Pat Tillman: Dying Like a Real Man

If we want to teach men to quit killing, we must first teach them to quit dying.And to do that, we first have to go where no one really wants to. We have to teach men to reject the pressures put on them to be protectors and providers first, self valuing human beings a distant second.

Shrugging Misandry

In a world where men and boys are facing an ever increasing challenge to simply remain free and stay fed, the world around them is obsessed with incredulously vapid and trivial female minutia, and imagining there is a plot within it all that is targeted directly at reducing them to insignificance. Through that kind of hypervigilant perspective comes even more of our difficulties with the mainstream.

Dick’s Corner – Gender Studies Bias

Editor’s note: As we continue our efforts to shine the light of truth on the darkness of cultural misandry, the need for current, credible information is always a constant.  To offer his personal contribution to that end, Dick Elfenbein, an advocate for Male Studies and long time journalism and communications expert has volunteered to offer his considerable expertise in bringing needed …

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