMBCP. Sure there will be early adapters and laggards. There always is with new technology.

So I can see that, before very long, Western society will be saturated with voluntarily infertile men using the male pill to command if, when, and with whom exactly they breed. That’s a gigantic load of male power. 

One more observation – this article was initially posted several days ago now. I think it’s a given that being such a popular MRA website AVfM is being watched by feminists to see what we’re up to. However for the past few days I’ve been doing web-searches and there’s zilch overt feminist response to this article that I can see. Now, I don’t preclude that feminists may be twittering and tweeting and god knows what else in private to one another about it. But the fact remains that in the public domain they are silent.

I think that’s because there’s nothing they can say. I figure they’re like stunned possums trapped in the headlights of a truck they can’t stop – frozen. Best strategy they have is to try to ignore it and maybe it will go away – only it won’t. As I’ve thought about this today already I’ve noticed I’m walking with a bit more swagger and inner confidence.

This really is a fascinating position for us modern men to be in.

I’m also thinking it’s such a sensational topic it might well be used to spread the word about the deservedness of Men’s Rights in general. I think of it as a kind of cultural leverage. I mean, imagine for a moment you’re a naive blue pill guy (I know, not a good feeling) and you come across a news article on the male pill – say about a bunch of guys declaring themselves fans and pushing for it’s release to market. That could get you curious, right? You see/read/hear the news report and discover guys interviewed in your country (USA, UK, Canada etc.) or perhaps from Indonesia where men start using Gardarusa pills this year who either want to use it or are already using it ->>> to avoid paternity fraud and subsequent child support  (the MRA issues attached).

All of a sudden I can see the MRA red pill being ingested in increasing numbers and spreading globally.

There’s another angle to all of this too. Global population is currently said to be 7 billion and rising soon to a perfect storm of overpopulation crisis by 2030 according to some political analysts (4) (5).

It makes sense then, that in densely populated countries where citizens want a lower population, increased per capita income and life quality with more space and less pollution there is going to be a lot of pressure to uptake the NHMBCP as is happening in Indonesia. In a globalized, increasingly mobile world how long will that be able to be contained to pockets of the globe. Not for long I figure. I’ll bet there are guys right now scouring the net to see how they can get Gardarusa into the USA. Others will be getting their passports in order for a jaunt to Jakarta to try out Gradarusa for themselves or report on it at least.

Meanwhile, amidst this, one of the most momentous social/technological moments in history see if you can hear feminists online. Me? I find it’s so eerily quiet I can hear a pin drop. (6)









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