Stephen Fry in the Dog House: “Women Don’t Really Like Sex”

Stephen Fry has outraged feminists in an astonishing outburst where he claimed that women only use sex to manipulate men into having a relationship. Well, isn’t this largely true? Lesbians, unfettered by never having to deal with a man’s reticence for instantaneous domesticity pick out china patterns even before they hear that fateful question, less …

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Rape Culture: Female Scam, Male Nightmare

Oh yeah, 12 year old Johnny should be high fiving it because his 36 year old math teacher groomed him into satisfying her perverse sexual needs. Maybe his celebration will end when she comes back pregnant and sues him for child support, and wins because the same judicial system that convicted her for raping him now thinks he is liable for the child that rape produced.

Legally Obscene III

A man’s sperm is a necessary component of reproduction. It is impossible to reproduce without it. Therefore ownership and control of a man’s sperm must remain with the man. Anytime a woman obtains and uses a man’s sperm to impregnate herself without his consent, it must be considered theft.

Legally Obscene II: Equal Protection, Consent, and Liability

In response to my first article, Legally Obscene the question arose about the difference between civil and criminal liability. The argument was posited that while the female perpetrator of a statutory rape can be held criminally responsible for her actions, the male victim was in fact a willing participant in the act and should therefore be held …

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Pat Tillman: Dying Like a Real Man

If we want to teach men to quit killing, we must first teach them to quit dying.And to do that, we first have to go where no one really wants to. We have to teach men to reject the pressures put on them to be protectors and providers first, self valuing human beings a distant second.