Feminist Corruption

Queen for a day

Jim Doyle of Genderratic.com is back with us for a review and update on the seemingly unending culture of victimhood cultivated by feminists. It seems the crops are starting to fail, and the tears are drying up as feminists shed allies and lose support. Women may be waking up from the siren spell of damseling and learning to stand without being supported. Will the fabled strong, independent woman ever become more than a myth?[Illustration by Europa Phoenix.]

Don’t be THAT prosecutor

Should those who work in law be more concerned with their own careers, or with justice? And just how crazy is it to put a gynocentric ideologue into a position of real power? Does the presumption of innocence mean anything anymore? Using the results from the Innocence Project as a guide, Diana Davidson brings her keen insight to the question of questionable prosecutors and how to deal with them. [Illustration by Typhonblue]

Don’t be THAT guy

Della Burton has been following the money, and it’s led her to the exploitation of rape and rape victims by Edmonton’s SSA. Until Men’s Rights Edmonton intervened, the only Voice being heard was the siren call of cold hard cash. To exploit rape victims for money, you first rob them of their agency. That keeps them suffering, and as long as they’re suffering their suffering can be farmed for bucks. AVfM’s printing-to-ripdown coverage of Edmonton’s postergate continues. [Illustration by Typhonblue]

The feminist advocacy "research" scam

There’s a really good way to make money as a researcher. Declare yourself a feminist. Determine what the Feminist Narrative requires. Then do research tailored to what Feminist Ideology requites. Ignore data contrary to that narrative, highlight any that’s helpful to it. Demonize anyone who questions the narrative. It’s a nice gig if you can get it.